Has your spouse changed?

Are you still with or married to the man or woman you first met and fell in love with?  Think about it for a minute.  Have they changed?  Of course they have.  We all change at some point in life.  It may be physical or intellectual but it’s a change non the less.

Are you married to the person that loved everything you did before marriage and now years later, they hate it all?  Why is that?  I can only assume they were only pretending to fit in so they wouldn’t be left out. #thought?

The man I married is still the same except for:

  • His hair is more salt than pepper. (Platinum)
  • His waist line is larger.
  • He is older and wiser.
  • He takes meds for HBP (age & stress)
  • He is a gambler. (yikes)

When we met 18 1/2 years ago …

  • He was a character. (Still is..)
  • He made me laugh. (Still does..)
  • He was jealous. (Still is..)
  • He loved to talk. (Still does..)
“I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”
Now it’s turn… make your list. 😉
I think I need to ask my hubs if I have changed..JAJA
I wonder what he would say…? 😉
Peace & Love xox

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