Feelings of disgust…

It’s a sad day when I feel completely disgusted with myself.  You see, I haven’t been feeling good lately.  I’m tired and sluggish in complete blah mode internally.  At first, I thought it was lack of vitamins — I started taking a multi vitamin but continued to feel the same way.  Then it hit me like a tons of bricks.  I stepped on a scale for the first time in weeks and I cried (literally).  I could not believe that I had left myself go.  I had surpassed my limit and this was the reason I was feeling tired and sluggish.   Those late night dinners, desserts and cocktails have finally caught up too me.  #nothappy

Dare to soar – how successful you are is determined by your attitude.

I am disappointed and disgusted in myself which is not a good combo of emotions to have.  Two years ago I lost a significant amount of weight (for me) and I vowed that I was never going to gain it back.  I haven’t gained all the weight back, thank goodness but just enough to make me sick to my stomach.  There is no one to blame except for myself.  You want to know what the saddest part is, I never saw myself with thin eyes when I was at my thinnest, I always saw myself large. (Big Girl mentality.)  For those who know me, you might think I’m insane but that’s how I feel.

Getting back on track and back to my old routine will be difficult but not impossible.  I will strive for progress, not perfection! I’m setting new goals for myself.  Keyword:ME

Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?

Didn’t mean to bore you with my thoughts but I needed to vent and what better way than to write.  This is my reminder!

Despite it all, I love myself the way I am. #truth.

Note to self: Keep Calm, these feelings too shall pass. 😉

Peace & Love xox


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