Samantha arrives at her new home. She can’t believe her eyes.  Charlie has outdone himself.  It’s a beautiful three bedroom penthouse on the 42nd floor with marble floors, chic interior and spectacular views of the city.  Samantha only knows the apartment is in Manhattan.  “It’s breathtaking, I love it”, she says.  Charlie smiles, kisses her gently and then tells her to close her eyes.  Samantha closes her eyes as he is walking her to another room.  “I’m anxious babe, what is it?”, she says.  Charlie tells her to be patient that it’s just a few more steps.  Charlie says “O.K. now open your eyes.”  Samantha sees…

A beautifully furnished office.  As she is taking in every detail, she looks down and sees a beautiful white Persian kitten. “Oh my god”, she screams as she picks it up.  “Is she mine?”  She is in total awe, when she notices the gold collar and tag that reads “You’re home, we love you.”  Samantha could not hold back the tears.  “Thank you, my love.  You mean the world to me.  I love you.”  Charlie held her tight and said this is your office.  “What?, Mine?”, she says. “Yes, my love, it is your office.  It’s for your business.” he says.  Words could not express how happy Samantha was at that moment.  “Keep showing me our place my love”, she whispers.

The tour ended at the master suite where the rest is history.  The next morning, Samantha wakes up to breakfast in bed.  “Awww babes, you’re spoiling me, thank you.”, she says.  Charlie told her he wanted to stay in she looked into his eyes and deeply kissed him.  The love-making continued until the next morning.  They were both in a state of total bliss.

Two days later, Samantha was ready to hit the town.  Being miss independent she wanted to go solo but Charlie refused and told her that until she’s been here a while that he has hired a personal driver that will take her anywhere she needs to go.  Samantha wasn’t too happy about that but said fine.  They both got dressed and headed to the city.  “Oh Sammy, I’m so happy that you’re here with me.  Wait until you see the office.”,  Charlie says.  “Let’s go, I’m super excited.”, she yells.  Samantha could not hold her excitement as she ventured out and took in all the city views.  It wasn’t her first time in New York, but when you go for business and for a couple of days it’s not the same.  This was now her home, she wanted to take it all in and was seeing it for the first time.  She was loving every moment of it.

They finally arrive at the office.  The door says Wellington Solutions.  Samantha looks at Charlie and smiles.  When they walk in, Samantha is in total awe.  The office is gorgeous, modern and chic, windows all around with a beautiful view of the city.   As Charlie takes her into his office, she couldn’t help but giggle.  Charlie looks at her and says “What’s so funny babe?”  She looks at him and says “I’m proud of you Mr. Charles Wellington.”   Samantha walks into his office, sits and spins in his chair like she was a little girl.  He walks over, picks her up and sits her on his desk.  “You’re being a very naughty girl, Samantha.”  They loved to role play so Charlie took advantage that they were alone.  Things got a little heated. It was fourth of July in October.

Six months later Samantha had fallen into a daily routine.  Jogging, Yoga, Coffee shop, Shopping, Office etc.  Since she knew her way around the city she no longer required her daily driver and only called him when needed or on shopping days.

Let’s rewind for a second. Are you wondering where John is?  John hasn’t disappeared, he has watched Samantha’s every move.  He knows her entire schedule and is keeping a close eye.  He is simply waiting for the right moment to strike.

Samantha hasn’t told Charlie but she has been uneasy for several months.  Sometimes when she stares out the window lost in thought, she still gets that eery feeling that she is being watched.  Everywhere she goes, she feels uneasy.  She has seen the man from the airport multiple times looking at her from a distance and when she turns to look back at him he is gone.  She gets chills down her spine every time she sees him. She is scared to tell Charlie because she doesn’t want him to worry or think she is nuts. 

There are days that she actually thinks it John following her but then calls his office and they tell him he is away on flight. {John instructed his staff that when he received any calls that they have to say he was on flight.} She realizes that she is thinking crazy and knows that John wouldn’t be dumb enough to leave his life in L.A. to stock her.  She remembers his threats but then thinks that was just his anger talking and that he wouldn’t really harm her. 

It was now winter and very cold but Samantha being Samantha didn’t want to stay in and decided she wanted to go to her Yoga class.  The day was cloudy and ugly but didn’t have time to call the driver so she decided to walk.  She is walking and calls Charlie.  She is telling Charlie that it’s really cold and that she thinks she isn’t going to make it to class after all and will just stop at the coffee shop for an espresso and quick bite.  She is at the coffee shop sitting by the window when she looks up and sees the man across the street, just standing there, staring at her.  This time she freaks out and runs out to face him, she’s had enough.  When she gets outside, he’s already gone, like if he would’ve disappeared into thin air.  She can feel the chills going up and down her spine.  She rushes back in, calls her driver to pick her up.  She’s completely shaken.  It wasn’t like other times, this time the look in his eyes scared her. She felt helpless.

Samantha is getting antsy that thirty minutes have passed and the driver is still not there.  She knew she called him last-minute and the weather wasn’t helping either.  She couldn’t wait any longer and decides to just walk back home.  As she gathers her things and walks out, the driver arrives.  A sigh of relief came over her but when she gets in the car she breaks down.  Tony, the driver, knew something was wrong.  He pulled over and tried to console her.  “What’s wrong Sam?”  I’ve noticed you haven’t been yourself lately.  Talk to me.”  Samantha looked at him and said “Thanks for your concern but I’m fine, I just want to go home.”  He drives off and quickly takes her home.  “Thanks again Tony. See you soon. – Good bye.”

It’s been a week since Samantha leaves the apartment and Charlie is growing with concern.  Every time he asks what’s wrong. the reply is the same.  “Nothing, I’m fine. Just clearing my head.”   He couldn’t take it anymore and he pulls Samantha out of bed and takes her into the living room.  “What’s wrong Sammy?  You’re distant and I need to know what’s wrong now and I don’t want to hear you’re fine.”   Samantha begins to cry and explains that she is scared and fears that she is being followed.  Charlie is concerned, he says “I can’t believe you haven’t said anything.  I’m here to protect you Samantha.  Not too worry, Tony is not only your driver but your body-guard for now on.  I don’t want to hear any if and or butts about it.  I still can’t believe you kept this from me, Sammy.”  He hugs her tight and reassured her that he will keep her safe. “I didn’t take a week of Karate for no reason.”, he says.  Samantha started laughing and says “You see baby, that’s the reason I fell in love with you. You always say the craziest things in the right moment. Thank you, love.”

Samantha has had enough of being home under the covers.  She gets up, gets dressed and is out the door.  She doesn’t call the driver since she was only going a couple blocks to the coffee shop. Charlie would be upset if he knew, she thinks to herself but continues on with her plans.  She arrives at the coffee shop, orders her usual and just sits and stares out the window.  It was a lovely day.

Once she was done, she figured she continue walking to burn off the calories and she crosses the main street and heads towards the downtown area, she is then grabbed and taken into a dark alley.  She is trying to scream but her mouth is covered.  She’s fighting for her life, kicking and trying to break free but the man was too strong.  He slams her against the wall and has her by the neck.  Samantha can’t see him, his face is covered, she is trying to remove his hands from her neck.  She can’t breath, he is choking the life out of her. The man isn’t saying a word.  He is just staring into her eyes.  In a quick moment, he removes his mask, her eyes open wide… she could not believe who it was…


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