It’s only my opinion…

Have you ever been shopping minding your own business and out of nowhere a random person approaches you and ask your opinion?  Do you lie? Are you honest?

Well, today was that day — while I was browsing the shoe section a woman taps me on the shoulder and ask if I had a few minutes to help her.  “Sure”, I said – she had two pairs of shoes in her hands.  One was a wedge with a strange flower pattern on the heel in mustard and the other pair was a wooden heel sandal in brown that ties at the ankle.  I immediately told her the wooden sandals were nicer but then she said “Really, you don’t like these wedges? (holding them up to my face) I’ve been looking for this color a while.”  I gave her a blank stare and told her “No, I don’t like them but if she really liked them to buy them because spring was around the corner.” I guess I wasn’t clear enough or perhaps she was trying to change my mind because then she modeled them for me.  My answer was still a definite NO.  Maybe I should have said yes but then it wouldn’t be fair to her – those wedges were horrendous.  I didn’t feel bad, it’s only my opinion. 🙂

A little while later, I was looking at some jeans when another woman ask for my opinion. (I’m feeling like a Fashionista) She holds up a size 8 and a size 10 pair of jeans and ask me which one would be better.  (Inside voice:HUH?) This is what she asks, “Should I get a size 10 if I’m trying to lose weight (but look – they are stretchy) so maybe I should get the size 8 because I’m planning of losing 10 lbs – should I get the Calvin Klein or Michael Kors?” WHAT!? Excuse me?  I was completely at a loss of words – after a few more rants she answered her own question.  I was like this woman is nuts — who buys clothes smaller because they are planning on losing weight? That’s absurd.  Needless to say, I quickly left that section shaking my head.  Some people are so strange…LOL

I’m also guilty… HA! 

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping for boots and while I was looking in the mirror modeling (lol)  – a couple with their daughter were passing by and the wife said, “Those are nice.” So I stopped them and asked which ones they thought look better. (I’m not shy)  I was wearing one knee-high suede boot and one all leather boot underneath the knee.  The wife said the knee-high and the husband said the all leather.  Then the wife looks at me and says, “Listen to him.”  I thought that was hilarious – the leather boots were my first choice as well.  When in doubt ask a man… :wink wink:

At the end of the day, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving or receiving an opinion if asked.  Why not!?  Just be honest….

Do you have any stories?

Peace & Love xoxox


Flashback Friday: Poop

When my dog pooped with a smile (literally), I could not help but laugh and take a picture.  Good girl, Sasha! 😉  Extra pup-peroni’s for you…

It may be gross but hysterical none the less.  Do your pets poop with smileys? HA!

Happy Friday – Happy Weekend!

Peace & Love xox

Humor moment…

After the day I’ve had, I thought I share with you my humor moment…

There is nothing I love more than seeing the hubs upset because people think he is old(er) than what he actually is or if they think I’m his sister or daughter. (Seriously!?) You should see how insulted he gets.  It’s hysterical. #laughingoutloud

Laughter is good for the soul.

We were waiting in line to go through security at the airport when the TSA officer called us next, I handed him our passports, he looks up and says “Are you traveling with your daughter today?”  I could not help but laugh, he made my day but the hubs was not amused.  He looked at officer and said, “No, that’s my wife.”  The officer just smirked, I’m sure he was just playing around. I, on the other hand was all smiles…you see, I am only 3 1/2 years younger than the hubs, that’s why he get upset.  The difference is that his hair is platinum salt & pepper (natural) and I’m a brunette.

I’m not going to lie, I definitely love his hair color.  I think it’s sexy.  He threatens to darken it every time we have a humor moment but I tell him that I love him just the way he is, white hairs and all. 😉

“No need to be so complex about your looks, Babe.”  Wait a minute, let me rewind for a second… I suppose if the tables were turned I would be singing a different tune. O_o  #truth

Does he make me look younger?  I’m 36 and he’s 39.  😉  It’s the white hair, right!?

Peace & Love xoxo

Flashback Friday

It’s Friday so why not have a little fun.  If you know me, you know that I love love love taking pictures.  I take pics of everything even pictures of pictures. I now have 2,949 pictures on my iPhone.  I will travel back in time {as far as the pics will let me) and choose one picture every Friday and see if I can remember what was going on that day, if not, I will invent something fun. HA! Enjoy! Happy Flashback Friday!

