My little guy


Time flies when you’re having fun. Fun, being a mother that is… and this is just the beginning.

My life is amazing and so wonderful with my little guy. He completes me, completes us.

As I sit here and look back at almost eight months worth of baby pictures, I’m in total awe. Where has time gone?  My baby is growing so fast, too fast.

Here are just a few pictures of my gorgeous baby boy, Jace. He speaks through his eyes and his smile.

A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.

Until next time.. Ciao










What’s new with me…

Where do I begin? It’s been so long since my last login that it took several tries before I could actually log in. (Yikes)  I swear, I have a million and one thoughts running through my head.  It’s a mad house. LOL

What’s new with me? Well… I have the best news to share.  I became a MOTHER.

I can’t explain how scary, wonderful, and amazing this feeling is — I’m a mom. There are no words and if you’re a mother, you know exactly what I mean. Despite it all, (sleepless nights, dirty diapers, feeding schedule etc…) I wouldn’t change it for the world and I would go through my pregnancy all over again. I am so happy and in love with my son.

I gave birth to a beautiful and handsome baby boy on January 9th 2014.  His name is Jace Y. Hernandez.  Isn’t he just adorable.  He is mine, all mine. 😉

JaceHe is now almost two months old, time is flying by (father time, please slow down) I don’t want too miss a single second.  Here is my little big guy now, so handsome.

photo-6It’s amazing how much he changes by the day but he definitely has my eyes. Baby looks like mommy but shhh don’t tell his daddy. 😉  It’s still an ongoing debate. JAJA

To my mother, YOU WERE RIGHT! It’s an amazing, incredible, and indescribable feeling and now I know. Thank you for being my support.  I love you very much.

Looking forward to a new journey and adventure with my son.  Let’s Go!

Until next time.. Ciao

Flashback Friday – Childhood

I absolutely love looking at my childhood pictures when I’m at my moms house. Brings back great memories – happy thoughts.  If only I was a kid again…the good old days. #lovingmemories 😉 While reminiscing I came across one of my favorites.  My brother is getting in trouble for something I did… HA!

I believe we were in a photo booth and who knows what happened that my father reached in and pulled my brother’s hair. Perfect picture moment.  Look at my smile… I was definitely daddy’s little girl.  😉

We do not remember days; we remember moments.

Happy Weekend…  Peace & Love xoxox

My Mother — continued…

It was not only a Mother’s day celebration but my mother’s 59th birthday. Sorry mom, I just spilled the beans. 😉  It was such a delight to see her face light up with joy.

It’s time to blow out the candles.  Make a wish or two.  May all your dreams come true.  Happy Birthday Mom.  I love her smile, there is nothing more beautiful.

It was a night of fun and laughter.  These moments are priceless…

There is nothing more important than family.  I am truly blessed.

Time to be silly?  Absolutely!!  “Mom, turn around, the camera is the other way.”  HA

And this concludes our amazing evening!

Peace & Love xox


My Mother

What can I say about my Mother? She is caring, understanding, and loving. I’m blessed to have her by my side and I can’t imagine my life without her. My Mother, is simply beautiful inside and out.

M – O – T – H – E – R
M” is for the million things she gives me,
O” means only that she’s growing old,
T” is for her tender touch.
H” is for her heart of purest gold;
E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
R” means right, and right she’ll always be,
Put them all together, they spell
A word that means the world to me.

Thank you for enduring, for giving, and for loving.  You are my angel.

Most important — Thank you, for letting me be free to be ME.

I love you, Mom.

Peace & Love xox

I’m back…

Did you miss me? The barricades, hazard cones and under mind construction sign have been removed.  I took a break a very much-needed break. I missed you all. 🙂

It was a perfect weekend.   Sun, fun, relaxation, and a beautiful sunset wedding. My friends Lucy & Rigo chose the perfect place to say, “I do.” Congratulations!

They say, pictures are worth a thousand words.  Here, then, is my weekend in pictures. Enjoy!

Tanning & Cannonball (My hubs is the one on the left.)  Is your child still in the pool? HA HA 😉


Sun kissed skin and clear blue skies. [Perfect weekend]

Pre-wedding celebrations.  What happened here stays here. 😉

Fun in the sun.  Nothing like spending time with family and friends.

