Why is accepting good or bad criticism so difficult?  Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and faults of something or someone in an intelligible (or articulate) way.

I’ve learned, it hurts the most when it’s those closest to you criticizing your work.  You expect their words to be kind and encouraging and sometimes it’s the opposite.  It’s never easy to hear but it’s their opinion and you have to respect it.  Lets be honest, no one likes to hear:  “It was great but…” , “I liked it, except it should-be written…” ,  “I didn’t like the ending but it was…”  — Well you get the idea. – HA!  The words, but and except are like nails on a chalk board at times.  Eeekkkk ;(

“Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.”

I will not be discouraged and allow anyone to weigh me down.  I will learn from every experience, every story I write, and every criticism good or bad.  There is always something to learn.

Thank you!

Peace & Love xox



Samantha is screaming and yelling trying to get Charlie to wake up but her screams are silenced by the sound of thunder.  She keeps screaming “Charlie, please wake up. Charlie, WAKE UP, please!!” Charlie is finally coming too, he opens his eyes and sees Samantha tied to a chair facing him.  He tries to break free but he can’t move, his arms and legs are restrained.  Charlie is dazed and confused. “What going on?  Samantha says “John…”.  Charlie’s eyes open wide.

John walks into the room looks at both of them and places on the table a scalpel, a hammer, a knife and duct tape.

Samantha and Charlie are pleading to be freed.  John tells them to shut up!

John looks at Samantha and says “Seeing you smile all these months tore me up inside, it was like you were cutting away at my soul but now I’m going to take away your smile and make you suffer.”  Samantha is sobbing and pleading to please let them go. “I’m sorry John, please let us go, P L E A S E!”  John laughs and says “You’re not going anywhere bitch.”  Charlie screams “You mother fucker, I’m going to kill you.”  John just laughs…

John grabs Charlies hair and pulls his head back.  Charlies eyes pop open wide.  John lifts the scalpel, looks into his eyes and says “You see this scalpel, it’s going to be your best friend for the next few hours. This is what pain feels like.”  John makes a precise incision on Charlie’s forehead.  Charlie screams and struggles to get loose. Thunder is striking down every minute making it impossible for anyone to hear their screams. John makes another incision underneath Charlie’s eye.  Charlie is trying to be strong but Samantha can tell in his eyes that he is in pain and agony.

John puts down the scalpel and grabs the hammer.  Samantha is shaking her head, “No, please, stop it.”  John smiles and slams the hammer on Charlies hand. Snap, crackle, pop that’s what it sounded like.  Charlie is shaking, the pain is unbearable, he is going numb.  His eyes are closing…  Charlie has lost all his senses.  John slaps him “Don’t pass out on me, I’m not done yet.”  Charlie whispers, “I’m going to kill you.” John grabs the knife and stabs him in the chest.  As John pulls out the knife Charlie gasps for air.  He is loosing consciousness, his head is falling forward… John slaps him again.  “Wake up Charlie boy, how does that feel? [Pours alcohol over him] Charlie screams. Can you hear me?”  John takes the scalpel and slowly cuts Charlie’s ear off. Samantha is screaming and yelling at John to please stop.  He takes the ear and puts it to his mouth, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?  He tosses the ear at Samantha.

“STOP IT, JOHN, PLEASE, STOP IT!!!” Samantha is pleading.  “I can’t take it anymore, please John, PLEASE.”

John grabs her face and tells her to shut her mouth. “SHUT UP, SHUT UP BITCH!”

Samantha struggles and manages to get herself up.  John quickly turns and pushes her back down but the chair tilts and she lands side ways on the floor.  As she hits the floor she could feel her flesh tearing from all the broken glass.  She screams and grabs a piece of glass, before John pulls her up.  “You’re next.”, he says.

John leaves the room and goes outside.  Samantha only has a few minutes to break free.  She starts cutting the duct tape, she could feel the glass cutting her fingers but she keeps cutting away at the tape. {All she could think about was helping Charlie.} Her hands are free and she cuts the duct tape from her ankles. She’s about to stand when she hears the door slam and John’s foot steps.  She sits back…

