What an experience…

I will not give up, it’s not as easy as it looks – I was going to try no matter what. Skiing that is..  During my first attempt down the bunny slope, I fell several times even almost taking down my cousin and another skier. I lost control, fell again, could not get back up, took off one ski then lost it in the process when it went sliding down the hill without me. My cousin went after it which was hilarious and as I sat there all I could say to myself was, “Next time, I’m taking a 3 hour beginners course.” :giggling: It’s not easy being taught by others when they are there to have fun and not have to waste time trying to explain in several different ways how and why to position your blades a certain way. I was already frustrated and a little annoyed at myself. I desperately wanted to get the hang of it quickly. Why, why why!?  Everyone looked so in control and were having so much fun.  I wanted to be doing what they were doing.  I know practice makes perfect but at this point, my wrist were on fire and I was in pain so I decided to stop out of fear that I would break my wrist.  I found a place to sit and just watched in amazement.  What a great experience and I can’t wait to try it again.  I will not give up!!

Today, I go snow tubing! I can’t wait.

Until later… Peace & love xox


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