Samantha is screaming and yelling trying to get Charlie to wake up but her screams are silenced by the sound of thunder.  She keeps screaming “Charlie, please wake up. Charlie, WAKE UP, please!!” Charlie is finally coming too, he opens his eyes and sees Samantha tied to a chair facing him.  He tries to break free but he can’t move, his arms and legs are restrained.  Charlie is dazed and confused. “What going on?  Samantha says “John…”.  Charlie’s eyes open wide.

John walks into the room looks at both of them and places on the table a scalpel, a hammer, a knife and duct tape.

Samantha and Charlie are pleading to be freed.  John tells them to shut up!

John looks at Samantha and says “Seeing you smile all these months tore me up inside, it was like you were cutting away at my soul but now I’m going to take away your smile and make you suffer.”  Samantha is sobbing and pleading to please let them go. “I’m sorry John, please let us go, P L E A S E!”  John laughs and says “You’re not going anywhere bitch.”  Charlie screams “You mother fucker, I’m going to kill you.”  John just laughs…

John grabs Charlies hair and pulls his head back.  Charlies eyes pop open wide.  John lifts the scalpel, looks into his eyes and says “You see this scalpel, it’s going to be your best friend for the next few hours. This is what pain feels like.”  John makes a precise incision on Charlie’s forehead.  Charlie screams and struggles to get loose. Thunder is striking down every minute making it impossible for anyone to hear their screams. John makes another incision underneath Charlie’s eye.  Charlie is trying to be strong but Samantha can tell in his eyes that he is in pain and agony.

John puts down the scalpel and grabs the hammer.  Samantha is shaking her head, “No, please, stop it.”  John smiles and slams the hammer on Charlies hand. Snap, crackle, pop that’s what it sounded like.  Charlie is shaking, the pain is unbearable, he is going numb.  His eyes are closing…  Charlie has lost all his senses.  John slaps him “Don’t pass out on me, I’m not done yet.”  Charlie whispers, “I’m going to kill you.” John grabs the knife and stabs him in the chest.  As John pulls out the knife Charlie gasps for air.  He is loosing consciousness, his head is falling forward… John slaps him again.  “Wake up Charlie boy, how does that feel? [Pours alcohol over him] Charlie screams. Can you hear me?”  John takes the scalpel and slowly cuts Charlie’s ear off. Samantha is screaming and yelling at John to please stop.  He takes the ear and puts it to his mouth, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?  He tosses the ear at Samantha.

“STOP IT, JOHN, PLEASE, STOP IT!!!” Samantha is pleading.  “I can’t take it anymore, please John, PLEASE.”

John grabs her face and tells her to shut her mouth. “SHUT UP, SHUT UP BITCH!”

Samantha struggles and manages to get herself up.  John quickly turns and pushes her back down but the chair tilts and she lands side ways on the floor.  As she hits the floor she could feel her flesh tearing from all the broken glass.  She screams and grabs a piece of glass, before John pulls her up.  “You’re next.”, he says.

John leaves the room and goes outside.  Samantha only has a few minutes to break free.  She starts cutting the duct tape, she could feel the glass cutting her fingers but she keeps cutting away at the tape. {All she could think about was helping Charlie.} Her hands are free and she cuts the duct tape from her ankles. She’s about to stand when she hears the door slam and John’s foot steps.  She sits back…

When John walks in, he is smiling and has an evil look in his eyes.  He puts Chloe on Samantha’s lap.  Her eyes open wide and screams “Chloe, you’re alive.”  John says, “You see Sammy, I took really good care of her.” Samantha pretends to be crying and puts her head down.  John grabs the hammer from the table and walks towards Charlie.  He tells Samantha to listen for the crack.  John turns his back to Samantha, when he is about to swing at Charlie, Samantha jumps up and stabs him in the neck, she pushes the glass as far as she can.  In John’s rage, he turns around and swings Samantha across the table. “Bitch”, he yells. He grabs his neck, the blood is gushing out.  He yells, “You shouldn’t have done that bitch.” He grabs the knife and walks towards her.  Samantha is laying on the floor, she’s bleeding and hurt trying to catch her breath.  She manages to get up and tries to run from him, but he grabs her. He falls to his knees he has lost too much blood and is very weak.  She grabs the knife and stabs him in the chest. “I hate you, I hate you.” she yells and stabs him again and again until he falls over.  Samantha was in a state of shock, as she looked at the life less body she could not believe that was the man she once loved.   She drops the knife and runs to Charlie…

Six months later…

It’s Summer and Samantha and Charlie are back in the Hampton enjoying their new weekend home.  They had not been back since that dreadful night.  While sitting at Giuseppe, Charlie takes Samantha’s hand and says:

My dearest Samantha,

The moment we met I knew you were the one and this was a once in a lifetime love. You complete me, all of me. We have been through it all, the good, the bad and even near death.  You brought me back to life, Samantha.  [Charlie takes out a little black box from jacket.]  My love, I promise to love you in all your forms now and forever.  I will cherish and protect you for all eternity.  [opens box]  Samantha’s eyes fill with tears.  I will laugh with you, and cry with you, loving you faithfully.  I give you my hand, my heart and my love from this day forward.  Samantha Fox, will you be my wife?  Samantha can’t hold back her tears and starts crying.  She gazes into Charlie’s eyes and says, “Yes, I will…”

All that matters is what’s yet to come…