No computer.. manual labor, WHAT!?

Have you ever been at work, had a sudden power surge and computer died? If yes, you are not alone.  It was only noon when my computer didn’t want to restart.  Me:Pressed ON button. Computer: beep beep beep (red light) Me:WTH? Shut down again and restart. Computer: beep beep beep (red light). Me:Called support team gave brief explanation.  Support:We apologize, but you need to pack it up and send it for repair.  Are you serious?  Uggh.  There goes the rest of my day…

At first, I was like awesome — perhaps I’ll leave early but that bubble immediately bursted when I was reminded that everything I do in the office requires a computer. I was not a happy camper.  Now what? I can’t do everything manually… Thoughts of fear quickly filled my mind thinking about my hard drive.  Keeping my fingers crossed that when my support team receive my computer the hard drive is in tact. If not, that would mean I lost ALL my data. #panicmode.

Does your office keep spare computers just in case of an emergency? If yes, you are lucky.  My office on the other hand, has none. It’s a requirement but someone has failed to take care of the issue. Now, I’m the one who is stuck with no computer for a few days.  #pissedoff. [This happened last Thursday.]

This morning as I was complaining to the boss about not having a computer, I received good news.  My computer was back from Support.  I thought, “Wow, already, I’m a lucky girl.”  This was the first time support came through so quickly.  I was all smiles while my co-worker was reconnecting my computer. Yes, I was happy believe it or not. Just the thought of having to do labels manually was killing me..LOL

My joy quickly turned sour when my computer didn’t work. WTF?  I could not believe my eyes. I was pissed off, why would support return my computer if it didn’t work?  I immediately called and they were as shocked as I was. Really? Needless too say, after exhausting every possible effort in trying to get it too work — epic fail.  Back to the drawing board.  Computer is packed and ready to ship out..AGAIN!

Tomorrow is going to be a LONG day… 😦

Peace & Love xoxo


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