If you got 3 wishes…

I’m having a dream of Jeanie moment, which has got me thinking.  If I were granted three wishes, what would I wish for?  Simple question right? Well, once I started thinking, I realized that three wishes wouldn’t be enough for everything I want – my head is flooding with material desires. Don’t judge – HA! 😉  Although, Jeanie’s don’t come out of bottles it got me thinking… What If it was true!?  So, now instead thinking about the private jet and endless shopping sprees I’m now examining my life.  Re-winding in my head… If I was granted three wishes today, I would wish for 1. Good health for all my loved ones. 2. Love & Happiness always. 3. Enough wealth to last a lifetime in order to help my family and those in need.

Did I get you thinking about your three wishes?   Think about your life in this very moment and then answer. 

Of course, I posted the question to my timeline and received a few answers.  Here, then, are what they said.

M.G. – 1. That my daughter was a healthy and typically developing child. 2. NO children in the world would have to suffer from any health issues. 3. NO third wish needed – she would gladly give it away.  

K.L. – 1. That I get more wishes. 2. Health 3. Money. 4. Love etc…

R.B. – 1. Children stay healthy. 2. Find true love. 3. Career she will always love.

As you can see, everyone’s life is different and the wishes vary but at the end, we all wish for good health.  Money can buy material things but not love or happiness.  I’m not saying that money isn’t important because it is – especially in medical cases.  Insurance companies don’t want to pay for those extra treatments needed to help children and adults with health issues so having the extra funds to pay for said expenses will make things a little easier.  Things have to change.

“Only the journey is written not the destination.”

We don’t live in a perfect world but it’s nice to dream and wish for one every now and then.

Please don’t forget that Jeanie’s don’t exist but NEVER stop believing in yourself and the things you can accomplish for yourself and others when you set your mind to it.

Until tomorrow… Peace and Love xoxo


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