Humor moment…

After the day I’ve had, I thought I share with you my humor moment…

There is nothing I love more than seeing the hubs upset because people think he is old(er) than what he actually is or if they think I’m his sister or daughter. (Seriously!?) You should see how insulted he gets.  It’s hysterical. #laughingoutloud

Laughter is good for the soul.

We were waiting in line to go through security at the airport when the TSA officer called us next, I handed him our passports, he looks up and says “Are you traveling with your daughter today?”  I could not help but laugh, he made my day but the hubs was not amused.  He looked at officer and said, “No, that’s my wife.”  The officer just smirked, I’m sure he was just playing around. I, on the other hand was all smiles…you see, I am only 3 1/2 years younger than the hubs, that’s why he get upset.  The difference is that his hair is platinum salt & pepper (natural) and I’m a brunette.

I’m not going to lie, I definitely love his hair color.  I think it’s sexy.  He threatens to darken it every time we have a humor moment but I tell him that I love him just the way he is, white hairs and all. 😉

“No need to be so complex about your looks, Babe.”  Wait a minute, let me rewind for a second… I suppose if the tables were turned I would be singing a different tune. O_o  #truth

Does he make me look younger?  I’m 36 and he’s 39.  😉  It’s the white hair, right!?

Peace & Love xoxo


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