DMV = Hell

I’m kicking myself in the ass today for not making an appointment in advance at the DMV.  What I thought would not take longer than an hour took three hours of my time.  I took my mother to renew her I.D., simple enough.  Yeah right, we walked in, nasty attitude woman gave us a ticket and said about a two-hour wait. What!? Two hours just to renew an I.D. I thought for a quick moment she was being funny but no, when they say it’s a two-hour wait believe them.  Actually, it was two hours before they called my mothers number and another hour just to take a picture and verify the million documents they need now. ;(


What other choice did I have then just sit and wait. I sat fidgeting in those awful uncomfortable benches outside in the heat.  Needless to say, I, Melissa, was no happy camper.  Guess what? Neither were the other hundreds of people.  It was the one thing we had in common today.  Long faces, sweaty foreheads and waiting for their number to be called.  I was not bored to be honest.  It takes moment like these to sit back and see a diverse group of people.  I laughed, I observed, I shook my head in disgust {some people have nasty habits.} and even spoke to a few people.  It was definitely an interesting day.

Three hours and fifteen minutes later my mother walked out showing me her new I.D. card.  She looked at the picture and said, “I didn’t even realize they took the picture, I look horrible.”  😉

Although I hated the waiting the best part of my day was spending time with my momma!

Peace and Love xox



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