When John walks in, he is smiling and has an evil look in his eyes.  He puts Chloe on Samantha’s lap.  Her eyes open wide and screams “Chloe, you’re alive.”  John says, “You see Sammy, I took really good care of her.” Samantha pretends to be crying and puts her head down.  John grabs the hammer from the table and walks towards Charlie.  He tells Samantha to listen for the crack.  John turns his back to Samantha, when he is about to swing at Charlie, Samantha jumps up and stabs him in the neck, she pushes the glass as far as she can.  In John’s rage, he turns around and swings Samantha across the table. “Bitch”, he yells. He grabs his neck, the blood is gushing out.  He yells, “You shouldn’t have done that bitch.” He grabs the knife and walks towards her.  Samantha is laying on the floor, she’s bleeding and hurt trying to catch her breath.  She manages to get up and tries to run from him, but he grabs her. He falls to his knees he has lost too much blood and is very weak.  She grabs the knife and stabs him in the chest. “I hate you, I hate you.” she yells and stabs him again and again until he falls over.  Samantha was in a state of shock, as she looked at the life less body she could not believe that was the man she once loved.   She drops the knife and runs to Charlie…

Six months later…

It’s Summer and Samantha and Charlie are back in the Hampton enjoying their new weekend home.  They had not been back since that dreadful night.  While sitting at Giuseppe, Charlie takes Samantha’s hand and says:

My dearest Samantha,

The moment we met I knew you were the one and this was a once in a lifetime love. You complete me, all of me. We have been through it all, the good, the bad and even near death.  You brought me back to life, Samantha.  [Charlie takes out a little black box from jacket.]  My love, I promise to love you in all your forms now and forever.  I will cherish and protect you for all eternity.  [opens box]  Samantha’s eyes fill with tears.  I will laugh with you, and cry with you, loving you faithfully.  I give you my hand, my heart and my love from this day forward.  Samantha Fox, will you be my wife?  Samantha can’t hold back her tears and starts crying.  She gazes into Charlie’s eyes and says, “Yes, I will…”

All that matters is what’s yet to come…

It’s Starbucks way or not…

Who doesn’t love a good cup of Joe in the morning, especially from Starbucks?  I know I do. 😉 If you have visited any Starbucks you will know that they have a certain way of speaking, sort of like their own language.  You can order different sizes starting with Short, Tall, Grande, and Venti.  That’s just basic for extra Small, Small, Medium, Large.  You can’t forget to say it their way or you will be corrected.

This was my conversation this morning.

  • Me – Good morning, I would like a Skinny Caramel Macchiato iced coffee grande.
  • Barista – So you want a Grande Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato?

Did I not just say that?  Does it really matter in what order I choose to say it?  I was annoyed.   Have you ever noticed they always repeat and correct your wording? I know they are just double checking but come on, if you understood me the first time, then don’t repeat it.  It’s hysterical, I feel like I have to mentally practice how I’m going to say it before getting to counter so they don’t have to repeat it back to me. 😉

I will say it the way I please since I’m the one paying for it. Thank you very much. – HA HA!

Next time I’ll order a venti, skinny, coffee frappuccino, double shot espresso, vanilla shot, double blend, hold the whip.  LOL  😉 😉 😉

Happy Thursday!  Peace & Love xoxox

Writers block..

I have a serious case of writers block…. #frustrated

I just realized that my last post was on April 17! 😦 Even dust bunnies made their way into my lap top. I’m dusting them off and thinking about the past eight days.  What was I doing that I couldn’t squeeze in at least 30 minutes of babble?  It’s called day-to-day life and I’ve hit the wall at a thousand miles per hour. Crash and burn.  I work during the day and most evenings I’m out running errands or simply relaxing and unwinding.  To be honest, there are days I don’t even want to open my lap top.  I shouldn’t beat myself up over it, right!?

Wait a minute, now I remember…

I was suppose to be writing the last part of Obsession but I went blank.  It’s not an excuse, I really did go blank.  I have the entire story in my head and the ideas are great but when I stare at the screen my mind goes blank.  I can’t find the right words if that makes any sense. I closed the lap top and opened my notebook in hope that just maybe the words would flow and that didn’t help. I ended up drawing circles and random scribbles… HAI have a major case of writer’s block. Does that ever happen to you?  I know I’m not the only one.  I’m just disappointed in myself, I shouldn’t have allowed my writers block for Obsession interfere with my daily babble. #lessonlearned

For those who have read Obsession and was left wanting more, I promise I will have Part V done before the end of the week.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the stories so far.  #feelingthepressure 😉

Perhaps writing will cure my writers block… truth!

Until later.. Peace & Love xox


Charlie runs to Samantha when he sees her fall to the floor.  “Are you O.K.?”, he yells.  Samantha is in tears and can’t believe that she’s living this nightmare. “Why?, Why?, Why?” she kept on screaming.  Charlie picks her up and tells her that everything is going to fine.  Samantha runs to the bedroom, she is in a state of panic and screams “I’m leaving, I can’t take this anymore. He was here, he killed Chloe.”  Charlie runs after her and finds her packing her bags.  Charlie calmly takes the clothes from her hands, sits her down and says,  “Baby, please try to calm down.  I know you’re scared but everything is going to be fine.  I have an idea, let’s leave to the Hampton’s for a few days.”  Samantha smiles and says. “O.K. but we leave today.”

