It’s how you say it…

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” I’m sure you’ve heard that old saying.  It’s the truth, sometimes the content is fine, but it’s the presentation that is lacking.  It’s all about the delivery.  Do you choose your words carefully?  How is your tone and attitude? 

“Words are some of the most powerful and important things I know… Language is the tool of love and the weapon of hatred.  It’s the bright and warning flag of danger – and the stone foundation of diplomacy and peace.” 

It’s very easy to have a quick response but sometimes you need to absorb the information and then reply. {Take a few minutes.} Listening is Key!  Always think before you speak, you never know when your words will leave a scar. #ouch 😉

A word can’t be recovered once it’s been said. YOU BITCH! oops did I say that out loud –  Sometimes biting your tongue helps. HA!

Who want’s to bite their tongue? Not me, but sometimes you just have too.  It’s not worth getting into an argument over something stupid. Focus on the cause and not your ego.

How do you respond when your spouse demands you to do something?  How do you reply when you ask a friend for her honest opinion and it’s brutal?

Imagine the next two scenarios… 

You are relaxing on the couch watching some T.V. when your spouse screams from the kitchen, “You need to throw out the trash now!”   Are you getting up from the couch? I don’t think so.  Maybe if your spouse said, “When you have a moment, can you please throw out the trash.”   Now, you might pause your show and actually go do it.  If it’s demanding and with attitude there is no way you are going to get your spouse to do anything you ask. 

You are shopping for a cocktail dress and bring your best friend along to give you some honest criticism.   You try on the first one out of 10 and then ask “What do you think?”  Your bestie then says: “Girl, you look so fat in that dress!  Not were you expecting right.  YIKES!! What your bestie should say, “I personally don’t like that style of dress for you, what else do you have to try on. Don’t worry, we are going to find the perfect one.”  Trying on clothes in front of those mirrors is horrible enough, so please have some tact when giving your honest criticism.

If you are on the other end of the demanding and brutally honest spouse or friend and you don’t like what he or she said, then you need to tell them.   Don’t brush it off, make sure you address the issue and tell them how you feel.  Communication is KEY!

That’s the problem these days, ppl don’t know how to communicate.  They hold a grudge and fill their glass with nonsense.  Never be afraid to speak up!

Don’t forget…

It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it. – Always be aware of your tone and attitude.

Peace & Love xoxo


Short & Simple…

It’s so nice and refreshing coming home to an empty quiet house after a long and frustrating day… What a day, What a day! ::Sigh of relief:: So now it’s time for me to relax, unwind and give you some babble. 😉

Since it’s Monday and it was a rough day, let’s have a little fun.  I love reading questions that challenge my thinking as well as making me laugh in the process. Don’t you?

The first question isn’t a yes or no response type but instead it’s a thought process questionRead it and think about it. 

1.  DESCRIBE YOUR LIFE IN 6 WORDS.  This one isn’t easy but definitely fun to think about.

My life: Lived and learned – NOT DONE YET.

WP – Keep Going – Tomorrow is another day.

DL – Hey It’s five o’clock somewhere.

BI – Live, laugh, Travel, Wine and work.

Can you describe your life in 6 words?  If you’re interested in reading more.  It’s a must read.

My second question is definitely outside the box.  Who doesn’t love watching movies or having sex for that matter?   Why not combine the two.. HA!   I love movie titles, short, simple and quirky.  Who comes up with those lines?  😉



2.  DESCRIBE YOUR SEX LIFE WITH A MOVIE TITLE.  Not as easy as it you think it is…right!?  HA!   I could not help but giggle when I read some of these replies.  I love it – I added extra commentary.

  1. RS – Boogie Nights!  I wonder which part? HA!
  2. DL – Some Like it Hot!  Sizzle with a touch of comedy..
  3. KA – Gone in 60 Seconds!  Now that’s fast…
  4. MB – What happens in Vegas…!  It stays in Vegas…
  5. WS – Top Gun!  Fighter pilot…lol
  6. RS – Armageddon!  An oil
  7. SM – Analyze That! hmm back in therapy? lol
  8. WS – Different Strokes (T.V. show)  HA!

