Flawless baby…

When you hear words like flawless, beautiful, and gorgeous from strangers, you immediately feel great, right!? What if, when you looked at yourself in the mirror or caught your reflection you said those words to yourself? Can you imagine the impact it would have on your day? Your self-esteem? Try it, I challenge you.


There is nothing more powerful than words but the right words can change your attitude, change the way you even look at yourself. It doesn’t matter how you feel when you wake up, just look at yourself and tell yourself something positive. Anything…

“You’re beautiful.”
“You’re flawless, baby.”
“You got it going on.”
“Hi Sexy”

Remember, attitude is everything!

Smile, you sexy thing!

Until next time…Ciao


Heart broken…

It been months since I publish anything but every so often I get inspired to write a few words but then save it in my draft folder.  It gets locked away in the vault of feelings and emotions that were felt but never spilled.

On March 24th, 2013 at 4:53pm I wrote the following:

It’s been a tough day to say to the least. I feel like my heart shattered into a million pieces. As I sat there and listened to what he was saying, I could not believe my ears. With every word uttered, a piece of my heart broke off, by the end of the conversation I was left feeling empty. It’s sad when you hear things about your life from a third-party.  I know I shouldn’t believe everything I hear but the person who told me has nothing to gain by lying to me and I know the source.  It’s not the first time I hear those things, it just hurts more every time.

It breaks my heart just re-reading my words.  I guess you don’t need water to feel like you’re drowning.  Something to think about…

The difference

The difference between you and me.

When I have time.
You have plans.
When you have time.
I have plans but usually make the time.

It’s the little things that matter most.
Not the splendid gifts and lavish lunches.
It’s the moments that are unplanned.
The moments that I don’t have to ask for your time.

It’s those moments… if only you could see.


I’m seriously lacking some motivation these days to keep my workouts going. I’ve been going to the gym on and off for several months, simply because it’s my me time and I’m sweating out my daily stress but lately I feel like I’m sabotaging myself.  I can’t understand why I’m not motivated.  I’m far from being at my goal weight and once I reach it, I know have to work even harder to strengthen and tone.

Sometime last week I was thinking to myself that I should consider getting a personal trainer.  The funny thing is that two days after, a trainer approached me at the gym and asked if he could train me for a bit.  I said, “yes”. Why not!?  Once he explained a few things, we started – I was mortified and embarrassed.  All I could do was look at myself in the mirror with disgust and think, “This guy is probably thinking, how disgusting, what a cow.”  All those thoughts were flooding my head but I didn’t stop, I pushed through as much as I could before I felt nausea – a sign of fatigue.  I rested for a bit and then continued then felt nausea again..well you know. I just wanted to close to my eyes and not look at myself but I didn’t and looked at every inch of me that was screaming to be toned. The trainer then stretched me out and gave me a massage which felt great considering the fact that I hate massages but I definitely needed it.  I could not believe how tense and tight my body was.  Afterwards, I felt like everything was aligned, it was a good feeling.  Now, I have to decide, appointment is set.

I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling today.  I feel like a loser if that makes any sense.  I will not be discouraged and I will fight through whatever demons are in my head.  I need to, I want to, reach my goal – not for you, not for him, but for ME and only ME.  Why is it, that I can encourage and motivate others when needed but when it comes to me, I completely shut down?  I’m annoyed, frustrated, and disappointed in myself.

Note to self: You are beautiful just the way you are but you can improve and change what you don’t like. Keep moving forward and you will see the results you want. Never give up!!

What motivates you?

I have a friend who recently changed his life style for the better and I saw a picture of a man’s upper body, lean and fit and for a second I thought it was him. I sent my friend the picture and he called me and said, “Wow, I thought that was me, thank you, I’m so motivated now to get to my goal.” What!? Was he serious, he was now super excited to get to the gym and work on his chest.  It’s amazing what inspires others. My friend, I wish you nothing but success on your new goals.

Looking for those words of encouragement and motivation to keep me going.


Note to self: “Nothing great is ever accomplished without a few obstacles.  Just keep going.” 

Peace & Love xo


How do you write about something without revealing or saying too much? Is that even possible!? Yes, no, maybe!? Hello, anyone? Out of respect, I have chosen to stay mum hence turning my noise into silence.  I’m not good at keeping quiet when I want to express my thoughts, feelings and opinions. Has this happen to you? What do you do?


It’s not easy if you ask me (biting my tongue), perhaps that’s the reason some people don’t talk to me; out of fear that I will write about their issues. Why not? You are not alone, everyone has or is going through the same and/or similar struggle, I’m just the voice who wants to share her opinion. Maybe later I will write about it but for now…

Knowing what I know, I will not betray my friends wishes.  In this case, silence is golden.

Until later…

Peace & Love xoxo

Happy New Year!

It’s the year 2013 – quite amazing if you ask me.  It’s a new year and a fresh start to do it all over again… Wishing everyone a wonderful year full of love, happiness, health, and prosperity.  May you have new hopes and promises and may all your wishes come true.  Never forget you have the power to choose how your story will begin and end. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat! Be happy, laugh out loud, scream, and eat jelly beans.  It doesn’t matter what you do, just smile and always remember that things happen for the best.