A few hours later,  Samantha receives a call from detective Williams. “Ms. Fox, we have discovered that John Demetrio signed over his business to a silent partner because he was taking a leave of absence.  Samantha gasps. We also spoke to the building security and secured the videos for further review.  They advised that its maintenance day. We are only assuming that’s how he gained access to your floor.  We will keep you posted.”  “Thank you for your help.”, Samantha says.

Charlie and Samantha arrive in the Hampton’s.  Samantha sits on the balcony and in a second gets lost in her thoughts. A memory of her and Charlie playing in the sand pops in her head. She whispers, “I love you, Charlie.”

Later that night, they go to their favorite Italian restaurant, Giuseppe’s. They order a bottle of wine and drinks.  Samantha just stares out the window.  “The night is getting so ugly.  It’s dark and gloomy.”, she tells Charlie.

All awhile, John is at the bar watching themJohn flirts with the bartender and manages to slip a pill into Charlies drink before the waiter picks it up. 

“Cheers my love, to new beginnings.”, They toast.  Charlie takes his drink like a shot and orders another one.  He tells the waiter to keep the drinks coming.

During dinner, Samantha gets an eerie feeling that she is being watched.  She looks around but sees no one out of the ordinary.  All of sudden, she hears her name being whispered from a far. [S A M A N T H A — S A M A N T H A]  Her body fills with goose bumps. She turns and sees no one. She thinks to herself that it’s nothing.  She’s had a long day and her mind is playing tricks on her.  There is a familiar smell in the air, she knows that scent.  It’s John’s cologne, she swears she smells it.  She asks Charlie, “Can you smell that?”  He looks puzzled and says “Yeah, the marinara smells fantastic.” “No silly, it smells like mens cologne, musky.”  He just stares at her and says, “Cologne?, I only smell the sauce.  It’s in your head love, how many glasses of wine have you had?”

About an hour later, Charlie is feeling really happy and a little dizzy.  He goes to the bathroom and bumps into John. [John lifts Charlies house keys from his jacket]  “Sorry man, I didn’t see you.”, Charlie says.  “No problem, are you O.K?”, John asks.  “Yeah, just too much to drink.”  John smiles and says, “It happens to the best of us.”

John walks away smiling and mumbles… “this is just the beginning.”

A few minutes later Charlie comes back to the table looking pale white and tells Samantha he isn’t feeling good and that he wants to leave.  Charlie is in no condition to drive so Samantha gets the car.  As soon as Charlie gets in the car, he knocks out and Samantha is left driving alone, the night is gray and rainy.  All the lights are out and Samantha’s visibility is limited.  She sees in a far distance some flashing lights, her heart jumps to her throat, she slows down a little and sees no one, she quickly drives past the car but when she looks back in rear view mirror she sees a man standing there looking at her.  She couldn’t take her eyes off him and for a quick second she looks forward and sees what seems to be a mans shadow, she breaks abruptly and her car skids off the road.  She could hear her heart pounding, her pulse is racing. Charlie wakes up and yells “What is going on?”  Samantha is shaken and says, “A man, a deer,  I don’t know — oh my god.”  Charlie mumbles something and knocks out again. She takes a deep breath and continues on her way.  It’s raining furiously and thunder is striking down every minute. She pulls up to the drive way and sees the lights are out.  ” How strange, I thought I left them on.”, she thinks.  She opens the garage door and drives in.  She wakes up Charlie, “Baby, we are home, get up.”  She pulls Charlie out the car, goes to unlock the door when she realizes it’s open.  “Charlie, didn’t you lock the door?”, she yells.  Charlie says, “Yeeeaahhh man, I think I did.{slurring words}.” Samantha shakes her head and mumbles, “idiot”.

Samantha locks the door behind her and takes Charlie to the room.  She puts him on the bed and undresses him.  She hears an eerie noise coming from the other room.  Her heart stops for moment. “It’s probably the wind.”, she thinks.  She takes off her clothes and puts on a t-shirt.  She goes into the bathroom to take off her contact lens and wash her face.  While she is looking for the facial cleanser, the lights begin flickering.  She jumps then realizes it’s just the thunder and lightning.  She is washing her face and her ears are echoing with the sound of the wind and branches hitting the window.  Her heart is racing.  When she looks up to dry her face, she sees a mans reflection in the mirror.  She screams and closes her eyes.  When she opens her eyes, and turns around and he is gone.  Her heart jumped to her throat, she was shaking.  “I must be imagining things.”, she thought.  She finishes up in the bathroom and goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water and some aspirin.

