People who don’t reply back…

I hate, absolutely hate it, when I send someone a text message and they don’t reply back.  How difficult is it to reply? It’s just pressing a few buttons, not rocket science.  I don’t expect a reply back within 60 seconds but at least have the courtesy to reply back before the day is over.

Yeah yeah…

Everyone has days they don’t want to talk or text with anyone and that’s fine but if you receive multiple calls or texts from one person, then take a minute and reply.  It could be something urgent.

Not replying back is one of my biggest pet peeves.

Yesterday, I sent my friend three messages, yes three but no reply.  This morning still no reply.  When he finally returned my call he was like, “Is everything O.K.?”  “No fucker, I needed you yesterday, I’m doing just peachy.” Seriously?  Perhaps I’m spoiled or just expect too much. I don’t find it difficult to reply back when I receive his messages. !@!%#@  Note to self: Your friend is an asshole but you love him. 😉

In the good old days when we didn’t have cell phones, we picked up the phone (land line) and called everyone.  We would even show up on their doorstep just to make sure they were O.K. if no one picked up the phone.  These days if you call and they don’t answer, you send a text – if that doesn’t work, you leave a message on Face book, and if that doesn’t work you tweet them.  You can’t hide anymore! #truth

Or if you’re like me you’ll blog about it because you know your friend will read it. LOL

The next time you receive three or more messages from someone just answer or call back, it really could be something important.

Peace and Love xox


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