Embracing the new me…

Nothing that takes work comes easy especially when it comes to weight loss. It’s been eight weeks since I gave birth and I’ve been trying to lose the extra 25 lbs I gained.  It’s frustrating not seeing the weight come off and quickly as I had hoped but I am staying positive.  In the meantime, I am embracing the new me, embracing my new curves.  I was feeling down and completely disgusted with myself until I talked myself out of it.  I was being ridiculous, the body changes with a pregnancy and I have to accept it. I shouldn’t be complaining considering that I had a great pregnancy and my total weight gain wasn’t as bad as some of my friends that averaged a weight gain of 60-80 lbs everyone is different.  I only gained 40 lbs and now only 25 lbs from my postpartum weight.  I will continue to eat clean and exercise until I see the results I want.  Besides, it did take nine months. 😉

I’m not going to lie, it’s also been very depressing not having anything to wear.  Yes, I’ve said it, “I have nothing to wear!”  I sound like a typical woman standing in front of a closet lined with clothes from one end to the other.  The problem is that I don’t have a closet full of multiple sizes, I don’t believe in that anymore.  At one point in my life, I use to have several sizes considering my yoyo weight loss/gain and I never worried because I always had something to wear but one day I changed all that and I cleaned house.  I didn’t want to fall back into that bad habit.  Once I lost the weight, I wanted to keep it off and I did. Well until now, that I have a little extra. ::wink::

Wearing clothes that fit right makes all the difference so I went out and bought a few outfits in the meantime considering my mood.  Needless to say, my shopping day was depressing but much-needed.  Despite the larger size, I feel great.  I’m embracing my new curves and embracing the new woman I see standing in the mirror.  It’s been such a wonderful experience so far and every time I look into my beautiful baby boys eyes I fall in love all over again.  At the end of the day, it’s just excess weight because I hold the most important gift in my arms everyday and for that, I am truly blessed and grateful.


Note to self: Beauty is not defined by SIZE.

Until next time…Ciao



I came across a picture of an ex friend and I could not believe my eyes.  HOLY CURVES {oops did I just say that out loud?}.  O.K. it might seem I’m being mean-spirited but come on, that’s the first thing you notice when you haven’t seen a person in a while, besides we’re no longer friends. HA!!    I said, I wasn’t going to hold back.  The truth is the truth.  

I’m not perfect and I have some extra junk in the trunk.  I could even lose a few more pounds but letting myself go to the point of no return is definitely a NO – NO!!   What were they thinking?

I would love to post a before and after picture but I’ll probably get sued.. HA!  {I’ve got jokes….}  I’m sorry… I’m sorry.   It’s just too much too soon and it’s alarming.  YIKES!


I’m still in shock as I stare at the picture.  It got me thinking… What happen?  Could it be some medical condition?  Anxiety? Stress? Depression?   Or Could it be that its simply overeating?    Whatever it is, I hope they are seeking the help they need.  Obesity is not a joke and should not be dismissed.  The older you get, the harder it is to lose it and you may develop diabetes, hypertension or some other medical conditions.

Don’t get me wrong, curves are attractive and every woman should embrace them but don’t let yourself get to the point that it’s not healthy.

The truth is the truth, WEIGHT is the first thing people notice especially when they haven’t seen you in a while.  It’s quite sad to be honest…but that’s the way it is.  Some people have more tact than others when addressing the issue but at the end, your weight is definitely a topic of conversation.  Whether you have lost or gained weight…  It’s simply human nature.

Keep in mind that nobody likes to hear they are overweight but if you’re a concerned parent or friend then make sure you talk to them about it but in a good way.  It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.   Be tactful, don’t make them feel bad.   No one knows their pain…

It’s a definitely a delicate subject.

My apologies…

This posting is not meant to offend anyone, I was just stating the obvious when I saw the picture.  😉

Loving my curves… Peace & Love xoxo