For a quick second, he loosens his grip from her neck and she screams “John..?”, He tightens the grip and says “Yes, It’s me.  I told you that if it’s not me, it was nobody!!  How does it feel to have your life being squeezed out of you, Samantha?  Samantha’s eyes are filled with tears and terror. That’s how I felt when you left me.  Remember this moment, Samantha!!”.  John waits until Samantha is about to pass out, and as he feels her grip loosening up; he takes out his pocket knife, jabs it into the wall, and nicks her ear. He lets her go and then disappears. [Before he leaves, he slips something into her purse]  Samantha is now on the floor screaming and crying she’s in shock.  She can’t believe that John would do this to her.  She panics and starts looking for her phone. Her hands are shaking, she can’t remember her password, she is in distress. After a few minutes of trying to calm herself down, she is able to call 911. [crying]

  • Dispatcher: 911, What is your emergency?
  • Samantha:  Please help me, I was just attacked.
  • Dispatcher:  Ma’am are you hurt?
  • Samantha:  Yes, I’m bleeding from my ear. Please help.
  • Dispatcher:  Did you see the attacker?
  • Samantha:  Yes, it was my ex boyfriend John.
  • Dispatcher: What is your location?
  • Samantha:  I think I’m at the corner of 34th street near the coffee shop.  I don’t know, I don’t remember.  I was walking and dragged into the alley.
  • Dispatcher:  Ma’am I’m sending a unit now.  Please stay calm.
  • Samantha:  Thank you, I’ll try.

After she hangs up, she immediately calls Charlie.  [still crying]

  • Samantha:  Charlie, I need you now.
  • Charlie: What’s wrong?
  • Samantha: I was attacked by John and I’m hurt.
  • Charlie: What? Attacked? Where the fuck is Tony?
  • Samantha: Yes baby, I’m sorry I never called him and I walked to the coffee shop. I already called the cops.  Please hurry.
  • Charlie: I’m going to kill him.  I’ll be there in a few minutes.

Charlie’s head is going a thousand miles per hour.

Charlie stays on the phone with Samantha trying to console her.  He could hear the fear in her voice and the only thing he could tell her was that he was sorry and that he loved her.  A few minutes later Sam tells him that the cops have arrived, he tells her that he sees them and he’ll be right there.

He parks and runs towards her.  Some cops try to stop him but he yells “That’s my girl, let me through!!”  He pushes pass them and when he sees Samantha on the ground full of blood he almost collapses.  He screams to her, “Samantha”  He falls to his knees and holds her.  He holds back his tears and whispers in her ear. “I’m going to kill him.”  He hugs her tight but has to quickly let go because the ambulance has arrived. They lift her up and place her in the gurney, she is yelling to them “I’m fine, I want to go home.”  Charlie says “NO, we are going to the hospital Samantha!!.”  He jumps in the ambulance.  Before they drive off, a detective approaches and tells Samantha they will be in contact later in the day to get all the information.

While waiting in the hospital, Charlie calls Tony (the driver) and tells him to pick them up.  Tony expressed his concerns but Charlie told him not too worry that he would explain later and will need his help. Tony had the connections Charlie needed to resolve the John issue.

Samantha was finally going home. The hospital discharged her and gave her a pain prescription.  Besides the bruises and the three stitches, Samantha was going to be fine.

Tony is outside waiting for them.  Charlie and Samantha get in the car and head home.  Charlie tells Tony that once he drops them off to stay because he needs to discuss some business with him,  Tony says “O.K. no problem.”  Once they are home, Samantha runs into bedroom to take a hot bath, she is an emotional wreck.  While she is the bath, Charlie takes the opportunity to talk to Tony.  “Hey Tony.  I need your help on this matter and money is not an issue.  Whatever it takes.  I won’t allow that son of bitch to ever hurt my girl again. I need you to be her body-guard 24/7, I don’t want you to let her out your sight.”  Tony nods and says “No worries, I will take care of it.”

