Insecure men…blah

When your husband says jump, do you say how high?  There is nothing wrong with compromising every once in a while {once in a blue moon} but letting your husband dictate what you can or can not do with your hair, make-up, nails, and clothing is definitely out of the question.  Men like this are simply insecure and that’s it.


I was at the nail spa getting a mani when my nail tech starts telling me about how she use to dress up all the time but now she doesn’t because her fiancé gets mad and she doesn’t want him to think anything.  I was like “Excuse me?”  Think what, that you’re going to work?  If you’re looking like a cheap whore then I would understand his concern.  I was completely appalled.  Are you serious?  I wanted to reach over and smack her.  She continued to tell me that the other ladies there also have the same issue with their men.  They can’t wear certain clothes to work if they haven’t worn it with them first. Really?  What would be the purpose?  Talk about insecurities.  A man should know what he marries… Who knows!?

These are things that really upset me.  I hate it when I hear women say, “I wear my hair short because he likes it.  I can only where french nails because he likes it.  I have to dye my hair red because he likes it. I can’t wear heels because he doesn’t like it.”  These women need a fucking reality check.  What about what you like? If you like it, then you rock it but always have your own voice.  I’m not saying that you can’t ask him what he thinks of your outfit but really, will you go change because he tells you too? Think about it!?

It’s ridiculous!

I don’t care what my husband says when I walk out the house.  I love to dress up, I’m a girly girl.  He can bitch and moan and say what he pleases but he fell in love with me just the way I am.  Who says that once you’re married you have to compromise ALL of yourself.  Not me!!

I could continue to rant on but you get the idea.  What are your thoughts?

Topic to be continued…

Peace and Love xoxo


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