Jealousy looks ugly on you…

Why can’t people just be happy for others?  Perhaps it’s a lack of confidence, insecurities, or fear of losing a loved one.  Whatever the reason, it’s an emotion when shown, is very ugly and displeasing.  It doesn’t look good on anyone.

Jealousy is an EMOTION in all of us.  It’s human nature but some people take it to extremes and that’s the problem.  Through out the years I have met many people who have been jealous of other’s success and material things.  To often I hear people say “I don’t know what business they are in but they can’t afford that.” “How can they go on vacation 3 to 4 times a year with 3 kids?”   What do you really know about these people, that you would make a comment like that?  Whatever they are doing, they are happy and it’s their business.  If it was something illegal, would you want to know?  I think NOT!  The less you know the better.  Just be happy for others.

Have you ever noticed while sharing good news to friends and family the one’s that are sincere and the one’s that seem jealous?   A sincere friend or family member will gush with happiness as you inform them of your engagement, pregnancy, promotion, new home….etc etc.. etc.  On the other hand, the jealous person will pause for second, slightly smile and say congrats but you will know they aren’t happy.   I’m not saying that all people who pause or have a late reaction to good news is JEALOUS sometimes things come as a shock until you react but for the most part, it’s a sure sign there is some sort of unhappiness in the news.

What about those people who have an obsessive competitiveness or have to imitate everything you do.   You buy a new car, they buy a better new car.  You change your look, they run to salon and change their look.  You tell your friend your pregnant with a second child, they try to get pregnant too.  Why do people feel the need to compete with other’s?  I see it too often amongst friends and family.  I know siblings that are jealous of each other’s success.  Why not be happy that your brother was able to buy his first home or buy a better car? Just be happy for them.  Live your own life!

You are the maker of your own destiny, don’t destroy your own piece of mind and happiness over other people’s lives.  Worry about your own life and be happy and grateful for everything you have right now.

When I encounter these jealous people, I simply ignore them. Yes, it is easier said than done. When it’s a close friend or a family member, I simply tune them out. {Wait, what did you say?} HA!  If it’s someone you encounter frequently, you can slowly detach yourself.  They are not worth losing your positive energy over.  Don’t stoop to their level — There is no sense in fighting fire with fire.  You will not resolve anything getting into a tit for tat war.

Jealousy is not healthy and will eat you from the inside out — it can also lead to depression.  Remember what you see in someone’s perfect life isn’t always what it seems.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side…

I forgot to mention, what about those people who are so jealous in relationships that they can’t bare the sight of their spouse talking to someone of the opposite sex.  OH MY GOD!  I know too many of these —  we all have a natural jealously inside when it comes to our partners but one thing is being natural and the other is taking it to the extreme.  If you are secure, what does it matter if you see your man or woman talking to someone.  I’m not saying flirting, I am talking about being at a social gathering and seeing your partner having a simple conversation from across the room.  Now, if you see someone being too touchy or disrespectful — then you have the right to stand by your partner and make it known he or she is yours!  {Excuse me, I am so and so wife or husband, we haven’t been introduced.} 😉

I almost forgot…

What I might never understand is why people get jealous over friendships.  Who says your friends or best friend can’t have other friends?  I see this too often as well. Just because you have a circle of friends, it does not mean you have to do everything together and tell them everything you’re doing.  It has nothing to do with loyalty.  You are not tied to anyone.   Be happy that your friends have other friends — the more the merrier, well only if they are sincere.  Everyone says I have a ton of friends but the truth is they have many acquaintances but true friends are hard to find.

I think I’m done babbling for now… HA!

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xox


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