I wish I would have received a bigger response because this is just to funny not to share.  Try it, post the question to your timeline and see what people have to say. 🙂

I guarantee you, they will be laughing and will not be able to choose just one.

On that note, it’s time for me to say good-bye…  KEEP SMILING! 😉

Until tomorrow.. Peace & Love xoxo

If you got 3 wishes…

I’m having a dream of Jeanie moment, which has got me thinking.  If I were granted three wishes, what would I wish for?  Simple question right? Well, once I started thinking, I realized that three wishes wouldn’t be enough for everything I want – my head is flooding with material desires. Don’t judge – HA! 😉  Although, Jeanie’s don’t come out of bottles it got me thinking… What If it was true!?  So, now instead thinking about the private jet and endless shopping sprees I’m now examining my life.  Re-winding in my head… If I was granted three wishes today, I would wish for 1. Good health for all my loved ones. 2. Love & Happiness always. 3. Enough wealth to last a lifetime in order to help my family and those in need.

Did I get you thinking about your three wishes?   Think about your life in this very moment and then answer. 

Of course, I posted the question to my timeline and received a few answers.  Here, then, are what they said.

M.G. – 1. That my daughter was a healthy and typically developing child. 2. NO children in the world would have to suffer from any health issues. 3. NO third wish needed – she would gladly give it away.  

K.L. – 1. That I get more wishes. 2. Health 3. Money. 4. Love etc…

R.B. – 1. Children stay healthy. 2. Find true love. 3. Career she will always love.

As you can see, everyone’s life is different and the wishes vary but at the end, we all wish for good health.  Money can buy material things but not love or happiness.  I’m not saying that money isn’t important because it is – especially in medical cases.  Insurance companies don’t want to pay for those extra treatments needed to help children and adults with health issues so having the extra funds to pay for said expenses will make things a little easier.  Things have to change.

“Only the journey is written not the destination.”

We don’t live in a perfect world but it’s nice to dream and wish for one every now and then.

Please don’t forget that Jeanie’s don’t exist but NEVER stop believing in yourself and the things you can accomplish for yourself and others when you set your mind to it.

Until tomorrow… Peace and Love xoxo

& so it continues…

When I said good-bye yesterday the celebration continued… more wine, good food and more laughs. HA!

“They laughed at me and asked, What is it that I see in him?  I smiled back and said “Everything you don’t.”

What better way to celebrate 18 years…  To be honest, this is how I celebrate every day, not just one particular date a year.  #love

“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”

It’s amazing how people put so much emphasis on dates and go out of their way to be extra special, extra nice, extra giving, extra loving… well you get the point on that particular day.   You should celebrate the love you have for partner, family and friends every day.  Don’t wait until Valentines to buy your wife flowers.  Don’t wait until Mother/Father Day to spend the day with your parents.  Don’t wait until your best friends birthday to give her or him that gift they will love.  The time is NOW.  Tomorrow is never promised.

Live, love & laugh every day…

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xox


18 years and still counting…

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve been with the same man for 18 years?   Well, believe it, because it’s true. 🙂  18 years ago, I met a man who made me smile and he hasn’t stopped since.  Everyday is an adventure and through the good, bad & ugly we have become ONE. #love


i love you.

i love everything about you.

i love your eyes.  i love your smile.  i love all your toes.  i love the way you eat oranges.  i love the way you answer the phone.  i love the way you kiss.  i love the way you listen to me.  i love the way you look at me.  i love it when you act silly (which is ALL the time.)  i love the way you look.  i love the way you hold me.  i love the way you love me…

…and that’s only the beginning.

Until later because now it’s time for some….

&& that’s just the beginning…

Peace & Love xoxo

Things I don’t like about some MEN…

How do I write this without sounding like a total bitch? Inner voice: Keep it simple. HA!


