Meet Charlie…

He is the newest member of my family.  When my hubby called and said he bought a lion head rabbit, he was not kidding.  He came home ready with all the essentials (cage, food, treats).  I was in shock.  What possessed him to buy a rabbit besides his love for all animals.  I asked and he said, “He gave me that look.”   Are you serious, Joel?  A look, I could not help but laugh but when I saw that fur ball and held him I was in love.

Meet Charlie – He is the cutest!Who could resist that face?

Did you see those feet? How adorable!

I was against any other pets since I lost my Camila (my cat) 2 years ago and scared that Sasha (our dog) which is 14 yrs old and very jealous would hate another pet in the house.  To my surprise, she has handled it very well. Good girl, extra treats for you. 😉

When I let Charlie out of his cage for some play time, Sasha just follows him at a distant.  It’s hilarious.  I just sit in awwww.  It’s only been four days since Charlie arrived but I’m hoping they will become close friends.  😉 😉

I will keep you posted.

Peace & Love xox


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