18 Questions that everyone’s too afraid to ask…

I came across this read posted on Oprah.com.  Leigh Newman comes up with the intimidating but crucial ideas we all need to examine. Take the plunge. It may change your life.  I’m definitely curious!

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-to-Do-What-You-Love-Leigh-Newman/6#ixzz20SS3sPpp

Let’s take the plunge together… 

  1. Who do I yell at in the quiet of my head?  I’m yelling at myself…or the person I wish I can scold. 
  2. If I had shingles, who would I call who might make me the tiniest bit better?  I only have a handful of people who I trust and would be able to share something personal. (It doesn’t have to be shingles, change it too whatever fits your life.)
  3. What’s the one thing that nobody knows about me? I’m very private.
  4. When was the last time I laughed until root beer came out of my nose?  I laugh everyday but it’s been years since I laugh so hard my drink comes out my nose. LOL
  5. Do I have one little doable thing that always makes me happy?  Walks on the beach. Sitting under a tree and loosing myself in a good read.
  6. Why don’t I do more of the above?  In other words, doing the things you love.  There should not be any excuses.  There is aways time for you…  I need to make more time for me!!
  7. Did I take on __________ just to get ___________ to love me?  I believe in doing things for myself and not to please others.  If they like me, great.  If not, too bad. 
  8. How often does my body scream, “You’re a crazy lady!”?  I only yell at my body when I’m burning the candle on both ends.  When I don’t rest when I should, eat healthy, or get exercise…etc.
  9. Would I trust my partner to choose a nursing home for me?  Yes, I know he would choose the best place for me.
  10. When do I make people afraid of me?  I would have to say at work.  I don’t stay quiet and speak my mind.  
  11. Will I be able to retire without moving to another country?  If the economy continues to drop — who knows??
  12. Am I being my best self in my romantic relationship? Yes
  13. If I pretended for six months that I couldn’t buy anything, aside from my car or my house that cost more than $150 could I do it?  Honestly, No!
  14. Can I stop being critical for just two weeks?  Easier said than done. 
  15. What do I lie about?  I believe honesty is the best policy so I prefer not to lie. 
  16. Can I name one thing I’m really, really good at? Shopping..HA!  On a serious note, I’m really good at listening.  
  17. Do I make others feel bad if they’re not good at this one thing?  I don’t think I do…
  18. Am I meant to be doing something greater? Absolutely, I just have to keep searching…
Now that wasn’t so scary maybe a little boring but definitely not scary. 😉 😉
What are your thoughts? Are you afraid to answer any of these questions….
Until later.
Peace & Love xox

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