All of a sudden, she hears what sounds like footsteps coming from the living room.  Her pulse begins to race, she is frightened, she could feel every hair on her body stand up.  For a split second, she can’t move but she ignores it.  She grabs a glass from the counter and looks for the aspirin.  A lightning bolt strikes the beach and as she looks up, the kitchen lights up again and she sees John in the window reflection and when she turns around, he grabs her. She screams, the glass falls and shatters. As she runs, John grabs her by the hair; she pulls away but trips and hits her head on the end table.

A couple of hours later, Samantha wakes up and is tied to a chair, she is facing Charlie who is still knocked out.

She starts screaming but no one can hear her..


For a quick second, he loosens his grip from her neck and she screams “John..?”, He tightens the grip and says “Yes, It’s me.  I told you that if it’s not me, it was nobody!!  How does it feel to have your life being squeezed out of you, Samantha?  Samantha’s eyes are filled with tears and terror. That’s how I felt when you left me.  Remember this moment, Samantha!!”.  John waits until Samantha is about to pass out, and as he feels her grip loosening up; he takes out his pocket knife, jabs it into the wall, and nicks her ear. He lets her go and then disappears. [Before he leaves, he slips something into her purse]  Samantha is now on the floor screaming and crying she’s in shock.  She can’t believe that John would do this to her.  She panics and starts looking for her phone. Her hands are shaking, she can’t remember her password, she is in distress. After a few minutes of trying to calm herself down, she is able to call 911. [crying]

  • Dispatcher: 911, What is your emergency?
  • Samantha:  Please help me, I was just attacked.
  • Dispatcher:  Ma’am are you hurt?
  • Samantha:  Yes, I’m bleeding from my ear. Please help.
  • Dispatcher:  Did you see the attacker?
  • Samantha:  Yes, it was my ex boyfriend John.
  • Dispatcher: What is your location?
  • Samantha:  I think I’m at the corner of 34th street near the coffee shop.  I don’t know, I don’t remember.  I was walking and dragged into the alley.
  • Dispatcher:  Ma’am I’m sending a unit now.  Please stay calm.
  • Samantha:  Thank you, I’ll try.

After she hangs up, she immediately calls Charlie.  [still crying]

  • Samantha:  Charlie, I need you now.
  • Charlie: What’s wrong?
  • Samantha: I was attacked by John and I’m hurt.
  • Charlie: What? Attacked? Where the fuck is Tony?
  • Samantha: Yes baby, I’m sorry I never called him and I walked to the coffee shop. I already called the cops.  Please hurry.
  • Charlie: I’m going to kill him.  I’ll be there in a few minutes.

Charlie’s head is going a thousand miles per hour.

Charlie stays on the phone with Samantha trying to console her.  He could hear the fear in her voice and the only thing he could tell her was that he was sorry and that he loved her.  A few minutes later Sam tells him that the cops have arrived, he tells her that he sees them and he’ll be right there.

He parks and runs towards her.  Some cops try to stop him but he yells “That’s my girl, let me through!!”  He pushes pass them and when he sees Samantha on the ground full of blood he almost collapses.  He screams to her, “Samantha”  He falls to his knees and holds her.  He holds back his tears and whispers in her ear. “I’m going to kill him.”  He hugs her tight but has to quickly let go because the ambulance has arrived. They lift her up and place her in the gurney, she is yelling to them “I’m fine, I want to go home.”  Charlie says “NO, we are going to the hospital Samantha!!.”  He jumps in the ambulance.  Before they drive off, a detective approaches and tells Samantha they will be in contact later in the day to get all the information.

While waiting in the hospital, Charlie calls Tony (the driver) and tells him to pick them up.  Tony expressed his concerns but Charlie told him not too worry that he would explain later and will need his help. Tony had the connections Charlie needed to resolve the John issue.

Samantha was finally going home. The hospital discharged her and gave her a pain prescription.  Besides the bruises and the three stitches, Samantha was going to be fine.

Tony is outside waiting for them.  Charlie and Samantha get in the car and head home.  Charlie tells Tony that once he drops them off to stay because he needs to discuss some business with him,  Tony says “O.K. no problem.”  Once they are home, Samantha runs into bedroom to take a hot bath, she is an emotional wreck.  While she is the bath, Charlie takes the opportunity to talk to Tony.  “Hey Tony.  I need your help on this matter and money is not an issue.  Whatever it takes.  I won’t allow that son of bitch to ever hurt my girl again. I need you to be her body-guard 24/7, I don’t want you to let her out your sight.”  Tony nods and says “No worries, I will take care of it.”