  • Bad manners
  • Poor hygiene
  • Bad attitude
  • Foul mouth
  • Being a bad father
  • Ogling – Reading breast. Keep your eyes on my face.
  • Being lazy

Today’s thought is inspired by that asshole behind the counter with no manners and dirty hair. ::puke:: It’s no ones fault you’re having a bad day.. FREAKING IDIOT! I can’t stand men who think they have the right to be rude and talk down to others. Take that chip off your shoulder and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Let me stop right here, before I go on a thousand word rant. !@!@%$#

It’s hilarious that I would encounter a total ass today when…

Just last week, I asked my Facebook friends ‘What are the 5 things you hate about men?’ — I expected to get a huge response but only received a few replies. Not certain, if my question got lost in the timeline or the girls didn’t want to open a can of worms. 😉

Here, then, are the things they had to say…


  1. Socks while having sex.
  2. When they think they know it all.
  3. Nasty looks at girls
  4. Trashy looks
  5. Dirty hands

Betty R.:

  1. Being unchivalrous towards woman, old people and children.
  2. Being cheap
  3. Being unkept
  4. Bad manners
  5. Not being handy

Betty I.:

  1. Ugly teeth
  2. Long dirty toe nails
  3. Thong sandals with capri pants. <—- not certain if this is a man or not. HA!


Interesting list, don’t you think. I love the one about no socks during sex. -LOL- That is definitely a no no!

Thank you all for your participation! 😉

Now…What don’t YOU like about some men?


Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xox


Just another day…

What was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing — Football Sun(day) was the complete opposite but I’m not complaining.  😉 I was out and about with the hubs enjoying my day.  Gambling and soul food — what better way to end a weekend right!? HA!  I wish I could sit here and babble about the NFL Championship games but I have nothing.  I wasn’t able to watch any of the games in full just got a view glimpses here and there and kept score on my phone.  I heard both games were amazing!  Congratulations to the Patriots and N.Y Giants!  See you at Super Bowl! 😉

On a different note, It’s Monday 9:36am — I’m at work and drowning in paper work. {EEEEKK}  I figured I’d take my “smoking break” and babble just a little.    Weekend events have inspired today’s thought.

I will never understand…   

  • Mother’s who dress like their daughters.   ACT YOUR AGE! {I’m talking about women who are 20 yrs ++ older than their daughters}
  • Young teenage girls wearing barely nothing. —  You’re only giving the wrong message.  Cover your ass!
  • Young teenage girls with other girls. (kissing, holding hands.)   These girls did not look old enough — Where are the parents?
  • Boys, Men with their pants half-way down their ass.  Isn’t that an invite that you’re available called “punk”.  Jail house term.. hmmm!  NOT COOL!
  • Fifteen year old girls wearing 4 -1/2 inch heels.  If you are wearing them, make sure you learn to walk in them first.
  • People banging and rubbing the machines at Casinos.  Seriously, you’re playing against a machine, rubbing it will not make the machine trigger you a bonus.  I have seem people get mad and bang on the screen.  It’s called Gambling for a reason.  DON’T BE A SORE LOSER!
  • All you can eat Buffets!  O.K. I can’t stand people who get up 3 – 4 times fill their plates with food and then don’t eat it.  Why are you filling your plate to take a bite.  STOP EATING WITH YOUR EYES!
  • Cars with cartoon stick figure decals.  Why would you want to announce to everyone how many kids and pets you have?   I’m sorry, this just scares me.
  • Friend(s) who call you 3-4 times a day throughout the week but on the weekends they are non-existent and can’t be reached.  MIND BOGGLING.. HA!

I’m back for my second “smoking break” – 10:46am HA!  I swear, I work with people who go outside the office about every 10 minutes for a quick smoke — These are the same people who constantly complain about having too much work and not enough time.  YOU THINK!?   Perhaps if they stayed at their desk, they can get more accomplished.  Just a thought…LOL

Yup, you’re probably wondering how much I’m getting done at work if I’m on WordPress babbling.  It’s called MULTI-TASKING!  😉 😉 😉

I’m back — Wow it’s already 12:29 pm and I feel like I’ve been here 10 hours — Oh Monday’s how I hate thee.  I’m still drowning in bank drafts !@!%&!!!!!  If only I had a magic wand.

