Short & Simple…

It’s so nice and refreshing coming home to an empty quiet house after a long and frustrating day… What a day, What a day! ::Sigh of relief:: So now it’s time for me to relax, unwind and give you some babble. 😉

Since it’s Monday and it was a rough day, let’s have a little fun.  I love reading questions that challenge my thinking as well as making me laugh in the process. Don’t you?

The first question isn’t a yes or no response type but instead it’s a thought process questionRead it and think about it. 

1.  DESCRIBE YOUR LIFE IN 6 WORDS.  This one isn’t easy but definitely fun to think about.

My life: Lived and learned – NOT DONE YET.

WP – Keep Going – Tomorrow is another day.

DL – Hey It’s five o’clock somewhere.

BI – Live, laugh, Travel, Wine and work.

Can you describe your life in 6 words?  If you’re interested in reading more.  It’s a must read.

My second question is definitely outside the box.  Who doesn’t love watching movies or having sex for that matter?   Why not combine the two.. HA!   I love movie titles, short, simple and quirky.  Who comes up with those lines?  😉



2.  DESCRIBE YOUR SEX LIFE WITH A MOVIE TITLE.  Not as easy as it you think it is…right!?  HA!   I could not help but giggle when I read some of these replies.  I love it – I added extra commentary.

  1. RS – Boogie Nights!  I wonder which part? HA!
  2. DL – Some Like it Hot!  Sizzle with a touch of comedy..
  3. KA – Gone in 60 Seconds!  Now that’s fast…
  4. MB – What happens in Vegas…!  It stays in Vegas…
  5. WS – Top Gun!  Fighter pilot…lol
  6. RS – Armageddon!  An oil
  7. SM – Analyze That! hmm back in therapy? lol
  8. WS – Different Strokes (T.V. show)  HA!

I wish I would have received a bigger response because this is just to funny not to share.  Try it, post the question to your timeline and see what people have to say. 🙂

I guarantee you, they will be laughing and will not be able to choose just one.

On that note, it’s time for me to say good-bye…  KEEP SMILING! 😉

Until tomorrow.. Peace & Love xoxo


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