Samantha comes out of the room and yells to Charlie, “Babe, have you seen Chloe?  I can’t find her.  He replies “No, love I haven’t, I’ll help you look for her in a few. The front desk just called that the detectives are here and they are on the way up.

Charlie opens the door as Samantha approaches.

Good afternoon Ms. Fox, I’m detective Williams and this is my partner detective Johnson.  We need to ask you a few questions.  Samantha says, “Yes, of course, please come in and sit down.”

  • Detective: Ms. Fox, please tell us what happen?
  • Samantha: This morning I walked to the coffee shop as I usually do for an espresso and to get some fresh air. When I was finished, I decided to continue walking. It was a beautiful day.  I remember crossing the street, walking around a corner then I was grabbed.
  • Detective:  What time did you leave the coffee shop?
  • Samantha: I think it was around 10:15 am or so, but not certain.
  • Detective:  Did you see your attacker?
  • Samantha:  At first, No, he was wearing a mask but when he was choking me he took off the mask and then I realized it was John, my ex boyfriend.  Things didn’t end well in L.A.
  • Detective: Are you sure it was him?
  • Samantha: What type of stupid question is that?  Yes, I’m positive!!
  • Detective: Apologies Ms. Fox, just doing our job.
  • Samantha: I’m sorry, I just can’t believe that John would ever attack me. I can’t wrap my head around it.  I remember him joking about how he would never let me leave him.  I always thought he was joking.
  • Detective: Ms. Fox his love turned into an Obsession.  We need a full description and any information you can give us about him.
  • Samantha:  Well, he is about 6’4, 220 lbs, black hair, light brown eyes.  He owns a charter company in L.A. called Prestige Air and his full name is John Demetrio.  I think I have an old business card with photo in my wallet.
  • Detective:  That would be greatly appreciated.

Samantha looks over to Charlie and says “Babe, could you bring me my purse, I threw on the bed and while you’re there can you check to see if Chloe is under the bed.”  Samantha and the detectives continue talking when Charlie hands her the bag.  She reaches in and grabs her wallet, she pulls out a few cards and finds John’s old card.  She hands it to detective but something catches her eye in her purse, she reaches in, pulls it out and it’s Chloe’s collar with blood stains.  Samantha screams “OH MY GOD, he killed my baby Chloe. How did he get her?”  She looks at Charlie and says, “I can’t stay here, I don’t feel safe anymore. I can’t I’m sorry.”  Charlie just hugs her tight and tells her that everything is going to be O.K.

  • Detective: Ms. Fox, Chloe is your dog?
  • Samantha: No, she’s my white Persian kitty.
  • Detective: When did you last see her?
  • Samantha: This morning before I left the house.  I always kiss her good-bye before I leave.
  • Detective: What time did you leave?
  • Samantha: It was 9:00 am
  • Detective: Are you sure she didn’t escape?
  • Samantha: Yes!
  • Detective: Ms. Fox we will need to take the collar into evidence.
  • Detective:  We will find out how he managed to pass security to get into your apartment.

Samantha is shaken and scared and decides to dump out everything inside her purse.  She doesn’t want any more surprises.  After a quick scan, she notices two iPods.  She says, “What the hell? Why do I have two iPods?” In that moment the past seven months flashed in front of her eyes – visions of the man on the flight to N.Y. – the weird lyrics she heard – all the eery moments she felt she was being watched.   She yells “All this time, John was stocking me.  He was the man I saw on the flight.  He is the one I saw at the airport, he is the one that was always watching.”  Samantha tells the detectives about the flight from L.A. and the weird messages she heard on the iPod.

  • Detective: Ms. Fox, we will have to take both the iPods into evidence.
  • Detective:  Did you notice anything missing or strange when you arrived?
  • Samantha: I don’t know, we just got home from the hospital. {looks at Charlie}
  • Detective: Ms. Fox, don’t worry, we will catch him.  If you remember anything else.  Please contact us immediately.

