My eyes…

Sight, Is the ability to see.  How many of you take your sight for granted?  You might read this and think what a stupid question. Believe it or not, we all do at some point. Not getting your eyes checked yearly, proper use of contact lens wear, updating your prescriptions, wearing sunglasses without UV protection, and other things.  It’s not a joke.  Perhaps I’m writing this for myself and a reminder not to take my sight for granted.  Note to self: PAY ATTENTION! 😉

A few days ago I was experiencing dryness and irritation in my eyes due to my contact lens or better yet my lack of care.  I thought it was the pair I was wearing, got home and instead of resting my eyes I put on a new pair.  {WHAT A MISTAKE!}  I was out to dinner and I could no longer take the bothersome and rubbing of my eyes.  I ran to bathroom and literally ripped them off my eyeballs.  OUCH!  My eye makeup made it worse but the problem is that I failed to realize that I did not have my glasses in my purse as back up. #bigmistake. Now, I could not see.  Everything was a blur.  I was terrified.  Although I wasn’t completely seeing black all I could think about was I can’t imagine not having my sight.  It was the worst few hours of my life.  I made sure the hubs was at arm’s length at every moment in fear of not being able to find him.  It’s a feeling that can’t be described.

I am one of those people who should take better care of my eyes and I don’t.  My eyes don’t produce enough oxygen which means that I need to lubricate them often which I don’t.  I extend my contact lenses more than the required time { I use too}. I got an ulcer once, not pretty!  Blah blah.  I have now switched from wearing extended wear to daily wear.  I have no excuses now.  I take them off daily toss them in the trash and the next morning put on a fresh pair.  It’s heavenly.  Fresh eyes daily.  It’s definitely worth the price tag that comes with them.  My eyes are priceless, so the money isn’t an issue.  I highly recommend the daily wear!

Sometimes it just doesn’t matter.  When your eyes need a rest, they need to rest and breathe.

Lesson learned.

Until later… Peace & Love xox


If I was Freshly Pressed…

The first thing I do in the morning before I start my day is log into WordPress and see who made it Freshly Pressed.  It’s quite a humbling experience I’ve read.  Can you imagine ~ The Best of 419,999 bloggers, 866,676 new posts, 1.446.513 comments, & 188,258,107 words posted on ~ & One of your blogs is chosen to be Freshly Pressed? What would be your reaction?

The truth is I’ve never given being freshly pressed much thought until now.  You see, being FP gives you a sense of accomplishment and gets you thinking, WOW, someone is actually reading my blogs.  I didn’t start blogging to gain a million followers, I started this blog to get me in the habit of writing everyday.  My goal is to write a book so writing a blog made perfect sense. I said “Why not!?”  I think it’s been six months since I published my first one.  I was a little hesitant at first but once I pressed that little blue button, it felt fantastic.

So, if I was Freshly Pressed I think I would …   

  1. Start screaming. {People would think I was crazy}
  2. Jump up and down. {all while screaming}
  3. Call everyone I know. {be warned people..}
  4. Shed a tear or two. {happy tears}
  5. Be humbled.
  6. Be inspired to babble some more.

Even If I never get freshly pressed I don’t care, I’m proud of myself for coming this far.  I’m already accomplished!

Peace & Love xox