& so it continues…

When I said good-bye yesterday the celebration continued… more wine, good food and more laughs. HA!

“They laughed at me and asked, What is it that I see in him?  I smiled back and said “Everything you don’t.”

What better way to celebrate 18 years…  To be honest, this is how I celebrate every day, not just one particular date a year.  #love

“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”

It’s amazing how people put so much emphasis on dates and go out of their way to be extra special, extra nice, extra giving, extra loving… well you get the point on that particular day.   You should celebrate the love you have for partner, family and friends every day.  Don’t wait until Valentines to buy your wife flowers.  Don’t wait until Mother/Father Day to spend the day with your parents.  Don’t wait until your best friends birthday to give her or him that gift they will love.  The time is NOW.  Tomorrow is never promised.

Live, love & laugh every day…

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xox



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