I remember this trip.  It was out of this world! Greetings from the future. 😉 😉 In October 2009, the hubs and I took a trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate his 37th birthday. It was definitely a fun weekend. He wore his birthday badge with honor. 😉

Peace and Love xxo

DMV = Hell

I’m kicking myself in the ass today for not making an appointment in advance at the DMV.  What I thought would not take longer than an hour took three hours of my time.  I took my mother to renew her I.D., simple enough.  Yeah right, we walked in, nasty attitude woman gave us a ticket and said about a two-hour wait. What!? Two hours just to renew an I.D. I thought for a quick moment she was being funny but no, when they say it’s a two-hour wait believe them.  Actually, it was two hours before they called my mothers number and another hour just to take a picture and verify the million documents they need now. ;(


What other choice did I have then just sit and wait. I sat fidgeting in those awful uncomfortable benches outside in the heat.  Needless to say, I, Melissa, was no happy camper.  Guess what? Neither were the other hundreds of people.  It was the one thing we had in common today.  Long faces, sweaty foreheads and waiting for their number to be called.  I was not bored to be honest.  It takes moment like these to sit back and see a diverse group of people.  I laughed, I observed, I shook my head in disgust {some people have nasty habits.} and even spoke to a few people.  It was definitely an interesting day.

Three hours and fifteen minutes later my mother walked out showing me her new I.D. card.  She looked at the picture and said, “I didn’t even realize they took the picture, I look horrible.”  😉

Although I hated the waiting the best part of my day was spending time with my momma!

Peace and Love xox


It’s Starbucks way or not…

Who doesn’t love a good cup of Joe in the morning, especially from Starbucks?  I know I do. 😉 If you have visited any Starbucks you will know that they have a certain way of speaking, sort of like their own language.  You can order different sizes starting with Short, Tall, Grande, and Venti.  That’s just basic for extra Small, Small, Medium, Large.  You can’t forget to say it their way or you will be corrected.

This was my conversation this morning.

  • Me – Good morning, I would like a Skinny Caramel Macchiato iced coffee grande.
  • Barista – So you want a Grande Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato?

Did I not just say that?  Does it really matter in what order I choose to say it?  I was annoyed.   Have you ever noticed they always repeat and correct your wording? I know they are just double checking but come on, if you understood me the first time, then don’t repeat it.  It’s hysterical, I feel like I have to mentally practice how I’m going to say it before getting to counter so they don’t have to repeat it back to me. 😉

I will say it the way I please since I’m the one paying for it. Thank you very much. – HA HA!

Next time I’ll order a venti, skinny, coffee frappuccino, double shot espresso, vanilla shot, double blend, hold the whip.  LOL  😉 😉 😉

Happy Thursday!  Peace & Love xoxox

If I was Freshly Pressed…

The first thing I do in the morning before I start my day is log into WordPress and see who made it Freshly Pressed.  It’s quite a humbling experience I’ve read.  Can you imagine ~ The Best of 419,999 bloggers, 866,676 new posts, 1.446.513 comments, & 188,258,107 words posted on ~ & One of your blogs is chosen to be Freshly Pressed? What would be your reaction?

The truth is I’ve never given being freshly pressed much thought until now.  You see, being FP gives you a sense of accomplishment and gets you thinking, WOW, someone is actually reading my blogs.  I didn’t start blogging to gain a million followers, I started this blog to get me in the habit of writing everyday.  My goal is to write a book so writing a blog made perfect sense. I said “Why not!?”  I think it’s been six months since I published my first one.  I was a little hesitant at first but once I pressed that little blue button, it felt fantastic.

So, if I was Freshly Pressed I think I would …   

  1. Start screaming. {People would think I was crazy}
  2. Jump up and down. {all while screaming}
  3. Call everyone I know. {be warned people..}
  4. Shed a tear or two. {happy tears}
  5. Be humbled.
  6. Be inspired to babble some more.

Even If I never get freshly pressed I don’t care, I’m proud of myself for coming this far.  I’m already accomplished!

Peace & Love xox

AMOR {LOVE} – Chapter IV

John screams, “Are you serious Samantha?”  She doesn’t look at him and continues walking.  John then grabs her from behind.  “Let go of me, John.  I’m serious, I have to go!  Charlie is waiting.”, she says.   John then says, “So, the douche bag has a name.  Is C-H-A-R-L-I-E {sarcastic tone} making you move to New York?  I’m going to find out who he is Samantha, mark my words.  This isn’t over.”   Samantha just laughed, “There you go with your threats again.  Get over it!  We are done! Bye-Bye!”

