Note to self…

Today, I got home at 5:00am, slept three hours, then was up and at it all over again. (Can you imagine?)  My tired is tired and I’m getting ready to leave again…

Note to self: SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP.

I was out running errands and shopping. I’m all shopped out if that’s possible. 😉  #i-thinki’mnuts

Note to self: Shopping is love.  You will never get tired of it.

I could sit here and complain about my day but you’re probably hitting the snooze button right about now and thinking, Note to self: This blog is boring. JA JA JA

To be honest, I have no complaints.  LIFE IS GOOD!

Note to self: I am awesome. HA!

What do your note to self stickies say?

Happy weekend everyone & Happy Mother’s day!  Celebrate her love every day!

Peace & Love xoxo


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