AMOR {LOVE} – Chapter II

Samantha made her choice but now was facing two problems.

  1. How to tell John.
  2. How to tell Charlie.

John was only in town two days a week and one weekend a month.  He owns Prestige Air in L.A. and although he doesn’t need to charter planes, it’s his passion and he loves it.  His travels have never been an issue with Samantha, she actually enjoys her free time and loves that she has her own personal pilot.  One weekend a month, John takes her anywhere she wants.  Paris – Rome – Greece .  You name it, she has probably been there.

John called and told Samantha that he was taking a few weeks off to relax, unwind and spend time with her because he knows that he’s been working a lot lately and hasn’t been around much.  That’s just great {sarcastic},see you soon. Love you – Samantha says.

She felt a knot in her throat and wanted to cry.  What is she going to do now?

John gets home in a few days and Samantha is still struggling with her decisions.  She’s now starting to question herself.  Am I doing the right thing?  How can I look into his eyes and tell myself to walk away?  How is Charlie going to react?  Will he be pleased?   She is completely conflicted.  She even had to take a few days off from work to clear her head and gather her thoughts.  She has made her choice.  Although, she still loved John her heart was beating for Charlie.   Now, it was time to break the news.

Charlie and Samantha have a great relationship.  Although they spent most weekends and all their free time together, she knew it wasn’t permanent.   She always came home but now she is ready to tell Charlie that he is the one!

John has finally arrived from a stressful few days – he doesn’t seem to be in the best of moods but Samantha gathered the courage and told him that she needed to talk.  Those dreadful words no one ever wants to hear. He looked at her and told her to please give him a few hours because he needed to rest.  O.K. she said, I have a few errands to run, I’ll see you later.  Bye – Kisses.

When Samantha left, she called Charlie but he was busy in a meeting and could not talk. Now she was feeling antsy, she needed to talk to him, she needed a sign, anything.  After a few minutes of looking at her phone,  she shouted “SCREW IT!” – I know what I want and what I need to do.

She returned home to find John watching T.V.  She looked at him and said “I thought you were tired.”    He shot her a look then asked her what was wrong.   Could you please turn off the T.V.?  I really need to talk to you.  It’s serious.  He didn’t seem to pleased and a look of concern came over him.   What’s up babe, what’s going on?   Samantha took a deep breath, trying to fight back the tears and said:

John, I think it’s time we go our separate ways – I love you but it’s been ten years and I fear this is it.  We have fallen into a routine and I’m not happy anymore.  It was fun and exciting in the beginning but now it isn’t.  I’m sorry.

John became pale white – he could not help but get defensive as he heard his love tell him that she wanted to leave him.  Samantha, are you kidding me?  We have been together ten years and you’re the love of my life.  Routine?  You love our life together, why are you doing this?  Is it my business?   I will sell it if you want if that’s the issue?  No John, it’s not your job, it’s not you, it’s me.  I’ve been seeing someone for the past few years and I’ve fallen in love.  WHAT THE FUCK!?  A few years? You have to be fucking kidding, right!?  No! I’m so sorry.  Sorry, I’ve hurt you.  I don’t expect you to understand.  WHO IS HE? I’M GOING TO KILL HIM?

STOP IT, JOHN!! You are not going to kill anyone, you don’t know him, so please stop with the threats!  I know you’re hurt but this hasn’t been easy for me either.  You think I wanted to hurt you?  It was never my intention.  You are a wonderful man and I will always love you but my heart now beats for another.  I don’t want to continue to hurt you or myself for that matter.  I’m sorry John.  I have to leave.  Live your life, find happiness.  You will find someone who will love you the way you deserve.  I’m sorry.  {John screaming} SAMANTHA, please, I beg you – don’t go!  I love you so much.  Samantha is crying – gives John a hug and kiss and walks away.

John is completely heart-broken .  He becomes angry and starts throwing things, breaking pictures.  He was acting like a mad man  He tries calling Sam but its going directly to voice mail, he then sends her the following text(s):

YOU BITCH! You think it’s going to be that easy to get rid of me.  I’m going to fight for you.  Whatever it takes – This is not over.    I love you, baby!

Samantha is crying and trying to keep it together. She is looking for her phone and can’t find it. She pulls over and finally finds it buried in her bag.  She has five missed calls, four text messages. Charlie has called several times.   Hi Charlie,  What’s wrong my love? He immediately knows something is wrong. You don’t sound to good.  I need to talk, can I come over?  Absolutely babes, I need to talk to you as well  O.K. see you soon. Love you.

Charlie has been waiting for the right opportunity to open a consultant office in New York. A project he had been working on for several years.  His chance had finally arrived.  How does he tell Samantha that he is leaving L.A. to New York in a few days?

Before she drives off, she decides to read her messages and came across several from John, she could not believe what she was reading, how dare he threaten me.  It was something John always joked about.  If it’s not me, it’s NO one. This is no joke!  What the hell does he mean? She decided to ignore the messages for now.  I’ll deal with this crap later.

During the drive to Charlies, her mind is going a thousand miles per hour – wait a second! what!? Did Charlie say he wanted to talk to me as well?  Oh my god, I wonder what it is.  It’s those dreaded words again no one wants to hear.  Please God, don’t let it be anything serious.  PLEASE!!

She pulls up to the drive way – takes a deep breath – checks herself in the mirror.  {Good God, I look like hell.}   Pinches her cheeks – O.K. I’m ready!  I’m strong.

Knocks on door –

As soon as the door opens and Charlie emerges she flings to his neck and starts crying.  {her total composure went out the window}  Oh babes, you don’t know the day I’m having.  I just need you to hold me.  After a few minutes of whimpering and taking deep breaths Samantha finally pulls it together to sit down and talk to Charlie.

Charlie is concerned because he had never seen Samantha this upset or emotional.  What’s wrong baby, talk to me.  I have never seen you like this.   I know love, I’m sorry – Wait a second, didn’t you have to talk to me about something?  Yes Sam, but it could wait.  No No, please you go first.  Let me catch my breath and then we’ll talk.

Well… Samantha, you know that I’ve fallen in love with you and you have changed my life but I have another love in my life. {pause}  Samantha could feel her cheeks getting red and her eyes were filling with tears.  All she can think was – Is he breaking up with me? I can’t believe this is happening, right now. I want to die.  She was about to get up and walk away from him when she snapped back into reality and heard him say “Babe, Do you remember that project I’ve been working on?  Sam shakes her head – Yeah!  Well that’s the other love of my life. Samantha quietly sighed in relief.{Thank you, God.}  O.K. babes, what’s going on with that?  Well.. The good news is that I’m opening a consultant firm.  Samantha leaps up and congratulates him. That’s fantastic news baby, I’m so happy for you. Let’s celebrate!

While Samantha is going on about how happy she is, John says that the firm will be opened in New York.  All of a sudden, there was dead silence {you can hear a pin drop} and Samantha sits back down.  With tears in her eyes, she says – New York?

Peace & Love xox


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