Samantha gets home to find her calling service full of messages and mailbox full.  She yells, “Dammit John! ,Why can’t you just let me go.” Then slams the phone against the table.  {talking to herself} “I can’t deal with this anymore.  I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown. {starts crying}  Please God, give me the strength I need to handle this.  I’m torn!”

A few hours later, there is a knock at the door.  Samantha is startled because no one is allowed in the building unless she is called.  Her heart is now in her throat.  The only thing that is running through her mind that it could be John.  With knees shaking, she walks to door, and says “Who is it?” She is looking through the peep-hole but something is blocking her view.  Now she is more scared.  She hears a deep voice say “Delivery for Samantha Fox.”   She thinks ‘delivery’  I didn’t order anything. So, she sucked in her fear and said “Be right there, give me a second.”  She took a deep breath and slowly opened the door.  When she opened, all she could see what a bouquet of orchids {her favorite} and standing with them in hand was Charlie.  “CHARLIE, it’s you, baby – You scared me to death.  How did you come in?”  Charlie gave her that look like saying ‘baby, it’s me you’re talking too.’   Samantha just smiled and hugged her man tight.  “Thank you baby, I love my flowers.” she whispers in his ear.

You see, Charlie was a man who never took ‘NO’ for an answer and was always very persuasive.  He gets what he wants. 

They decided to stay in and order dinner.  They now have to talk logistics.  Remember that Charlie is leaving to New York in a few days.  While waiting for dinner to arrive, Charlie looks over at her and says “Samantha baby, I’m leaving to New York in a week.  What are your plans?”  Sam says “I haven’t really thought about it. You just told me, remember.  I have to take care of things here first.  It may take a few weeks. First, I need to resign from my position.  Close up my apartment, cancel all my services, hire moving company, pack, etc etc.  Well, babe all the small details. — I will be there soon.  No worries, we will figure this out.”  Charlie just nods and says “Yes, I can’t wait.”

The next morning Samantha get up puts on her power suit and heads to the office.  All she could think about was the pile of paperwork on her desk and having to tell the partners that she is moving to New York.  She stops at her usual coffee place, picks up breakfast and heads into the office.  It was no surprise when she walked in and found her desk full of files with notes on it.  “What the hell.”. she whispers.  She took a deep breath and started her day.  A few hours later, she realizes that she hasn’t spoken to Charlie.  She looks for her cell phone and as usual it’s buried in her bag.  She digs it out to find several missed calls.  She calls Charlie.  “Hi babes, how’s it going?, Sorry I haven’t called you, it’s been a long morning.  You can imagine.”  Charlie just says he understands but tells her not to worry that everything is going to turn out fine.

Now it was time to face the partners.  Without any hesitation, she walks into the partners office and hands them her letter of resignation.  While one partner is reading the letter the other two are just looking at Samantha with a blank stare.  Once they all read the letter, they give Samantha a surprise look.  She briefly explained and the partners wished her well.

When she drafted the original letter she was going to leave the same day but then had a change of heart and decided to stay an additional week to make sure nothing was left unfinished.  Samantha wasn’t a half ass type of worker.  She always gave 100% not only at work but at everything.

The days quickly turned into nights and Samantha’s to-do list wasn’t getting any shorter.  Despite the sleepless nights, things were not moving as fast as she hoped.  Charlie was already in New York and she was in still L.A. finalizing everything.  In the middle of all the craziness, she was still dealing with John’s erratic behavior and threatening calls.  She was about to have a  total and complete meltdown.

Her daily calls with Charlie helped her keep calm and stay focused on the big picture.   It’s the way he makes her smile.  He finds humor in the darkest of days and is her rock.

The last day of work was bitter-sweet. Samantha packed up the last of her things and was about to start her ‘good-bye’ rounds, when her partners called her into the conference room.  “SURPRISE”, everyone yelled.  Samantha was overcome with joy and could not hold back her tears.  “Thank you so much.  This means the world to me and I will never forget you.”, she told them.  Everyone wished her farewell and many blessings on her new adventure.  It was time to say good-bye.  After many hugs and kisses later, Samantha was now walking out of office and could not help but smile as she stopped, looked behind her and said “No regrets, too new adventures.”

