If you won the lotto…

What would you do, if you won the lotto? Have you ever even thought about it? Do you even play the lotto? Now, that’s the million dollar question. 😉

Many times over I’ve heard many people say they would do the following:

  • quit job (This seems to be the #1 choice.) Why? I like Maxine’s thought. HA!
  • pay-off old debt (This is def a good idea, start fresh.)
  • help the family (Only those who deserve it.)
  • buy a bigger house (The bigger the house, the more expenses.) Not a good choice…
  • travel the world (Once everything is in order, then YES, take several trips a year and enjoy it.)
  • shop, shop, shop (where would you put it all.)
  • save it (smart)
  • Invest it. (smart)

When I’ve been asked that question the first thing that pops in my head is pay off any open debts (if any), make sure I’m comfortable then help a handful of people. To be honest, I don’t know if I would quit my job. #thejuryis-stillout 😉

Would you tell anyone that you won the lotto? Good question~

Only the people I would choose to help would know and that’s it. It’s not important to tell the world but that’s just me. No one needs to know my business. Over and over I hear people say, “They must be doing something illegal, how can they afford that car, those shoes, that house on their salary.” UH Maybe they won the lotto and chose not to tell anyone. #justathought :wink wink: Stop judging and assuming. Perhaps I’m a millionaire but you’ll never know..LOL

At the end of the day, you will not know what to do with your lotto winnings until you have it in your hands. You can dream of a better future but don’t waste away your life waiting for a lotto win to pursue your dreams. Your time is now! 😉

It only takes one dollar to win. So try your luck! You might be the next big winner.

Peace and Love xox


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