No luck with men…

I was having a random conversation with a friend today when he mentioned that one of his friends has no luck with men.  No luck with men?  Meaning what? I could not help but ask, I was definitely curious.  He just didn’t understand why she was always complaining and looking for faults in men.  No one was ever right or good enough for her.  The reasons she gave him were absurd.  I could not help but laugh because it wasn’t my first time hearing these ridiculous comments. 

  • His nose is too big.
  • He talks too much.
  • His teeth are ugly.
  • He is too nice. (Really?)
  • etc etc etc

Well you get the idea…   Some ladies are not willing to give a man a chance just because he has a defect (in her eyes)?  I know we are only attracted by what we see but sometimes you need to look for the good inside them and learn to look past the big nose.  Give them a chance he may actually be a good guy!  Yes, good guys still exist.

There is nothing wrong with having high standards, just don’t make them so high up that they are impossible to reach.  You can’t expect to find the perfect man when you’re being critical and judgmental because if you haven’t looked in the mirror lately, you are not perfect.  Guess what, no one is.  I know that sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

My dear friend, Please tell your girl to stop being so critical and learn to have some fun.  Give it too her straight. It might be her attitude. She will appreciate it.  🙂

I can’t pretend to know what it feels like to be single and know your pain but just know that when the time is right you too will meet the man of your dreams.  Well, not the man in a fairy tale because they don’t exist but close too it.  Just make sure you’re awake and not let him get away.

What are the craziest stories you’ve heard?

Peace & Love xox


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