When Samantha got home, she glanced at her to-do list and realized that the only thing she had to do was buy her airline ticket.  “That’s it?” , she says.  She was in shock that she managed to do it all in such a short amount of time.  She thinks, “What’s the rush? Now, I’m going to take another few days to relax, unwind, go to the spa, and get my hair done. I can’t go to New York looking like a hot mess.”  Later that night, she calls Charlie and tells him that she was done with everything but she was going to stay another week just to relax and unwind.  Charlie wasn’t pleased and told her that he needed her there now.  Samantha completely ignored him.

Day 1.  SPA DAY – V.I.P Treatment  {Gift from the Firm}





Day 6.  OPEN LAP TOP – Look for Flights – BUY ONE WAY TICKET


Day 8.  Packing the last few things.



What should have been just a few days turned into ten days and Charlie was beginning to worry.  He called Samantha daily and expressed his concerns.  “Babe, please, when are you coming? What’s going on?  I’m worried.”  Samantha always said the same thing, “Charlie, my love, everything is fine.  I will be there soon.  I love you.”  – Those words were not soothing to Charlie at all.

During her days of relaxation she thought about John.  Ten years was not easy to forget but she no longer loved him the way she once did.  She debated whether to call him and say good-bye but her gut told her it would be a bad idea.   She listened to her gut and never called him but little did she know that John was up too no good.

John quit flying planes but didn’t close his business.  He was now planning and scheming revenge against Samantha.  He always said. “If it’s not me, it’s no one.” He had been following her and watching her every move since the day after she left him.  He was now OBSESSED….

Samantha was at the airport ready to board when she felt like she was being watched, she quickly turns and sees no one. She brushed it off and boarded. “Good-bye L.A.”, she whispered.

John was watching from a distance…

AMOR {LOVE} – Chapter II

Samantha made her choice but now was facing two problems.

  1. How to tell John.
  2. How to tell Charlie.

John was only in town two days a week and one weekend a month.  He owns Prestige Air in L.A. and although he doesn’t need to charter planes, it’s his passion and he loves it.  His travels have never been an issue with Samantha, she actually enjoys her free time and loves that she has her own personal pilot.  One weekend a month, John takes her anywhere she wants.  Paris – Rome – Greece .  You name it, she has probably been there.

John called and told Samantha that he was taking a few weeks off to relax, unwind and spend time with her because he knows that he’s been working a lot lately and hasn’t been around much.  That’s just great {sarcastic},see you soon. Love you – Samantha says.

She felt a knot in her throat and wanted to cry.  What is she going to do now?

John gets home in a few days and Samantha is still struggling with her decisions.  She’s now starting to question herself.  Am I doing the right thing?  How can I look into his eyes and tell myself to walk away?  How is Charlie going to react?  Will he be pleased?   She is completely conflicted.  She even had to take a few days off from work to clear her head and gather her thoughts.  She has made her choice.  Although, she still loved John her heart was beating for Charlie.   Now, it was time to break the news.

Charlie and Samantha have a great relationship.  Although they spent most weekends and all their free time together, she knew it wasn’t permanent.   She always came home but now she is ready to tell Charlie that he is the one!

John has finally arrived from a stressful few days – he doesn’t seem to be in the best of moods but Samantha gathered the courage and told him that she needed to talk.  Those dreadful words no one ever wants to hear. He looked at her and told her to please give him a few hours because he needed to rest.  O.K. she said, I have a few errands to run, I’ll see you later.  Bye – Kisses.

When Samantha left, she called Charlie but he was busy in a meeting and could not talk. Now she was feeling antsy, she needed to talk to him, she needed a sign, anything.  After a few minutes of looking at her phone,  she shouted “SCREW IT!” – I know what I want and what I need to do.

She returned home to find John watching T.V.  She looked at him and said “I thought you were tired.”    He shot her a look then asked her what was wrong.   Could you please turn off the T.V.?  I really need to talk to you.  It’s serious.  He didn’t seem to pleased and a look of concern came over him.   What’s up babe, what’s going on?   Samantha took a deep breath, trying to fight back the tears and said:

John, I think it’s time we go our separate ways – I love you but it’s been ten years and I fear this is it.  We have fallen into a routine and I’m not happy anymore.  It was fun and exciting in the beginning but now it isn’t.  I’m sorry.

John became pale white – he could not help but get defensive as he heard his love tell him that she wanted to leave him.  Samantha, are you kidding me?  We have been together ten years and you’re the love of my life.  Routine?  You love our life together, why are you doing this?  Is it my business?   I will sell it if you want if that’s the issue?  No John, it’s not your job, it’s not you, it’s me.  I’ve been seeing someone for the past few years and I’ve fallen in love.  WHAT THE FUCK!?  A few years? You have to be fucking kidding, right!?  No! I’m so sorry.  Sorry, I’ve hurt you.  I don’t expect you to understand.  WHO IS HE? I’M GOING TO KILL HIM?

