My Boy

My beautiful baby boy turned two months today.  Where is the time going? It feels like just yesterday they were placing him in my arms for the first time. I can’t explain how much joy and happiness he brings me. He is so wonderful.  ::happy tears::

photo-13It took me longer to build and set him up in this super seat deluxe thing than it took to take the actual pictures.  I was only able to get these two shots before his head starting bobbing all over the place and he started crying. Note to self: Brace yourself, this is just the beginning. Welcome to parenthood. 

Oh and another thing, why does everything have to be built? Yikes!!

Until our next adventure… Ciao


Simply trying…

Trying to get back into the groove of daily writing being a new mom is proving to be a little difficult. Some days, it feels like my mornings are my nights and my nights are my mornings. Can someone please tell my son there is a difference! No wonder, the first advice given to me by everyone was, “SLEEP WHEN HE SLEEPS.” Oh believe me, It’s easier said then done but I try my best.  It’s only been 8 weeks since I gave birth so I am still adjusting to all the changes. It’s definitely not easy but well worth it.

It’s this moment…

photo-7I am totally in love with my son. I love looking into his big eyes. I love hearing his goos and gahs. I love seeing him smile.  I also love when he puts his sad face.  He is adorable.

photo-8My little big guy has my heart.

Simply trying…Until next time.


A simple letter…

My dearest,bluebird_with_love_letter_postcard-p239946598323051948en8sh_325

I don’t know why it’s so hard to talk to you.  I don’t know why I fear your thoughts.  I don’t know why I get a knot in my throat when you ask about my feelings. I don’t know why you make me question everything. I don’t know why you make me happy, sad, and angry – sometimes all at once.  I don’t know why you love me.  I don’t know why I love you.  I don’t know if you’re a blessing or a lesson.  What I do know is that I wouldn’t change you for the world.

I belong with you, you belong with me
You’re my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me
You’re my sweetheart

With love always,

Peace & Love xox

Can Love Conquer All?

I still want to believe that with love everything is possible but is it realistic thinking? I’ve heard too many sad love stories lately and it just got me thinking.  Is everything bearable with love?  I use the word bearable because it seems like these days it’s getting harder for people to stay together.  What about love, doesn’t Love conquer it all?  When it comes to matters of the heart, I guess anything is possible.

Perhaps I’m a hopeless romantic.  I’m 36 years old (believe it), my parents are still married, and I’ve been with my husband almost 19 years so when I hear people’s stories about their failed marriages/relationships, it saddens me.  Every relationship, every marriage, is different but I do believe when you truly love your partner you can learn to look past the flaws, imperfections, and perhaps some mistakes. Right!?  You have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Are you perfect?” Sorry to burst your bubble, but no one is…  Plain and simple.

I believe to have a strong relationship you must allow each other to grow as individuals because sacrificing all your individual needs doesn’t strengthen a relationship. Allow your partner time for themselves… (don’t live in fear) The same way people change, love changes — everything changes.  “Like running water, changing love finds its way past obstacles.  Freezing it in place makes it fragile, rigid, and all too likely to shatter.” (read that statement again…)

Another thing, don’t use manipulation to control your partners feelings and actions.  Learn the skill of communication — speak the truth and nothing but the truth.  You don’t need to be afraid to communicate your real feelings, needs, and desires.  Be yourself and even if you don’t get the reaction you want, then so be it.  If you have to force it then it’s not real love.  Do you really want someone who hangs on your every word and only does what you want? Seriously?  It’s a lonely and miserable road ahead if you answered yes to that question.  Think about it…

At the end of the day, I’ve learned that it’s up too you and only you to decide whether your love is strong enough to withstand any obstacles.  People change, feelings change — that’s life.  Sometimes the words for better or worse no longer mean anything.

I’ll leave you with this quote:

To keep the fire burning brightly there’s one easy rule:  Keep the two logs together, near enough to keep each other warm and far enough apart – about a finger’s breadth – for breathing room.  Good fire, good marriage, same rule.

Do you think LOVE can conquer all?

Peace and Love xox

Where to begin…

Where to begin…

Long talks, silly names, dots, tb, sleepless nights, inside jokes, mmhmm.  There is nothing like having a special connection with someone.  The feeling to love and be loved in return can’t be explained.

It started with a whisper.

I turned around and met his eyes.

Days went by and we met again.

Now, years later. We remember.

We reminisce and laugh.

These are our stolen moments.

Too us and many more years….