The detectives leave and Samantha falls to the floor…


Samantha arrives at her new home. She can’t believe her eyes.  Charlie has outdone himself.  It’s a beautiful three bedroom penthouse on the 42nd floor with marble floors, chic interior and spectacular views of the city.  Samantha only knows the apartment is in Manhattan.  “It’s breathtaking, I love it”, she says.  Charlie smiles, kisses her gently and then tells her to close her eyes.  Samantha closes her eyes as he is walking her to another room.  “I’m anxious babe, what is it?”, she says.  Charlie tells her to be patient that it’s just a few more steps.  Charlie says “O.K. now open your eyes.”  Samantha sees…

A beautifully furnished office.  As she is taking in every detail, she looks down and sees a beautiful white Persian kitten. “Oh my god”, she screams as she picks it up.  “Is she mine?”  She is in total awe, when she notices the gold collar and tag that reads “You’re home, we love you.”  Samantha could not hold back the tears.  “Thank you, my love.  You mean the world to me.  I love you.”  Charlie held her tight and said this is your office.  “What?, Mine?”, she says. “Yes, my love, it is your office.  It’s for your business.” he says.  Words could not express how happy Samantha was at that moment.  “Keep showing me our place my love”, she whispers.

The tour ended at the master suite where the rest is history.  The next morning, Samantha wakes up to breakfast in bed.  “Awww babes, you’re spoiling me, thank you.”, she says.  Charlie told her he wanted to stay in she looked into his eyes and deeply kissed him.  The love-making continued until the next morning.  They were both in a state of total bliss.

Two days later, Samantha was ready to hit the town.  Being miss independent she wanted to go solo but Charlie refused and told her that until she’s been here a while that he has hired a personal driver that will take her anywhere she needs to go.  Samantha wasn’t too happy about that but said fine.  They both got dressed and headed to the city.  “Oh Sammy, I’m so happy that you’re here with me.  Wait until you see the office.”,  Charlie says.  “Let’s go, I’m super excited.”, she yells.  Samantha could not hold her excitement as she ventured out and took in all the city views.  It wasn’t her first time in New York, but when you go for business and for a couple of days it’s not the same.  This was now her home, she wanted to take it all in and was seeing it for the first time.  She was loving every moment of it.

They finally arrive at the office.  The door says Wellington Solutions.  Samantha looks at Charlie and smiles.  When they walk in, Samantha is in total awe.  The office is gorgeous, modern and chic, windows all around with a beautiful view of the city.   As Charlie takes her into his office, she couldn’t help but giggle.  Charlie looks at her and says “What’s so funny babe?”  She looks at him and says “I’m proud of you Mr. Charles Wellington.”   Samantha walks into his office, sits and spins in his chair like she was a little girl.  He walks over, picks her up and sits her on his desk.  “You’re being a very naughty girl, Samantha.”  They loved to role play so Charlie took advantage that they were alone.  Things got a little heated. It was fourth of July in October.

Six months later Samantha had fallen into a daily routine.  Jogging, Yoga, Coffee shop, Shopping, Office etc.  Since she knew her way around the city she no longer required her daily driver and only called him when needed or on shopping days.

Let’s rewind for a second. Are you wondering where John is?  John hasn’t disappeared, he has watched Samantha’s every move.  He knows her entire schedule and is keeping a close eye.  He is simply waiting for the right moment to strike.

Samantha hasn’t told Charlie but she has been uneasy for several months.  Sometimes when she stares out the window lost in thought, she still gets that eery feeling that she is being watched.  Everywhere she goes, she feels uneasy.  She has seen the man from the airport multiple times looking at her from a distance and when she turns to look back at him he is gone.  She gets chills down her spine every time she sees him. She is scared to tell Charlie because she doesn’t want him to worry or think she is nuts. 

There are days that she actually thinks it John following her but then calls his office and they tell him he is away on flight. {John instructed his staff that when he received any calls that they have to say he was on flight.} She realizes that she is thinking crazy and knows that John wouldn’t be dumb enough to leave his life in L.A. to stock her.  She remembers his threats but then thinks that was just his anger talking and that he wouldn’t really harm her. 

It was now winter and very cold but Samantha being Samantha didn’t want to stay in and decided she wanted to go to her Yoga class.  The day was cloudy and ugly but didn’t have time to call the driver so she decided to walk.  She is walking and calls Charlie.  She is telling Charlie that it’s really cold and that she thinks she isn’t going to make it to class after all and will just stop at the coffee shop for an espresso and quick bite.  She is at the coffee shop sitting by the window when she looks up and sees the man across the street, just standing there, staring at her.  This time she freaks out and runs out to face him, she’s had enough.  When she gets outside, he’s already gone, like if he would’ve disappeared into thin air.  She can feel the chills going up and down her spine.  She rushes back in, calls her driver to pick her up.  She’s completely shaken.  It wasn’t like other times, this time the look in his eyes scared her. She felt helpless.

