People argue about it.  People fight about it.  People work hard for it.  People even kill for it.   All for MONEYYou see, we live in a world where you need money to survive.  It’s sad but true.   Hugs and kisses are free though… 😉

Why is it that some people can’t have a conversation without mentioning money?  I wish I had their money!  It must be nice to have that type of money! These people have so much money, it’s sick!  Really?  What’s so sick about having tons of money?  The way I see it, if you work hard in life you can have anything you want.  Dreams come true when you pursue them.  Take a step back and look at your life.  You are exactly where you have chosen to be.  You have the choice to change your life at any given moment.  There is always a choice.  Remember: Everyone’s circumstances are different therefore their life is different.

I was chatting with a friend this morning and he said that he didn’t care what problems those rich folks had as long as he had the money, he would deal with it.  I was taken back for a moment…  So if these people had heartache and pain he would endure it and it would be easy because he had a large bank roll? #justmythought. I could not believe he would say such a thing.  Yes, money makes everything so much easier but loosing a child, parent or someone you love is more valuable than a piece of paper.  Money can’t prevent death.  Money can’t cure a disease. How many millions, billions, and trillions of dollars have been spent trying to find cures for diseases with no luck.   #foodforthought

My dear friend,  Everyone has problems, the rich and the poor.  Money can’t buy happiness just material things.  Remember not all that shines is golden.   Money does take the mind off the finances and lets you live without the added stress of bills.  If your dream is too own a house in Coco Plum and have a summer home in the Hampton’s, I pray your dreams come true.  I wish you every bit of success.  While in the process of pursuing your dreams, don’t lose site of what really matters.  Play the lotto, you might just be the next millionaire.  I want you too have everything your heart desires and more.  Love you, Your friend.

The trick is to stop thinking of it as ‘your’ money. – IRS auditor

I wish I had a magic wand to give everyone I love just enough to live without the added stress.  I will one day be able to help those in need… #mygoal.

Ironic that I’m writing about money staying at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – HA!  This is another topic for another day… to be continued.

Peace & Love xoxo


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