John was watching Samantha at a distance, once she boarded he waited a few minutes then proceeded to the gate.  As he walked past first class, he took a quick glance at her and when she looked up he was already gone.  Samantha could not shake that uneasy feeling of being watched.  She ordered a drink and said to herself that it was probably just nerves.  She was about to start a new journey in her life — of course she had to feel nervous and anxious. “It’s just all in my head.” she kept thinking.

During the five-hour flight she could not help but think about John and the last few months. She felt horrible that she could not say good-bye and leave things on a different note but it was time to finally close that chapter in her life.  She whispers to herself, “I did the right thing. I’m happy.”

Samantha gets up to go the lavatory when she turns and sees a man in the coach cabin staring at her.  She whispers “John. It can’t be.” She quickly turns away but then looks back and he is gone.  That eery feeling came across her again.  John was watching her from his seat all along.  The flight attendants failed to close the curtains all the way so from where he was sitting he could clearly see Samantha.  She always sat in the seat next to aisle.   Remember, John knew everything about her.

Samantha was now anxious, nervous and confused.  “What the fuck, is going on with me.? , Now I’m seeing things too. I thought I saw John. I’m freaking loosing it.  Samantha, please snap out of it.” , she could not help but have an internal battle with herself.   Flight attendant she yells, “Two more drinks, please”.  She needed to relax and calm down.

Samantha finally closes her eyes and John gets up, sneaks into first class and whispers in her ear, “I’m watching you, Sammy.”  She is startled and jumps up.  Her heart is now in her throat. “What a horrible nightmare.”, she says.  She looks around and everyone is asleep around her.  She shakes it off, grabs her iPod and decided to go back to sleep.  John had somehow replaced her original iPod with his that he could control from his laptop.  It was now his turn for some fun.  He didn’t change her playlist just altered some of the lyrics.

  • I’m going to get you, Samantha.
  • You’re going to feel my pain, Samantha.
  • You should have never left me, Samantha.
  • You’re not bulletproof, Samantha.
  • I’m going to kill you, Samantha.

Although Samantha was in and out of sleep, John could see her reaction every time he mixed in a lyric.  Samantha would look at iPod just to confirm what song was playing.  Samantha thought she was losing her mind.  She would rewind the song and not hear what she thought she heard.  After a few songs, she could not take it anymore and yanked the earplugs off and tossed the iPod into her bag.

She turned on the overhead light she was now freaking out.  John was loving every moment of his torture.  He could see that she was terrified and uneasy.  Although he was hurt and angry he wanted to run and console her but he held himself together and stuck to his plan.

Samantha remained awake during the rest of the flight she needed to stay calm.  She kept thinking that maybe it was all the drinks that were making her hallucinate.  The pilot then announced that they would be arriving shortly.  Samantha could not help but jump up for joy, everyone turned and looked at her. “I’m sorry, just excited.” she says.  She goes to lavatory to freshen up.  It had been a few months that she sees Charlie and she didn’t want him to see her looking restless.

Samantha comes out looking radiant and refreshed.  She is all smiles.  The [Fasten your seat belts] sign goes on.  “Yes, we are almost there.”, she whispers.  The plane lands.  Everyone claps.  She grabs her phone and quickly turns it on.  She sends Charlie a text, “I’m here baby, I’ve landed. See you in a few minutes my love.”  As soon as the [Fasten your seat belt] sign goes off, she unbuckled her seat belt and jumps up and gathers her things.  She is so happy.

In the meantime, John is watching her and he is upset of how elated she looks.  At that moment, he realizes that maybe, just maybe Sammy is finally over him. “How could she be smiling after everything that just happened?”, he thought.  It doesn’t matter, I will continue with my plan.  “If it’s not me, it’s no one.” he whispers.

The planes hatch opens and they start letting the passengers out.  Samantha quickly runs out and sprints towards the gate.  As she gets closer, she slows down, takes a deep breath and then walks through the doors.  From a distance she sees Charlie holding a bouquet of Orchids.  She runs to him and gives him a big hug.  Her eyes quickly filled with tears as she looked at him.  “Hi baby. I’ve missed you so much.”, Charlie says.  “I’ve missed you more.” she says.  After a few minutes of kissing and hugging, Charlie tells Samantha he has a surprise for her and they should go.

As they are walking towards baggage claim Samantha is telling Charlie about her flight.  Charlie hugs her tight and says “Baby, it was just your nerves, don’t worry, I’m here now and I will not allow anything to happen to you.”  Despite his comforting words, Samantha had a bad feeling.  As she is waiting for her bags, she gets that weird feeling like she is being watched again. John is looking at her from the other side.  She looks up and he is gone.  Charlie comes from behind and Samantha jumps and yells at Charlie “You scared me, please don’t ever do that to me again.” Charlie apologizes and gives her a hug. “No I’m sorry, I overreacted.  I’m still jumpy from the flight.  I’m sorry baby.”, she then says.

Charlie tells her that it’s fine and that the car is waiting.  “Let’s go my love, I can’t wait to get you home.”  Samantha just smiles.

As they drive away from the airport Samantha looks out of the window and sees the same man staring at her.  She did a double take, she swears it was John. Charlie says, “What’s wrong Samantha, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”  Samantha says, “No baby, it’s nothing, I just thought I saw someone from L.A. that’s all. I’m fine.”

John gets in a taxi and tells the cab driver, “Follow that car…”