18 years and still counting…

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve been with the same man for 18 years?   Well, believe it, because it’s true. 🙂  18 years ago, I met a man who made me smile and he hasn’t stopped since.  Everyday is an adventure and through the good, bad & ugly we have become ONE. #love


i love you.

i love everything about you.

i love your eyes.  i love your smile.  i love all your toes.  i love the way you eat oranges.  i love the way you answer the phone.  i love the way you kiss.  i love the way you listen to me.  i love the way you look at me.  i love it when you act silly (which is ALL the time.)  i love the way you look.  i love the way you hold me.  i love the way you love me…

…and that’s only the beginning.

Until later because now it’s time for some….

&& that’s just the beginning…

Peace & Love xoxo


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