AMOR {LOVE} – Chapter III

Samantha then says, “Charlie – What do you mean New York? What about us and our relationship?” Charlie gazes into her eyes {wiping her tears} — “Samantha, Samantha my love, I love you more than words can describe.  When I met you, I became alive. You’ve made me realize my true potential and without you all this could not be possible.  That’s why, I’m asking you to come with me to start a new life and adventure together.  Life without you would not only be unbearable but imaginable.  I love you too much.”

Samantha climbed into his lap and looked deeply into his eyes.  She said, “Yes, Yes, Yes, I will go with you my love.”.   Charlie gives Samantha a deep kiss holding her tight, her slight moans are making him squeeze tighter, their bodies pressed together in warm embrace. They break kiss, he sweeps her up and takes her into the bedroom.  As their eyes meet, he can see the sparkle in her eyes as she smiles at him. “You are perfect”, Charlie whispers.  He starts to slowly peel off her clothes gazing and touching her soft luscious curves. Her scent, her touch – he is completely aroused, As he leans in to kiss her neck and breasts x-x Samantha grabs him closer she wants to feel his warmth against her skin. Their hearts are beating as one. “Oh baby”, Samantha whispers.  “I want you, I need you.”  She slides on top of him gently caressing him. She starts kissing his chest and works her way down – she teases him with licks and nibbles. She loves to the way he taste. He can’t take it anymore – he grabs her, rolls her over and pushes deep inside — thrusting, faster and slower until fire works of explosion collide. They gaze at each other and whisper “I love you.”

After a few hours of simply being as one, and enjoying the warmth of their bodies Samantha looks at Charlie and says “Baby, remember what I wanted to you tell you?”  Charlie nods.  “Well… I told John It was over, because I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Everything makes sense when I’m with you. My heart is set on you.”  Charlie smiled, hugged Samantha tight and gave her deep kiss.  Samantha was now throbbing and aching for more – The rest is history.

The next morning, Samantha wakes up to breakfast in bed.  Charlie is simply amazing.  She is all smiles. Once she’s done eating and giving Charlie a million and one kisses she says “Where is my cell phone?”  All she could think about was how many missed calls and texts she probably had from John.  She got out of bed to find her phone dead.  Charlie grabs the phone and puts it to charge. “Let’s go back to bed”, he says.  Samantha agrees and they go back to bed but Samantha is restless and can’t fall back asleep, all she could do is think about those messages from John.  She was concerned. Did he really threaten her?

An hour later, her phone is beeping and chiming.  “It must be fully charged”, she says.  She jumps out of bed, gets her phone and to her surprise she had 25 voice mails, 100 text messages and all from John.  She felt a knot in her throat and she couldn’t breathe.  She was shaking.  She left the bedroom and went into the office to hear the messages and read the text.  Charlie was asleep and didn’t want to wake him.

She sits down – looks at her phone – dials 1 – You have 25 voice mails, your mailbox is now full.  Press 1 to hear message.  Samantha hesitates at first but presses one and this is what she heard:

Samantha, you fucking whore.  You cheated on me.  I hate you.  No – I’m sorry I love you. Please come home.

Sammy, please come home.  I need you, I don’t want to lose you.

Sam, where the hell are you?  Are you with that douche bag? I swear when I find out…


Sammy my love – why aren’t you returning any of my calls? I swear if you don’t call me, I’m going to…{phone hangs up.}


Sam, I’m sorry you must think I’m crazy, I’m crazy about you.  I’m just hurt. Please come home. I love you so much.

Message after message was the same thing and the text were no different.

“Why can’t John just let me go?”, she says to herself.  As she sat there contemplating what to do, Charlie walks into the room.  “What’s wrong, baby?” he says.  Samantha just hands him the phone.  He stares at the screen, looks at Samantha and says “John is crazy! Don’t worry baby, he will have to go through me to get to you.  I’ll protect you my love.”   Samantha kisses Charlie and tells him that she needs to go confront John and pack her stuff.

The apartment that John and Samantha shared belongs to John but Samantha had her own place.  John was always upset that she didn’t sell it and move in with him.   Although she spent most of her time there, she wasn’t going to sell her place of sanction – her escape.

Charlie doesn’t want her to go alone and proceeds to follow her, but she stops him and says “Babe, don’t worry, this is something I need to do alone. I will call you if anything.  I’ll be back soon.  I love you.”

Samantha finally leaves the house and finds the courage to call John.  The phone rings and John immediately picks up. “Samantha baby, are you ok? Where are you? I’ve been worried sick.  Please come home.”  Samantha wants to hang up then says “Ge’ez John, catch your breath I’m fine.  I’m on the way to gather my things.  We’ll talk when I get there.”   Her heart is racing and she feels sick to her stomach.  John on the other hand, is trying to pick up the house after he nearly destroyed it in his rage.  He thinks to himself. “I don’t want her to think I’m crazy, now.”

Samantha pulls into her parking space, her knees are trembling.  She doesn’t know what to expect, still feeling antsy and nausea.  She looks in the mirror and tells herself, “You are a strong woman, Samantha.  Chin up, it’s your time.”

What should have taken ten steps to get to the door feels more like a hundred, she could feel her body going in slow motion.  So many thoughts are flooding her head.  She arrives at the door, takes a deep breath, inserts the key and turns the knob.  She didn’t know what to expect.  All of a sudden the door flings open while she is still holding the knob.  She screams, “John, wait a second.”    Samantha proceeds inside and John just grabs and hugs her.  “Hey John, Please let go of me.  I’m here to talk and gather my things.”   John didn’t want to let go.  His hug lingered and felt like an eternity until Samantha broke free from his grasp.  “Stop it, John.  Please let’s not make this more difficult than it has to be.  I know I’ve hurt you and for that I’m truly sorry.  I just want to get my things and be on my way.”

Samantha goes to the room to get some things and then notices a pile of broken glass in the corner.  “John, what happen there?”, she said.   She continued to look around and saw no frames and more broken pieces of glass everywhere.  “John, did you break all the frames and pictures? Are you fucking nuts?  Why? Why? Why would you…?  You know what, never mind John, you wouldn’t understand”, she snares back.

She could feel her blood boiling and wanted to scream but she kept her composure and just took another deep breath.  She could hear John rambling on in the living room about how much he loved her and that he was going to fight for her.. blah blah blah.   She couldn’t take it anymore, she decides to get the rest of her stuff another day.  Preferably when John isn’t around.

As she is walking out the bedroom, John corners her.  “John, please get out of  my way.  I’ll come back for the rest of my stuff later.”

John falls to his knees and says “Samantha, please don’t leave me.  I can’t imagine my life without you. Why are you doing this?  I thought we were happy”   Samantha could feel her chest tightening and wanted to cry but she sucked it up and pulled up John from the floor.  Looking into his eyes she says, “John, I know it hurts now but you will get over me, I promise.  You will always hold a special place in my heart.  I’m sorry.”  She runs out because she could feel the tears streaming down her cheeks.

When she gets to the car, she realizes that she didn’t have her keys. “Damn it.”, she yells.  She wipes her tears, walks back upstairs and knocks on the door.

John opens without saying a word, she walks in, grabs her purse and keys and starts to walk out stops then turned to John and said “I’m moving to New York.”

To be continued…

Peace & Love xox


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