STOP IT, JOHN!! You are not going to kill anyone, you don’t know him, so please stop with the threats!  I know you’re hurt but this hasn’t been easy for me either.  You think I wanted to hurt you?  It was never my intention.  You are a wonderful man and I will always love you but my heart now beats for another.  I don’t want to continue to hurt you or myself for that matter.  I’m sorry John.  I have to leave.  Live your life, find happiness.  You will find someone who will love you the way you deserve.  I’m sorry.  {John screaming} SAMANTHA, please, I beg you – don’t go!  I love you so much.  Samantha is crying – gives John a hug and kiss and walks away.

John is completely heart-broken .  He becomes angry and starts throwing things, breaking pictures.  He was acting like a mad man  He tries calling Sam but its going directly to voice mail, he then sends her the following text(s):

YOU BITCH! You think it’s going to be that easy to get rid of me.  I’m going to fight for you.  Whatever it takes – This is not over.    I love you, baby!

Samantha is crying and trying to keep it together. She is looking for her phone and can’t find it. She pulls over and finally finds it buried in her bag.  She has five missed calls, four text messages. Charlie has called several times.   Hi Charlie,  What’s wrong my love? He immediately knows something is wrong. You don’t sound to good.  I need to talk, can I come over?  Absolutely babes, I need to talk to you as well  O.K. see you soon. Love you.

Charlie has been waiting for the right opportunity to open a consultant office in New York. A project he had been working on for several years.  His chance had finally arrived.  How does he tell Samantha that he is leaving L.A. to New York in a few days?

Before she drives off, she decides to read her messages and came across several from John, she could not believe what she was reading, how dare he threaten me.  It was something John always joked about.  If it’s not me, it’s NO one. This is no joke!  What the hell does he mean? She decided to ignore the messages for now.  I’ll deal with this crap later.

During the drive to Charlies, her mind is going a thousand miles per hour – wait a second! what!? Did Charlie say he wanted to talk to me as well?  Oh my god, I wonder what it is.  It’s those dreaded words again no one wants to hear.  Please God, don’t let it be anything serious.  PLEASE!!

She pulls up to the drive way – takes a deep breath – checks herself in the mirror.  {Good God, I look like hell.}   Pinches her cheeks – O.K. I’m ready!  I’m strong.

Knocks on door –

As soon as the door opens and Charlie emerges she flings to his neck and starts crying.  {her total composure went out the window}  Oh babes, you don’t know the day I’m having.  I just need you to hold me.  After a few minutes of whimpering and taking deep breaths Samantha finally pulls it together to sit down and talk to Charlie.

Charlie is concerned because he had never seen Samantha this upset or emotional.  What’s wrong baby, talk to me.  I have never seen you like this.   I know love, I’m sorry – Wait a second, didn’t you have to talk to me about something?  Yes Sam, but it could wait.  No No, please you go first.  Let me catch my breath and then we’ll talk.

Well… Samantha, you know that I’ve fallen in love with you and you have changed my life but I have another love in my life. {pause}  Samantha could feel her cheeks getting red and her eyes were filling with tears.  All she can think was – Is he breaking up with me? I can’t believe this is happening, right now. I want to die.  She was about to get up and walk away from him when she snapped back into reality and heard him say “Babe, Do you remember that project I’ve been working on?  Sam shakes her head – Yeah!  Well that’s the other love of my life. Samantha quietly sighed in relief.{Thank you, God.}  O.K. babes, what’s going on with that?  Well.. The good news is that I’m opening a consultant firm.  Samantha leaps up and congratulates him. That’s fantastic news baby, I’m so happy for you. Let’s celebrate!

While Samantha is going on about how happy she is, John says that the firm will be opened in New York.  All of a sudden, there was dead silence {you can hear a pin drop} and Samantha sits back down.  With tears in her eyes, she says – New York?

Peace & Love xox


This is the  story of Samantha and Charlie.

It was Samantha’s usual Thursday night, spent with her girlfriends having a few cocktails at her favorite little pub. Every week she got together with them for dinner, drinks and gossip. Although, she was having a nice time, she was getting bored so she sent her friend, Vince a text message to see what he was up too.  Perhaps it was all the cocktails.