Congratulations Lucy & Rigo – We wish you many blessings & happiness.

We love you.

The end to a beautiful wedding and perhaps a new tradition.

Only $45.000.00 – The hubs loves the classics.

The Lion – Ha! Grrrrrrrr

The hubs.

The end of our adventure at Theater of the Seas.

Islamorada Fish Company.

Simply beautiful.

That’s me, on Ernest Hemingway’s boat “Pilar”.

“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.”
Ernest Hemingway

Hope you enjoyed my weekend.
Peace & Love xoxo

Keeping in touch…

Life moves at a rapid pace and even between families you can lose touch for years.  Today, I spent the day catching up my with cousin.  It has been over ten plus years since we catch up. Can you imagine?  It does happen believe it or not.

Before life got complicated we use to spend the weekends playing monopoly, watching movies, just having some good ol’ family fun.  Then marriage, kids and other life events happened and we lost touch.

Now, many years later we find each other sitting across one another laughing and reminiscing about the good times we use to have. It was a lovely day!  Even though technology keeps us connected, there is nothing like spending quality time with family face-to-face.


“Family like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

Peace and Love xox

Big Jake’s Place – Part II

I caught up with my good friend William to discuss his weekend at Carnaval on the Mile.  I wanted to know how they did and what feedback he received.  I decided to turn our conversation into a small interview. The first piece I wrote was short and simple and didn’t give you much detail.   Here, then, is what he had to say.   Sit back and enjoy!

1.  What inspired you to open Big Jake’s Place?  Well… My wife works at the Coral Gables Police department as an off-duty event coordinator and she suggested that we get a booth at the yearly Carnaval on the Mile.  I thought about it and not knowing what I was getting myself into, I took a risk.  It was the best decision I made but most importantly I did it for my family.

The first event was in 2010 right?  YES!

2. Why did you choose the name Big Jake’s?  What about your other son, Anthony?  Well.. Anthony is an adult and at that time Jake was just a baby and a big boy.  It just felt right.  There is no jealously. My business is for all my kids.

3.  How long have you been cooking?  The reason why I ask is because you are part owner of a successful landscaping business and now you’re cooking.  Where do you find the time?  I have been cooking since I was 19 years old.  I love the kitchen.  Sometimes finding the time is difficult, but I have a great support team that are always ready to help.

4.  You mentioned a support team?  Yes!  My parents are my support team and without them, Big Jake’s would not be possible. Also, at all my events, I have my brother Ronnie, sisters Xiomara and Marisol and my oldest son Anthony by my side helping.

5.  Have you thought about opening a small location? You know I love those ribs!  Yes, I have thought about it.  I’m just waiting for the right opportunity and the right amount of cash.

6.  Do you cater to all events?  We mostly do birthday parties and corporate events.

7.  Do you have a company motto?  Yes –  “We cook it all, so you don’t have too.”

Let’s talk about Carnaval on the Mile 2012.  I was there on Saturday and it was pretty busy.

8.  How were you feeling?  I was excited and anxious.

9.  How much preparation does it take to do a two-day event?  It takes about five days before the event to get everything ready.

10.  Wow, five days?  Yes, from buying all the supplies to pre-cooking.  It takes a lot of work.

11.  What was your primary goal during the event?  Well… To sell out of everything and thank god I did. 

12.  So William, what is your specialty?  RIBS!!

13.  Ok, so how long did it take you to make the perfect rib?  Many years of trial and error until I got it just right. 

I have to tell you William, your ribs are the best I’ve had.  The best ribs ever to be honest.  I don’t know what you do to them but they are so tender and juicy they fall right off the bone.  Don’t get me started on the BBQ sauce.  Plain and simple — Delicious.

William: Thank you. Thank you.

OK lets continue…

14.  How did you determine the menu for this years Carnaval on the Mile?  It depends on the time I have prior to event.  This year, my time was limited so the menu was limited.

15.  Limited?  You had ribs, pulled pork, churrasco, rice, plantains, hot dogs and chipsYes, I normally offer burgers and chicken too.

Limited or not, everything was excellent.  I tried the pulled pork for the first time and OH my God.. It was delicious.  My taste buds were in heaven. 