I’m signing off for now… Maybe I’ll see you later. ::wink wink::

Peace & Love xoxo

Jealousy looks ugly on you…

Why can’t people just be happy for others?  Perhaps it’s a lack of confidence, insecurities, or fear of losing a loved one.  Whatever the reason, it’s an emotion when shown, is very ugly and displeasing.  It doesn’t look good on anyone.

Jealousy is an EMOTION in all of us.  It’s human nature but some people take it to extremes and that’s the problem.  Through out the years I have met many people who have been jealous of other’s success and material things.  To often I hear people say “I don’t know what business they are in but they can’t afford that.” “How can they go on vacation 3 to 4 times a year with 3 kids?”   What do you really know about these people, that you would make a comment like that?  Whatever they are doing, they are happy and it’s their business.  If it was something illegal, would you want to know?  I think NOT!  The less you know the better.  Just be happy for others.

Have you ever noticed while sharing good news to friends and family the one’s that are sincere and the one’s that seem jealous?   A sincere friend or family member will gush with happiness as you inform them of your engagement, pregnancy, promotion, new home….etc etc.. etc.  On the other hand, the jealous person will pause for second, slightly smile and say congrats but you will know they aren’t happy.   I’m not saying that all people who pause or have a late reaction to good news is JEALOUS sometimes things come as a shock until you react but for the most part, it’s a sure sign there is some sort of unhappiness in the news.

What about those people who have an obsessive competitiveness or have to imitate everything you do.   You buy a new car, they buy a better new car.  You change your look, they run to salon and change their look.  You tell your friend your pregnant with a second child, they try to get pregnant too.  Why do people feel the need to compete with other’s?  I see it too often amongst friends and family.  I know siblings that are jealous of each other’s success.  Why not be happy that your brother was able to buy his first home or buy a better car? Just be happy for them.  Live your own life!

You are the maker of your own destiny, don’t destroy your own piece of mind and happiness over other people’s lives.  Worry about your own life and be happy and grateful for everything you have right now.

When I encounter these jealous people, I simply ignore them. Yes, it is easier said than done. When it’s a close friend or a family member, I simply tune them out. {Wait, what did you say?} HA!  If it’s someone you encounter frequently, you can slowly detach yourself.  They are not worth losing your positive energy over.  Don’t stoop to their level — There is no sense in fighting fire with fire.  You will not resolve anything getting into a tit for tat war.

Jealousy is not healthy and will eat you from the inside out — it can also lead to depression.  Remember what you see in someone’s perfect life isn’t always what it seems.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side…

I forgot to mention, what about those people who are so jealous in relationships that they can’t bare the sight of their spouse talking to someone of the opposite sex.  OH MY GOD!  I know too many of these —  we all have a natural jealously inside when it comes to our partners but one thing is being natural and the other is taking it to the extreme.  If you are secure, what does it matter if you see your man or woman talking to someone.  I’m not saying flirting, I am talking about being at a social gathering and seeing your partner having a simple conversation from across the room.  Now, if you see someone being too touchy or disrespectful — then you have the right to stand by your partner and make it known he or she is yours!  {Excuse me, I am so and so wife or husband, we haven’t been introduced.} 😉

I almost forgot…

What I might never understand is why people get jealous over friendships.  Who says your friends or best friend can’t have other friends?  I see this too often as well. Just because you have a circle of friends, it does not mean you have to do everything together and tell them everything you’re doing.  It has nothing to do with loyalty.  You are not tied to anyone.   Be happy that your friends have other friends — the more the merrier, well only if they are sincere.  Everyone says I have a ton of friends but the truth is they have many acquaintances but true friends are hard to find.

I think I’m done babbling for now… HA!