Vince was tall, dark and handsome. A friend with a few benefits you might say. :wink wink:

She begged him to come and hang out with her but he kept saying,”No” and giving her some bullshit excuse.  “You’re no fun”, she replied.  “Come on, I’m bored and I need some entertainment.”  Please… {more like some eye candy} He said, “he would think about it”. Which always meant, NO!  She was in total surprise when an hour later he showed up with a friend.  Hi Vince, nice surprise. I can’t believe you’re here — Who’s your friend?   This is my boy, Charlie.  Hi Charlie, nice to meet you., I’m Samantha.  Hi Sam, he replied. They sat at the bar and Vince turns to her and says “How’s your boyfriend, John?”  Samantha gave him a look. {rolling eyes} Actually Vince, you just missed him by a few minutes. You know how he is always given me shit about something. {shakes head and rolls eyes again.}

John is Samantha’s boyfriend of seven years.  He charters a plane and is always traveling.  He is madly in love with her and is extremely jealous.  He hates her Thursday nights!

Charlie turned to her and said ” Come, sit here and tell me all about it.”  Samantha just smiled. Vince told her that he couldn’t stay because Charlie had some business to attend too but he would call her later. That’s not cool Vince, but I understand.  Bye Charlie, it was nice meeting you. {gives him a wink.}

Samantha is an Accountant at a Law firm and has been with John, her boyfriend for seven years.  She loves him with all her heart but she’s a wild spirit and a social bug and tends to get into trouble every now and then.

Later that night, Vince, sends her a message to hang out, Samantha having one too many cocktails agrees to meet with him.  She could not refuse.  Vince is gorgeous~   She is on her way to another pub, but when she gets lost she calls Vince and Charlie answers the phone.  Hi Vince, no this is Charlie.  Oh hey!! Is Vince around?  No, he asked me to get the phone, we are waiting for you.  What?  We?  Sorry, Vince is waiting.  O.K. I’m a little lost could you please give me directions?  Sure, said Charlie.  She could not help but wonder why Charlie was there but since she was a bit tipsy she didn’t care.  He stayed on the phone with her until she arrived, she was completely drawn to Charlie. There was just something about him. Maybe it was his voice.

Vince is waiting for her outside when she arrives.  She pulls up to him and tells him to jump in. Where’s Charlie?  Vince tells her not to worry about him that he is busy taking care of some business.  Everything after that was a blur but little did she know that her life was about to change.

A few days later, Samantha is checking her Facebook and finds Charlies profile. {It was one of those people you may know pop ups.}  She’s instantly intrigued and clicks on his page. She discovers that his profile is private but the information section says that he is an entrepreneur/consultant.  Interesting, she thinks.  She is now more curious. What? That’s it, no more information listed.  Is he single? Married? Divorced?  All these questions were running through her head.   She decides to send him a message.  Hi, it’s Vince’s friend Samantha from the pub. Do you remember me?  How’s it going?  Hope to hear from you soon. Kisses — After she pressed send, she started thinking, Oh no, maybe I shouldn’t have put kisses what is he going to think.  Oh well, too late nowThe next day, while checking her messages, she sees Charlies name.  A feeling of excitement came over her and she could not stop smiling.

This is what the message said…

What’s up!  305.555.5555

She laughed and said, “That’s it?” she stared at the message for a few minutes not knowing if she should call or text him but since John was home she sent him a text telling him that she would try to call him later and to save her number.  The next morning her phone rings and to her surprise it was Charlie.  From that moment on, they spoke everyday.  As the day’s went by the conversations got longer, more interesting and more risqué.

Who is Charlie? Charlie is an entrepreneur and consultant of sorts and a ladies man.  He is charismatic, charming, and has a great sense of humor.  Has a great smile.  The day he met Samantha, he thought she was sexy and attractive.  He wasn’t looking for love just a little fun. Little did he know, that Samantha would change his life and what started out as lust turned into love.

The good news is that Charlie was single. He called her everyday and whenever Samantha had some free time they would meet up.  Although she was in love with John, she was always thinking about Charlie.  She was confused.  The days quickly turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months and the months, turned into years.  Samantha and Charlie fell madly in love.

You’re probably wondering, where is John?  After several years of being with Charlie, she noticed that she was becoming more and more distant from John.  She loved them both but there was something about Charlie that she could not resist. Her heart was now in a different place.  She chose to leave John to be with Charlie.

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