Peace & Love xox

Stolen Moments

It started with a simple hello.

Their eyes met.

A glance.

A smile.

A kiss.

These are their stolen moments. In a perfect world they would be together but right now they only have moments…

Moments of happiness…

Moments of passion…

All these moments are stolen from another… they don’t care because when they’re together the world stops as if no one else existed.

Their hearts beat as one.

As they look into each others eyes, they can’t help but wonder about the possibilities of another life.

They are happy and sad.

Saying good-bye is never easy.

One more hug.

One more kiss.

I don’t want to let go, please don’t leave.

I miss you already he says as he stares into her eyes.

I miss you more.

Stolen moments in time.

Peace & Love xox

No luck with men…

I was having a random conversation with a friend today when he mentioned that one of his friends has no luck with men.  No luck with men?  Meaning what? I could not help but ask, I was definitely curious.  He just didn’t understand why she was always complaining and looking for faults in men.  No one was ever right or good enough for her.  The reasons she gave him were absurd.  I could not help but laugh because it wasn’t my first time hearing these ridiculous comments. 

  • His nose is too big.
  • He talks too much.
  • His teeth are ugly.
  • He is too nice. (Really?)
  • etc etc etc

Well you get the idea…   Some ladies are not willing to give a man a chance just because he has a defect (in her eyes)?  I know we are only attracted by what we see but sometimes you need to look for the good inside them and learn to look past the big nose.  Give them a chance he may actually be a good guy!  Yes, good guys still exist.

There is nothing wrong with having high standards, just don’t make them so high up that they are impossible to reach.  You can’t expect to find the perfect man when you’re being critical and judgmental because if you haven’t looked in the mirror lately, you are not perfect.  Guess what, no one is.  I know that sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

My dear friend, Please tell your girl to stop being so critical and learn to have some fun.  Give it too her straight. It might be her attitude. She will appreciate it.  🙂

I can’t pretend to know what it feels like to be single and know your pain but just know that when the time is right you too will meet the man of your dreams.  Well, not the man in a fairy tale because they don’t exist but close too it.  Just make sure you’re awake and not let him get away.

What are the craziest stories you’ve heard?

Peace & Love xox

Has your spouse changed?

Are you still with or married to the man or woman you first met and fell in love with?  Think about it for a minute.  Have they changed?  Of course they have.  We all change at some point in life.  It may be physical or intellectual but it’s a change non the less.

Are you married to the person that loved everything you did before marriage and now years later, they hate it all?  Why is that?  I can only assume they were only pretending to fit in so they wouldn’t be left out. #thought?

The man I married is still the same except for:

  • His hair is more salt than pepper. (Platinum)
  • His waist line is larger.
  • He is older and wiser.
  • He takes meds for HBP (age & stress)
  • He is a gambler. (yikes)

When we met 18 1/2 years ago …

  • He was a character. (Still is..)
  • He made me laugh. (Still does..)
  • He was jealous. (Still is..)
  • He loved to talk. (Still does..)
“I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”
Now it’s turn… make your list. 😉
I think I need to ask my hubs if I have changed..JAJA
I wonder what he would say…? 😉
Peace & Love xox

Humor moment…

After the day I’ve had, I thought I share with you my humor moment…

There is nothing I love more than seeing the hubs upset because people think he is old(er) than what he actually is or if they think I’m his sister or daughter. (Seriously!?) You should see how insulted he gets.  It’s hysterical. #laughingoutloud

Laughter is good for the soul.

We were waiting in line to go through security at the airport when the TSA officer called us next, I handed him our passports, he looks up and says “Are you traveling with your daughter today?”  I could not help but laugh, he made my day but the hubs was not amused.  He looked at officer and said, “No, that’s my wife.”  The officer just smirked, I’m sure he was just playing around. I, on the other hand was all smiles…you see, I am only 3 1/2 years younger than the hubs, that’s why he get upset.  The difference is that his hair is platinum salt & pepper (natural) and I’m a brunette.

I’m not going to lie, I definitely love his hair color.  I think it’s sexy.  He threatens to darken it every time we have a humor moment but I tell him that I love him just the way he is, white hairs and all. 😉

“No need to be so complex about your looks, Babe.”  Wait a minute, let me rewind for a second… I suppose if the tables were turned I would be singing a different tune. O_o  #truth

Does he make me look younger?  I’m 36 and he’s 39.  😉  It’s the white hair, right!?

Peace & Love xoxo