How far would you travel for Love?

Would you cross oceans?  Would you leave loved ones?  Perhaps you might ride a bicycle for 2 hours?  How far would YOU travel for the one that makes your heart skip a beat?

Here, then, are two stories you will love.  In their own words…

Raymond Belanger When I first met my wife, she lived in Puerto Rico and I lived in Miami. My cousin Daisy lived in Cabo Rojo. I would travel on the weekends to PR and have my cousin drive me to Guanica which was 19 miles away. Sometimes, she was busy with household duties and could not make the trip. So, I borrowed her daughter’s 24″ girl’s Huffy bike and I would ride the 19 miles through the hills and two-lane highways of Cabo Rojo and Lajas to reach her. A two-hour bike ride, each way.

If you know the roads of P.R. you will know that wasn’t an easy trip. Yikes!!  It’s simply amazing what a person will do for love. There is no distance to great — “When you love someone more than anything, distance only matters to the mind not to the heart.”

Wanda Plaza About 46 years ago, Ramon (Jr) he did the same, Ride his bike from Boqueron to Las Delicias, to see me. When he passed by the house he blow the bikes horn, but my grandparents never let me go outside.  Then he move to Miami and he wrote to me for five years.

This is my mother’s story.  My dad was indeed a very patient and persistent man — I can’t imagine him riding his bicycle just to honk his horn and possibly get a glimpse of his love.  My mother was raised by her grandparents which were very strict {they wouldn’t let her go outside. — how terrible} but she knew it was him as he passed the house.  Then he moved to Miami, where he continued to write her for five years, YES FIVE YEARS — until my mother was at age to get married.  I remember hearing this story when I was a little girl and wondering why my mother waited so long for my father.  My mother said “It was different times, and she was in love.”  They got married in 1971 and I’m happy to say that they are still married 41 years later.  AMAZING!!   Dear Mother, I admire you. 😉

“Love is when you miss him even before he leaves, when you could listen to him talk all night and never get tired of hearing his voice, when the sound of his name sends chills down your spine, and you see his smile the second you close your eyes.”

What does LOVE mean to you?

Until later… Peace & Love xox


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