jace23Hello. I’m Melissa. Welcome to my page.  Will you will join me in this adventurous journey?

I decided to start blogging to get me in the habit of writing daily and voicing my thoughts. Perhaps I will finally start writing that book I’ve always dreamed about.  I’ve managed to find an excuse for not writing.  I have no time. I’m tired. My eyes hurt. My fingers hurt.  I’ll start tomorrow.  The problem with those excuses is that days turned weeks and weeks turned into years.  No more excuses.  I have the time.   It’s “never too late” to follow your dreams.  I am focused and determined.cropped-jace123.jpg

Those were my thoughts before child.  I am now a new mother of a beautiful baby boy.  My life has completely changed and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I don’t think about how much time I will have to write or time in general.  I make sure to stop and enjoy every single moment in my crazy beautiful life. I now write when I can.

Stop by. Say Hello. Leave a comment or two.

Peace & Love xox



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