20130101-232041.jpgLive life to the fullest.  No regrets, just lessons learned.

Peace & Love xox

Why so blue, Melissa!?

Every year for as long as I can remember I get this overwhelming feeling of sadness during my birthday. It’s hard to explain and much harder to put into words but I will try…   I don’t recall ever having a traumatic experience during these days that would cause any sadness it’s just something that happens.  I feel the most alone during this time of year.  It’s hard to believe that being married, surrounded by love and great friends I feel empty.  Perhaps it just me reflecting back on the last 12 months of my life.   Thinking about the what if’s, the why’s, the what don’ts…etc.  I’m simply lost in thought.

This year I thought it would be different. I was in Vegas, living it up and having a great time — why would I get sad, I asked myself.  Well, that day arrived (December 16th), I woke up fine but then that feeling of emptiness filled within me.  I was sad and what made it worse was not receiving that one special call I was waiting for.  My head went into overdrive.  I was hurt & angry – There was no excuse but I chose not let one person ruin my day.  I wiped the tears and put on a smile.  Sometimes the ones you love hurt you the most. Why!? Why!? Why!?


I still feel like my head is still on overdrive… over thinking, thinking, thinking & over thinking some more.  Today I was with a dear friend and he noticed something was wrong.  “Why so blue, Melissa?”, he asked.  That awkward moment when they ask you what’s wrong and you get a knot in your throat.  I was looking at him and screaming but the words were not flowing out of my mouth.  I felt like I was in a crowded room screaming and no one hears a thing. (Thanks Katy Perry)  All I could say was that I was O.K.  I was clearly lying.  I’m not o.k. but sometimes it’s ok not to be, right!? Does that make any sense?  Regardless of how I was feeling, my dear friend manages to make me smile and forget about it all and for that I am truly grateful.  blah blah blah

I’m just scared to death that things will change. (only one person will understand.)

Enough babble for today… I’m not so good at sharing my personal life. I hope you didn’t have to hit snooze while reading this.. HA!

Until next time… Peace & Love.

In light of recent events…

Who knew that my words would have such an impact? A couple of days ago my life was the vocal focus of some people and I got wind of it. Gossip travels at lightning speed.  After being almost electrocuted I did what I do best… I took my thoughts and wrote them on Facebook and it even inspired the quick rant [Sick and tired…].  Needless to say, it struck a nerve for some.  Feeling guilty? Must be if they are reacting defensively, wouldn’t you agree?

Words are some of the most powerful and important things I know… Language is the tool of love and the weapon of hatred.  It’s the bright red warning flag of danger – and the stone foundation of diplomacy and peace.

I hate when I hear friends say, “I’m an owner of a business and you take more time off than I do.”  Seriously!?

Listen up folks, everyone lives the life they want.  If you are an owner of a successful business and choose not to take time off, then you need to take a step back and re-organize within your structure.  It’s no ones fault that you don’t have time for vacation.  Words of advice:  When you die, your casket will not be filled with the money you were saving for a rainy day.  Enjoy your life NOW.  Have some fun and enjoy the fruits of your labor. During the process, always remember to LIVE AND LET LIVE!


Until later…

Have a fabulous weekend!

Peace & Love xox


When the words don’t flow…

My head is filled with ideas, foot notes and even bullets but when I sit and start to write I slam into a brick wall and go blank.  Does this happen to you?  If yes, what do you do?

I use to write blockblockblockblock until the words flowed but that doesn’t help anymore.  #annoyed.

I know I shouldn’t beat myself up about it, it does happen, but I’ve had the writer’s block bug for a while now.  My blogs are less than stellar these days.  Perhaps they are all bad and now I’m just noticing.  Note to self: Stop being so critical of yourself.  #slap

I will not let this minor set back get me down. (On repeat in my head…) HA!

Suggestions are welcomed…

Peace & Love xox

Enjoy your weekend…

Finding the right words…

I’m finding it exceptionally hard to find the right words to express what’s in my head now.   Does this ever happen to you?  You’re thinking one thing but typing out another.    Words.  They are very powerful.  As I’ve said many times over, I’m opinionated and very out spoken and will not hold back but today I find myself struggling to find the right words — if that makes sense.   I don’t want to say too much in fear of hurting someone’s feelings but at the same time I want to scream it to the world.  I am annoyed and disappointed.  I constantly hear the same bullshit but nothing ever changes.  I know the entire situation but it still makes me sick to my stomach.  Perhaps I just care too much at times.  I will leave my thoughts at that… I don’t want to have a foot in mouth moment. – HA!

What do words mean to you? 

Words are some of the most powerful and important things I know.  It’s the tool of love and the weapon of hatred.   Words can heal and leave a scar.  We speak them, we sing them, we give them meaning.  It makes you wonder why sometimes it’s hard to say anything at all.  Use your words too communicate but never substitute them for your actions because ACTIONS always speaks louder!!

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.

Peace & Love xox