Just another day…

What was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing — Football Sun(day) was the complete opposite but I’m not complaining.  😉 I was out and about with the hubs enjoying my day.  Gambling and soul food — what better way to end a weekend right!? HA!  I wish I could sit here and babble about the NFL Championship games but I have nothing.  I wasn’t able to watch any of the games in full just got a view glimpses here and there and kept score on my phone.  I heard both games were amazing!  Congratulations to the Patriots and N.Y Giants!  See you at Super Bowl! 😉

On a different note, It’s Monday 9:36am — I’m at work and drowning in paper work. {EEEEKK}  I figured I’d take my “smoking break” and babble just a little.    Weekend events have inspired today’s thought.

I will never understand…   

  • Mother’s who dress like their daughters.   ACT YOUR AGE! {I’m talking about women who are 20 yrs ++ older than their daughters}
  • Young teenage girls wearing barely nothing. —  You’re only giving the wrong message.  Cover your ass!
  • Young teenage girls with other girls. (kissing, holding hands.)   These girls did not look old enough — Where are the parents?
  • Boys, Men with their pants half-way down their ass.  Isn’t that an invite that you’re available called “punk”.  Jail house term.. hmmm!  NOT COOL!
  • Fifteen year old girls wearing 4 -1/2 inch heels.  If you are wearing them, make sure you learn to walk in them first.
  • People banging and rubbing the machines at Casinos.  Seriously, you’re playing against a machine, rubbing it will not make the machine trigger you a bonus.  I have seem people get mad and bang on the screen.  It’s called Gambling for a reason.  DON’T BE A SORE LOSER!
  • All you can eat Buffets!  O.K. I can’t stand people who get up 3 – 4 times fill their plates with food and then don’t eat it.  Why are you filling your plate to take a bite.  STOP EATING WITH YOUR EYES!
  • Cars with cartoon stick figure decals.  Why would you want to announce to everyone how many kids and pets you have?   I’m sorry, this just scares me.
  • Friend(s) who call you 3-4 times a day throughout the week but on the weekends they are non-existent and can’t be reached.  MIND BOGGLING.. HA!

I’m back for my second “smoking break” – 10:46am HA!  I swear, I work with people who go outside the office about every 10 minutes for a quick smoke — These are the same people who constantly complain about having too much work and not enough time.  YOU THINK!?   Perhaps if they stayed at their desk, they can get more accomplished.  Just a thought…LOL

Yup, you’re probably wondering how much I’m getting done at work if I’m on WordPress babbling.  It’s called MULTI-TASKING!  😉 😉 😉

I’m back — Wow it’s already 12:29 pm and I feel like I’ve been here 10 hours — Oh Monday’s how I hate thee.  I’m still drowning in bank drafts !@!%&!!!!!  If only I had a magic wand.

I’m signing off for now… Maybe I’ll see you later. ::wink wink::

Peace & Love xoxo


One thought on “Just another day…

  1. Regarding buffets, the rule should be “Take as much as you want, but eat what you take.” The people who bang and rub slot machines are the same people who think their chances of winning go up the more they play (better known as the gambler’s fallacy), just superstitious people I guess.

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