Writers block..

I have a serious case of writers block…. #frustrated

I just realized that my last post was on April 17! 😦 Even dust bunnies made their way into my lap top. I’m dusting them off and thinking about the past eight days.  What was I doing that I couldn’t squeeze in at least 30 minutes of babble?  It’s called day-to-day life and I’ve hit the wall at a thousand miles per hour. Crash and burn.  I work during the day and most evenings I’m out running errands or simply relaxing and unwinding.  To be honest, there are days I don’t even want to open my lap top.  I shouldn’t beat myself up over it, right!?

Wait a minute, now I remember…

I was suppose to be writing the last part of Obsession but I went blank.  It’s not an excuse, I really did go blank.  I have the entire story in my head and the ideas are great but when I stare at the screen my mind goes blank.  I can’t find the right words if that makes any sense. I closed the lap top and opened my notebook in hope that just maybe the words would flow and that didn’t help. I ended up drawing circles and random scribbles… HAI have a major case of writer’s block. Does that ever happen to you?  I know I’m not the only one.  I’m just disappointed in myself, I shouldn’t have allowed my writers block for Obsession interfere with my daily babble. #lessonlearned

For those who have read Obsession and was left wanting more, I promise I will have Part V done before the end of the week.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the stories so far.  #feelingthepressure 😉

Perhaps writing will cure my writers block… truth!

Until later.. Peace & Love xox


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