Charlie runs to Samantha when he sees her fall to the floor.  “Are you O.K.?”, he yells.  Samantha is in tears and can’t believe that she’s living this nightmare. “Why?, Why?, Why?” she kept on screaming.  Charlie picks her up and tells her that everything is going to fine.  Samantha runs to the bedroom, she is in a state of panic and screams “I’m leaving, I can’t take this anymore. He was here, he killed Chloe.”  Charlie runs after her and finds her packing her bags.  Charlie calmly takes the clothes from her hands, sits her down and says,  “Baby, please try to calm down.  I know you’re scared but everything is going to be fine.  I have an idea, let’s leave to the Hampton’s for a few days.”  Samantha smiles and says. “O.K. but we leave today.”

A few hours later,  Samantha receives a call from detective Williams. “Ms. Fox, we have discovered that John Demetrio signed over his business to a silent partner because he was taking a leave of absence.  Samantha gasps. We also spoke to the building security and secured the videos for further review.  They advised that its maintenance day. We are only assuming that’s how he gained access to your floor.  We will keep you posted.”  “Thank you for your help.”, Samantha says.

Charlie and Samantha arrive in the Hampton’s.  Samantha sits on the balcony and in a second gets lost in her thoughts. A memory of her and Charlie playing in the sand pops in her head. She whispers, “I love you, Charlie.”

Later that night, they go to their favorite Italian restaurant, Giuseppe’s. They order a bottle of wine and drinks.  Samantha just stares out the window.  “The night is getting so ugly.  It’s dark and gloomy.”, she tells Charlie.

All awhile, John is at the bar watching themJohn flirts with the bartender and manages to slip a pill into Charlies drink before the waiter picks it up. 

“Cheers my love, to new beginnings.”, They toast.  Charlie takes his drink like a shot and orders another one.  He tells the waiter to keep the drinks coming.

During dinner, Samantha gets an eerie feeling that she is being watched.  She looks around but sees no one out of the ordinary.  All of sudden, she hears her name being whispered from a far. [S A M A N T H A — S A M A N T H A]  Her body fills with goose bumps. She turns and sees no one. She thinks to herself that it’s nothing.  She’s had a long day and her mind is playing tricks on her.  There is a familiar smell in the air, she knows that scent.  It’s John’s cologne, she swears she smells it.  She asks Charlie, “Can you smell that?”  He looks puzzled and says “Yeah, the marinara smells fantastic.” “No silly, it smells like mens cologne, musky.”  He just stares at her and says, “Cologne?, I only smell the sauce.  It’s in your head love, how many glasses of wine have you had?”

About an hour later, Charlie is feeling really happy and a little dizzy.  He goes to the bathroom and bumps into John. [John lifts Charlies house keys from his jacket]  “Sorry man, I didn’t see you.”, Charlie says.  “No problem, are you O.K?”, John asks.  “Yeah, just too much to drink.”  John smiles and says, “It happens to the best of us.”

John walks away smiling and mumbles… “this is just the beginning.”

A few minutes later Charlie comes back to the table looking pale white and tells Samantha he isn’t feeling good and that he wants to leave.  Charlie is in no condition to drive so Samantha gets the car.  As soon as Charlie gets in the car, he knocks out and Samantha is left driving alone, the night is gray and rainy.  All the lights are out and Samantha’s visibility is limited.  She sees in a far distance some flashing lights, her heart jumps to her throat, she slows down a little and sees no one, she quickly drives past the car but when she looks back in rear view mirror she sees a man standing there looking at her.  She couldn’t take her eyes off him and for a quick second she looks forward and sees what seems to be a mans shadow, she breaks abruptly and her car skids off the road.  She could hear her heart pounding, her pulse is racing. Charlie wakes up and yells “What is going on?”  Samantha is shaken and says, “A man, a deer,  I don’t know — oh my god.”  Charlie mumbles something and knocks out again. She takes a deep breath and continues on her way.  It’s raining furiously and thunder is striking down every minute. She pulls up to the drive way and sees the lights are out.  ” How strange, I thought I left them on.”, she thinks.  She opens the garage door and drives in.  She wakes up Charlie, “Baby, we are home, get up.”  She pulls Charlie out the car, goes to unlock the door when she realizes it’s open.  “Charlie, didn’t you lock the door?”, she yells.  Charlie says, “Yeeeaahhh man, I think I did.{slurring words}.” Samantha shakes her head and mumbles, “idiot”.

Samantha locks the door behind her and takes Charlie to the room.  She puts him on the bed and undresses him.  She hears an eerie noise coming from the other room.  Her heart stops for moment. “It’s probably the wind.”, she thinks.  She takes off her clothes and puts on a t-shirt.  She goes into the bathroom to take off her contact lens and wash her face.  While she is looking for the facial cleanser, the lights begin flickering.  She jumps then realizes it’s just the thunder and lightning.  She is washing her face and her ears are echoing with the sound of the wind and branches hitting the window.  Her heart is racing.  When she looks up to dry her face, she sees a mans reflection in the mirror.  She screams and closes her eyes.  When she opens her eyes, and turns around and he is gone.  Her heart jumped to her throat, she was shaking.  “I must be imagining things.”, she thought.  She finishes up in the bathroom and goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water and some aspirin.

All of a sudden, she hears what sounds like footsteps coming from the living room.  Her pulse begins to race, she is frightened, she could feel every hair on her body stand up.  For a split second, she can’t move but she ignores it.  She grabs a glass from the counter and looks for the aspirin.  A lightning bolt strikes the beach and as she looks up, the kitchen lights up again and she sees John in the window reflection and when she turns around, he grabs her. She screams, the glass falls and shatters. As she runs, John grabs her by the hair; she pulls away but trips and hits her head on the end table.

A couple of hours later, Samantha wakes up and is tied to a chair, she is facing Charlie who is still knocked out.

She starts screaming but no one can hear her..


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