Sick and tired…

There comes a point when enough is enough.  I’m sick and tired of hearing people talk shit without knowing the facts.  Why do people have to be so envious and jealous?  Why, why, why!?  Why can’t they just be happy for you? I will never understand…these type of people need to get a life!  If you have something to say, SAY IT TO MY FACE!


If you know me, you know that I’m always taking pictures of the places I visit and the foods I indulge in… I post daily on Facebook and Instagram.  I am not flaunting my life to make anyone feel bad.  I can do and live the life style I want because I WORK plain and simple.  I don’t need to further explain myself to anyone.  It really bothers me to know that I’ve been the vocal focus of some people’s pillow talk.  I didn’t know I was so popular -HA!  I will not change the way I am for anyone.  I don’t care what you think or assume.  This is MY life and only MY life.  Get over it!

My side of the world may seem greener to you… well … that’s because I water and nourish it.  If you failed to water and nourish your grass don’t hate and be upset with me that your grass is dry and full of weeds. 😉

Enough said…

Peace & Love xox


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