Samantha is getting antsy that thirty minutes have passed and the driver is still not there.  She knew she called him last-minute and the weather wasn’t helping either.  She couldn’t wait any longer and decides to just walk back home.  As she gathers her things and walks out, the driver arrives.  A sigh of relief came over her but when she gets in the car she breaks down.  Tony, the driver, knew something was wrong.  He pulled over and tried to console her.  “What’s wrong Sam?”  I’ve noticed you haven’t been yourself lately.  Talk to me.”  Samantha looked at him and said “Thanks for your concern but I’m fine, I just want to go home.”  He drives off and quickly takes her home.  “Thanks again Tony. See you soon. – Good bye.”

It’s been a week since Samantha leaves the apartment and Charlie is growing with concern.  Every time he asks what’s wrong. the reply is the same.  “Nothing, I’m fine. Just clearing my head.”   He couldn’t take it anymore and he pulls Samantha out of bed and takes her into the living room.  “What’s wrong Sammy?  You’re distant and I need to know what’s wrong now and I don’t want to hear you’re fine.”   Samantha begins to cry and explains that she is scared and fears that she is being followed.  Charlie is concerned, he says “I can’t believe you haven’t said anything.  I’m here to protect you Samantha.  Not too worry, Tony is not only your driver but your body-guard for now on.  I don’t want to hear any if and or butts about it.  I still can’t believe you kept this from me, Sammy.”  He hugs her tight and reassured her that he will keep her safe. “I didn’t take a week of Karate for no reason.”, he says.  Samantha started laughing and says “You see baby, that’s the reason I fell in love with you. You always say the craziest things in the right moment. Thank you, love.”

Samantha has had enough of being home under the covers.  She gets up, gets dressed and is out the door.  She doesn’t call the driver since she was only going a couple blocks to the coffee shop. Charlie would be upset if he knew, she thinks to herself but continues on with her plans.  She arrives at the coffee shop, orders her usual and just sits and stares out the window.  It was a lovely day.

Once she was done, she figured she continue walking to burn off the calories and she crosses the main street and heads towards the downtown area, she is then grabbed and taken into a dark alley.  She is trying to scream but her mouth is covered.  She’s fighting for her life, kicking and trying to break free but the man was too strong.  He slams her against the wall and has her by the neck.  Samantha can’t see him, his face is covered, she is trying to remove his hands from her neck.  She can’t breath, he is choking the life out of her. The man isn’t saying a word.  He is just staring into her eyes.  In a quick moment, he removes his mask, her eyes open wide… she could not believe who it was…


John was watching Samantha at a distance, once she boarded he waited a few minutes then proceeded to the gate.  As he walked past first class, he took a quick glance at her and when she looked up he was already gone.  Samantha could not shake that uneasy feeling of being watched.  She ordered a drink and said to herself that it was probably just nerves.  She was about to start a new journey in her life — of course she had to feel nervous and anxious. “It’s just all in my head.” she kept thinking.

During the five-hour flight she could not help but think about John and the last few months. She felt horrible that she could not say good-bye and leave things on a different note but it was time to finally close that chapter in her life.  She whispers to herself, “I did the right thing. I’m happy.”

Samantha gets up to go the lavatory when she turns and sees a man in the coach cabin staring at her.  She whispers “John. It can’t be.” She quickly turns away but then looks back and he is gone.  That eery feeling came across her again.  John was watching her from his seat all along.  The flight attendants failed to close the curtains all the way so from where he was sitting he could clearly see Samantha.  She always sat in the seat next to aisle.   Remember, John knew everything about her.

Samantha was now anxious, nervous and confused.  “What the fuck, is going on with me.? , Now I’m seeing things too. I thought I saw John. I’m freaking loosing it.  Samantha, please snap out of it.” , she could not help but have an internal battle with herself.   Flight attendant she yells, “Two more drinks, please”.  She needed to relax and calm down.

Samantha finally closes her eyes and John gets up, sneaks into first class and whispers in her ear, “I’m watching you, Sammy.”  She is startled and jumps up.  Her heart is now in her throat. “What a horrible nightmare.”, she says.  She looks around and everyone is asleep around her.  She shakes it off, grabs her iPod and decided to go back to sleep.  John had somehow replaced her original iPod with his that he could control from his laptop.  It was now his turn for some fun.  He didn’t change her playlist just altered some of the lyrics.

  • I’m going to get you, Samantha.
  • You’re going to feel my pain, Samantha.
  • You should have never left me, Samantha.
  • You’re not bulletproof, Samantha.
  • I’m going to kill you, Samantha.