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xox

How far would you travel for Love?

Would you cross oceans?  Would you leave loved ones?  Perhaps you might ride a bicycle for 2 hours?  How far would YOU travel for the one that makes your heart skip a beat?

Here, then, are two stories you will love.  In their own words…

Raymond Belanger When I first met my wife, she lived in Puerto Rico and I lived in Miami. My cousin Daisy lived in Cabo Rojo. I would travel on the weekends to PR and have my cousin drive me to Guanica which was 19 miles away. Sometimes, she was busy with household duties and could not make the trip. So, I borrowed her daughter’s 24″ girl’s Huffy bike and I would ride the 19 miles through the hills and two-lane highways of Cabo Rojo and Lajas to reach her. A two-hour bike ride, each way.

If you know the roads of P.R. you will know that wasn’t an easy trip. Yikes!!  It’s simply amazing what a person will do for love. There is no distance to great — “When you love someone more than anything, distance only matters to the mind not to the heart.”

Wanda Plaza About 46 years ago, Ramon (Jr) he did the same, Ride his bike from Boqueron to Las Delicias, to see me. When he passed by the house he blow the bikes horn, but my grandparents never let me go outside.  Then he move to Miami and he wrote to me for five years.

This is my mother’s story.  My dad was indeed a very patient and persistent man — I can’t imagine him riding his bicycle just to honk his horn and possibly get a glimpse of his love.  My mother was raised by her grandparents which were very strict {they wouldn’t let her go outside. — how terrible} but she knew it was him as he passed the house.  Then he moved to Miami, where he continued to write her for five years, YES FIVE YEARS — until my mother was at age to get married.  I remember hearing this story when I was a little girl and wondering why my mother waited so long for my father.  My mother said “It was different times, and she was in love.”  They got married in 1971 and I’m happy to say that they are still married 41 years later.  AMAZING!!   Dear Mother, I admire you. 😉

“Love is when you miss him even before he leaves, when you could listen to him talk all night and never get tired of hearing his voice, when the sound of his name sends chills down your spine, and you see his smile the second you close your eyes.”

What does LOVE mean to you?

Until later… Peace & Love xox

What, If….

‘What’ and ‘If’ are two words as non threatening as words can be but put them together side by side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. – From the movie Letters to Juliet

What If…? What If…? What If…?

In the movie, the above was mentioned in regards to Love but in life while making decisions big or small you also question… What If?

What if I make the wrong choice?  What if I pick the wrong investment?  What if he isn’t the one?   What if I made the wrong choice?  What if I picked the wrong investment?  What if he wasn’t the one? What if he was the one? What if this? What if that?  I can feel my head spinning. 😉

It seems as though once we’ve thought about it then made the decision we continue to think about the what ifs.  Why is it that we are wired to think like this?  Always going back and forth and second guessing … It’s a human nature trait I suppose.  Sometimes you just have to make a decision and be done with it.  Sometimes we just have to go with “whatever.. happens.. happens.”    You will only learn from your mistakes.  It’s easier said than done!! #truth.

Never let a good opportunity pass you by because you’re afraid of the what ifs.  Find the courage and take the risk.  You won’t know if you will succeed if you don’t try. Go ahead and jump in, get your feet wet.  If you fail, it doesn’t matter at least you can say you tried now move on to plan B.  Never give up!!

In regards to LOVE — ahhh love, just follow your heart.  Tell him or her how you feel.  Right now is the moment.  This is one decision you shouldn’t have to regret.  “I don’t know how your story ended…But if you what you felt then was real, you need only the courage to follow your heart.  I don’t know what a love like Juliet’s feels like – a love to leave loved ones for, a love to cross oceans for but I’d like to believe if I ever were to feel it that I’d have the courage to seize it.”

I know sometimes you can’t be with the one you truly love because of certain circumstances but I do believe that if it’s meant to be, it will be. 😉


Live your life in the moment, day by day.  Tomorrow is never promised.

Until later… Peace and Love xox