AMOR {LOVE} – Chapter IV

John screams, “Are you serious Samantha?”  She doesn’t look at him and continues walking.  John then grabs her from behind.  “Let go of me, John.  I’m serious, I have to go!  Charlie is waiting.”, she says.   John then says, “So, the douche bag has a name.  Is C-H-A-R-L-I-E {sarcastic tone} making you move to New York?  I’m going to find out who he is Samantha, mark my words.  This isn’t over.”   Samantha just laughed, “There you go with your threats again.  Get over it!  We are done! Bye-Bye!”

Samantha gets home to find her calling service full of messages and mailbox full.  She yells, “Dammit John! ,Why can’t you just let me go.” Then slams the phone against the table.  {talking to herself} “I can’t deal with this anymore.  I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown. {starts crying}  Please God, give me the strength I need to handle this.  I’m torn!”

A few hours later, there is a knock at the door.  Samantha is startled because no one is allowed in the building unless she is called.  Her heart is now in her throat.  The only thing that is running through her mind that it could be John.  With knees shaking, she walks to door, and says “Who is it?” She is looking through the peep-hole but something is blocking her view.  Now she is more scared.  She hears a deep voice say “Delivery for Samantha Fox.”   She thinks ‘delivery’  I didn’t order anything. So, she sucked in her fear and said “Be right there, give me a second.”  She took a deep breath and slowly opened the door.  When she opened, all she could see what a bouquet of orchids {her favorite} and standing with them in hand was Charlie.  “CHARLIE, it’s you, baby – You scared me to death.  How did you come in?”  Charlie gave her that look like saying ‘baby, it’s me you’re talking too.’   Samantha just smiled and hugged her man tight.  “Thank you baby, I love my flowers.” she whispers in his ear.

You see, Charlie was a man who never took ‘NO’ for an answer and was always very persuasive.  He gets what he wants. 

They decided to stay in and order dinner.  They now have to talk logistics.  Remember that Charlie is leaving to New York in a few days.  While waiting for dinner to arrive, Charlie looks over at her and says “Samantha baby, I’m leaving to New York in a week.  What are your plans?”  Sam says “I haven’t really thought about it. You just told me, remember.  I have to take care of things here first.  It may take a few weeks. First, I need to resign from my position.  Close up my apartment, cancel all my services, hire moving company, pack, etc etc.  Well, babe all the small details. — I will be there soon.  No worries, we will figure this out.”  Charlie just nods and says “Yes, I can’t wait.”

The next morning Samantha get up puts on her power suit and heads to the office.  All she could think about was the pile of paperwork on her desk and having to tell the partners that she is moving to New York.  She stops at her usual coffee place, picks up breakfast and heads into the office.  It was no surprise when she walked in and found her desk full of files with notes on it.  “What the hell.”. she whispers.  She took a deep breath and started her day.  A few hours later, she realizes that she hasn’t spoken to Charlie.  She looks for her cell phone and as usual it’s buried in her bag.  She digs it out to find several missed calls.  She calls Charlie.  “Hi babes, how’s it going?, Sorry I haven’t called you, it’s been a long morning.  You can imagine.”  Charlie just says he understands but tells her not to worry that everything is going to turn out fine.

Now it was time to face the partners.  Without any hesitation, she walks into the partners office and hands them her letter of resignation.  While one partner is reading the letter the other two are just looking at Samantha with a blank stare.  Once they all read the letter, they give Samantha a surprise look.  She briefly explained and the partners wished her well.

When she drafted the original letter she was going to leave the same day but then had a change of heart and decided to stay an additional week to make sure nothing was left unfinished.  Samantha wasn’t a half ass type of worker.  She always gave 100% not only at work but at everything.

The days quickly turned into nights and Samantha’s to-do list wasn’t getting any shorter.  Despite the sleepless nights, things were not moving as fast as she hoped.  Charlie was already in New York and she was in still L.A. finalizing everything.  In the middle of all the craziness, she was still dealing with John’s erratic behavior and threatening calls.  She was about to have a  total and complete meltdown.

Her daily calls with Charlie helped her keep calm and stay focused on the big picture.   It’s the way he makes her smile.  He finds humor in the darkest of days and is her rock.

The last day of work was bitter-sweet. Samantha packed up the last of her things and was about to start her ‘good-bye’ rounds, when her partners called her into the conference room.  “SURPRISE”, everyone yelled.  Samantha was overcome with joy and could not hold back her tears.  “Thank you so much.  This means the world to me and I will never forget you.”, she told them.  Everyone wished her farewell and many blessings on her new adventure.  It was time to say good-bye.  After many hugs and kisses later, Samantha was now walking out of office and could not help but smile as she stopped, looked behind her and said “No regrets, too new adventures.”

When Samantha got home, she glanced at her to-do list and realized that the only thing she had to do was buy her airline ticket.  “That’s it?” , she says.  She was in shock that she managed to do it all in such a short amount of time.  She thinks, “What’s the rush? Now, I’m going to take another few days to relax, unwind, go to the spa, and get my hair done. I can’t go to New York looking like a hot mess.”  Later that night, she calls Charlie and tells him that she was done with everything but she was going to stay another week just to relax and unwind.  Charlie wasn’t pleased and told her that he needed her there now.  Samantha completely ignored him.

Day 1.  SPA DAY – V.I.P Treatment  {Gift from the Firm}





Day 6.  OPEN LAP TOP – Look for Flights – BUY ONE WAY TICKET


Day 8.  Packing the last few things.



What should have been just a few days turned into ten days and Charlie was beginning to worry.  He called Samantha daily and expressed his concerns.  “Babe, please, when are you coming? What’s going on?  I’m worried.”  Samantha always said the same thing, “Charlie, my love, everything is fine.  I will be there soon.  I love you.”  – Those words were not soothing to Charlie at all.

During her days of relaxation she thought about John.  Ten years was not easy to forget but she no longer loved him the way she once did.  She debated whether to call him and say good-bye but her gut told her it would be a bad idea.   She listened to her gut and never called him but little did she know that John was up too no good.

John quit flying planes but didn’t close his business.  He was now planning and scheming revenge against Samantha.  He always said. “If it’s not me, it’s no one.” He had been following her and watching her every move since the day after she left him.  He was now OBSESSED….

Samantha was at the airport ready to board when she felt like she was being watched, she quickly turns and sees no one. She brushed it off and boarded. “Good-bye L.A.”, she whispered.

John was watching from a distance…


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