Samantha comes out of the room and yells to Charlie, “Babe, have you seen Chloe?  I can’t find her.  He replies “No, love I haven’t, I’ll help you look for her in a few. The front desk just called that the detectives are here and they are on the way up.

Charlie opens the door as Samantha approaches.

Good afternoon Ms. Fox, I’m detective Williams and this is my partner detective Johnson.  We need to ask you a few questions.  Samantha says, “Yes, of course, please come in and sit down.”

  • Detective: Ms. Fox, please tell us what happen?
  • Samantha: This morning I walked to the coffee shop as I usually do for an espresso and to get some fresh air. When I was finished, I decided to continue walking. It was a beautiful day.  I remember crossing the street, walking around a corner then I was grabbed.
  • Detective:  What time did you leave the coffee shop?
  • Samantha: I think it was around 10:15 am or so, but not certain.
  • Detective:  Did you see your attacker?
  • Samantha:  At first, No, he was wearing a mask but when he was choking me he took off the mask and then I realized it was John, my ex boyfriend.  Things didn’t end well in L.A.
  • Detective: Are you sure it was him?
  • Samantha: What type of stupid question is that?  Yes, I’m positive!!
  • Detective: Apologies Ms. Fox, just doing our job.
  • Samantha: I’m sorry, I just can’t believe that John would ever attack me. I can’t wrap my head around it.  I remember him joking about how he would never let me leave him.  I always thought he was joking.
  • Detective: Ms. Fox his love turned into an Obsession.  We need a full description and any information you can give us about him.
  • Samantha:  Well, he is about 6’4, 220 lbs, black hair, light brown eyes.  He owns a charter company in L.A. called Prestige Air and his full name is John Demetrio.  I think I have an old business card with photo in my wallet.
  • Detective:  That would be greatly appreciated.

Samantha looks over to Charlie and says “Babe, could you bring me my purse, I threw on the bed and while you’re there can you check to see if Chloe is under the bed.”  Samantha and the detectives continue talking when Charlie hands her the bag.  She reaches in and grabs her wallet, she pulls out a few cards and finds John’s old card.  She hands it to detective but something catches her eye in her purse, she reaches in, pulls it out and it’s Chloe’s collar with blood stains.  Samantha screams “OH MY GOD, he killed my baby Chloe. How did he get her?”  She looks at Charlie and says, “I can’t stay here, I don’t feel safe anymore. I can’t I’m sorry.”  Charlie just hugs her tight and tells her that everything is going to be O.K.

  • Detective: Ms. Fox, Chloe is your dog?
  • Samantha: No, she’s my white Persian kitty.
  • Detective: When did you last see her?
  • Samantha: This morning before I left the house.  I always kiss her good-bye before I leave.
  • Detective: What time did you leave?
  • Samantha: It was 9:00 am
  • Detective: Are you sure she didn’t escape?
  • Samantha: Yes!
  • Detective: Ms. Fox we will need to take the collar into evidence.
  • Detective:  We will find out how he managed to pass security to get into your apartment.

Samantha is shaken and scared and decides to dump out everything inside her purse.  She doesn’t want any more surprises.  After a quick scan, she notices two iPods.  She says, “What the hell? Why do I have two iPods?” In that moment the past seven months flashed in front of her eyes – visions of the man on the flight to N.Y. – the weird lyrics she heard – all the eery moments she felt she was being watched.   She yells “All this time, John was stocking me.  He was the man I saw on the flight.  He is the one I saw at the airport, he is the one that was always watching.”  Samantha tells the detectives about the flight from L.A. and the weird messages she heard on the iPod.

  • Detective: Ms. Fox, we will have to take both the iPods into evidence.
  • Detective:  Did you notice anything missing or strange when you arrived?
  • Samantha: I don’t know, we just got home from the hospital. {looks at Charlie}
  • Detective: Ms. Fox, don’t worry, we will catch him.  If you remember anything else.  Please contact us immediately.

The detectives leave and Samantha falls to the floor…


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