16.  During this event, what feedback did you get?  There was one guy who told me that my ribs were the best he’s had since his dad was alive. He felt like he was eating his dad’s ribs. It brought me joy to hear that and I even teared up.  I had another guy tell me  “Ribs so good, they make you wanna slap your momma.”   That was hilarious.  I got nothing but good reviews.

That’s great news!!

17How would you describe yourself?  Very passionate about everything I do.  A very happy-go-lucky person. 

18.  Anything else you would like to add?  There is nothing more important than family!

William, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.  It was a great interview.


Please contact William Segovia at 305.773-0854 for more information.

Look for them on-line

Facebook:  Jake’s Place

“Quit your day job and cook for a living” 😉

Peace and Love xoxo

Meddling parents…

I was at the in-laws the other day and we started talking about the new (girl)friend and I could not believe my ears when I heard them say that they would never meddle in their son’s love life again!? Wait, What!?  Again?  Makes me wonder, wife #1 or wife #2?  Hypocrisy at it’s best.  Are they feeling guilty now? #thinking

Do they not realize that their son is old enough (late 30’s) and needs no one telling him who he can date or marry for that matter. It got me thinking… Who gives them the right to meddle in affairs which are no concern to them?  Do they think just because they are the parents, he will obey? I know they want what’s best for him but sometimes you need to stay out of it.  Just give him some good advice and be on your merry way.  They are clearly not capable of such a thing. #frustrating

I’m just the outsider making an observation. Every family is different.

As usual I leave with a headache.  I can’t stand people who are narrow-minded.  You can’t argue with _____!  (fill in the blank) 😉

Do your parents still meddle in your life?  How do you handle it? I am not referring to teenagers.  I am talking about adults.

How many times do they call you?  Have you ever ignored their call?  Be honest.

Joey’s mom calls him at least 50 times a day. I swear it. It get’s annoying at times but we joke about it. HA!  When she hangs up, I tell him, did you tell her you wiped your ass too. — We both get a good laugh! 😉

Sometimes we look at each other and wonder WTF are they saying but until the day we become parents we can’t judge and that’s the truth.  Never say never!

Joey and I are both grateful and thankful that our parents are alive and well and we get to enjoy their old age quirks and craziness.  We love them!

I’m only responsible for what I say not for what you understand. 😉

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo

Big Jake’s Place

There is nothing like good food to bring folks together. Several years ago, my good friend, William Segovia, opened a family catering business and it has been a huge success. Big Jake’s Place provides excellent food and service for all your party needs and events.  It’s the passion and attention to detail that keeps me coming back.  The adorable baby in the banner below is the famous JAKE — William’s son.

I anxiously await their yearly events to get my rib fix.  Did I mention, they are famous for the ribs?  The ribs are the best in town.  Believe me when I tell you, the meat is tender and falls off the bone. Williams, signature BBQ sauce will have you licking your fingers.  Delicious, succulent, juicy, meaty — fall off the bone goodness.  I am all smiles today.  Why you ask?  Well, I got my ribs, that’s why. 😉

Everything they make is delicious.  The pulled pork sandwich — OH MY GOD!  It’s delicious, I tried it for the first time today and I was not disappointed. How did I not try this before?  The carne asada (grilled steak) is tender enough to eat without a knife, and the rice and plantains are excellent. This was on today’s menu. 😉

If you are in town this weekend, please come to the annual Carnaval on the Mile, Coral Gables – It’s a fusion of Art & Music.  A DESTINATION EVENT OF LATIN JAZZ & FUNK, FINE ART, CHILDRENS ENTERTAINMENT AND FUN FOODS — Miami style.

Look for Big Jake’s Place — You will not be disappointed.  Mention this blog. 😉

Here, then, are pictures from today’s event.

William Segovia – Owner/Chef


Ribs and pulled pork…


More ribs….licking my fingers!

There is nothing more important than family. Always ready to help!


The hubs and I enjoying the good food and company.

William and his parents.  They are his rock!!

The Segovia family are simply amazing!

If you would like more information on Big Jake’s Place, please contact Mr. William Segovia at 1.305.773.0854

Great Prices, Excellent food and service.

Enjoying my ribs… Peace & Love xox