Although Samantha was in and out of sleep, John could see her reaction every time he mixed in a lyric.  Samantha would look at iPod just to confirm what song was playing.  Samantha thought she was losing her mind.  She would rewind the song and not hear what she thought she heard.  After a few songs, she could not take it anymore and yanked the earplugs off and tossed the iPod into her bag.

She turned on the overhead light she was now freaking out.  John was loving every moment of his torture.  He could see that she was terrified and uneasy.  Although he was hurt and angry he wanted to run and console her but he held himself together and stuck to his plan.

Samantha remained awake during the rest of the flight she needed to stay calm.  She kept thinking that maybe it was all the drinks that were making her hallucinate.  The pilot then announced that they would be arriving shortly.  Samantha could not help but jump up for joy, everyone turned and looked at her. “I’m sorry, just excited.” she says.  She goes to lavatory to freshen up.  It had been a few months that she sees Charlie and she didn’t want him to see her looking restless.

Samantha comes out looking radiant and refreshed.  She is all smiles.  The [Fasten your seat belts] sign goes on.  “Yes, we are almost there.”, she whispers.  The plane lands.  Everyone claps.  She grabs her phone and quickly turns it on.  She sends Charlie a text, “I’m here baby, I’ve landed. See you in a few minutes my love.”  As soon as the [Fasten your seat belt] sign goes off, she unbuckled her seat belt and jumps up and gathers her things.  She is so happy.

In the meantime, John is watching her and he is upset of how elated she looks.  At that moment, he realizes that maybe, just maybe Sammy is finally over him. “How could she be smiling after everything that just happened?”, he thought.  It doesn’t matter, I will continue with my plan.  “If it’s not me, it’s no one.” he whispers.

The planes hatch opens and they start letting the passengers out.  Samantha quickly runs out and sprints towards the gate.  As she gets closer, she slows down, takes a deep breath and then walks through the doors.  From a distance she sees Charlie holding a bouquet of Orchids.  She runs to him and gives him a big hug.  Her eyes quickly filled with tears as she looked at him.  “Hi baby. I’ve missed you so much.”, Charlie says.  “I’ve missed you more.” she says.  After a few minutes of kissing and hugging, Charlie tells Samantha he has a surprise for her and they should go.

As they are walking towards baggage claim Samantha is telling Charlie about her flight.  Charlie hugs her tight and says “Baby, it was just your nerves, don’t worry, I’m here now and I will not allow anything to happen to you.”  Despite his comforting words, Samantha had a bad feeling.  As she is waiting for her bags, she gets that weird feeling like she is being watched again. John is looking at her from the other side.  She looks up and he is gone.  Charlie comes from behind and Samantha jumps and yells at Charlie “You scared me, please don’t ever do that to me again.” Charlie apologizes and gives her a hug. “No I’m sorry, I overreacted.  I’m still jumpy from the flight.  I’m sorry baby.”, she then says.

Charlie tells her that it’s fine and that the car is waiting.  “Let’s go my love, I can’t wait to get you home.”  Samantha just smiles.

As they drive away from the airport Samantha looks out of the window and sees the same man staring at her.  She did a double take, she swears it was John. Charlie says, “What’s wrong Samantha, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”  Samantha says, “No baby, it’s nothing, I just thought I saw someone from L.A. that’s all. I’m fine.”

John gets in a taxi and tells the cab driver, “Follow that car…”

Momma said…

There be days like these…. I’m talking about a day of doing absolutely nothing and loving every moment of it.  This was my day.  I took advantage that I had the day off and I slept until noon.  It felt fantastic. {This doesn’t happen often.} Got up, made myself breakfast, my keurig made me a nice cup of coffee, and I just lounged on the couch all day catching up on my T.V. shows.  In a state of total bliss.

I don’t complain about days like these, I enjoy it.  What could be better than sleeping, eating, and relaxing?  Well, I could name a few more things but I’ll leave it up to you to fill in the blanks. HA! 😉

Who’s bored!?  NOT ME.

Never take for granted the days that you can be home doing nothing. Put your feet up, relax and enjoy!

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your weekend!

Peace & Love xox


In this present moment…

My mind has transported me to another country which is 5,531.18 miles away.  I wouldn’t mind being on a fifteen hour flight to arrive to this:  Tahiti

If I was there now at this very moment I would not have any electronic devices by my side.  I would be disconnected from the world.  It’s just be me, myself and I.  That’s it.  There is nothing like closing your eyes and transporting yourself into a picture.  I can feel the suns warmth on my skin, the texture of the sand in my toes, and the sweet smell of the ocean.  It feels nice to getaway and be lost in a daze.

Perhaps, it’s time for me to plan my Tahiti getaway. :hint:

“I believe in imagination.”

Peace & Love xoxo