This is the  story of Samantha and Charlie.

It was Samantha’s usual Thursday night, spent with her girlfriends having a few cocktails at her favorite little pub. Every week she got together with them for dinner, drinks and gossip. Although, she was having a nice time, she was getting bored so she sent her friend, Vince a text message to see what he was up too.  Perhaps it was all the cocktails.

Vince was tall, dark and handsome. A friend with a few benefits you might say. :wink wink:

She begged him to come and hang out with her but he kept saying,”No” and giving her some bullshit excuse.  “You’re no fun”, she replied.  “Come on, I’m bored and I need some entertainment.”  Please… {more like some eye candy} He said, “he would think about it”. Which always meant, NO!  She was in total surprise when an hour later he showed up with a friend.  Hi Vince, nice surprise. I can’t believe you’re here — Who’s your friend?   This is my boy, Charlie.  Hi Charlie, nice to meet you., I’m Samantha.  Hi Sam, he replied. They sat at the bar and Vince turns to her and says “How’s your boyfriend, John?”  Samantha gave him a look. {rolling eyes} Actually Vince, you just missed him by a few minutes. You know how he is always given me shit about something. {shakes head and rolls eyes again.}

John is Samantha’s boyfriend of seven years.  He charters a plane and is always traveling.  He is madly in love with her and is extremely jealous.  He hates her Thursday nights!

Charlie turned to her and said ” Come, sit here and tell me all about it.”  Samantha just smiled. Vince told her that he couldn’t stay because Charlie had some business to attend too but he would call her later. That’s not cool Vince, but I understand.  Bye Charlie, it was nice meeting you. {gives him a wink.}

Samantha is an Accountant at a Law firm and has been with John, her boyfriend for seven years.  She loves him with all her heart but she’s a wild spirit and a social bug and tends to get into trouble every now and then.

Later that night, Vince, sends her a message to hang out, Samantha having one too many cocktails agrees to meet with him.  She could not refuse.  Vince is gorgeous~   She is on her way to another pub, but when she gets lost she calls Vince and Charlie answers the phone.  Hi Vince, no this is Charlie.  Oh hey!! Is Vince around?  No, he asked me to get the phone, we are waiting for you.  What?  We?  Sorry, Vince is waiting.  O.K. I’m a little lost could you please give me directions?  Sure, said Charlie.  She could not help but wonder why Charlie was there but since she was a bit tipsy she didn’t care.  He stayed on the phone with her until she arrived, she was completely drawn to Charlie. There was just something about him. Maybe it was his voice.

Vince is waiting for her outside when she arrives.  She pulls up to him and tells him to jump in. Where’s Charlie?  Vince tells her not to worry about him that he is busy taking care of some business.  Everything after that was a blur but little did she know that her life was about to change.

A few days later, Samantha is checking her Facebook and finds Charlies profile. {It was one of those people you may know pop ups.}  She’s instantly intrigued and clicks on his page. She discovers that his profile is private but the information section says that he is an entrepreneur/consultant.  Interesting, she thinks.  She is now more curious. What? That’s it, no more information listed.  Is he single? Married? Divorced?  All these questions were running through her head.   She decides to send him a message.  Hi, it’s Vince’s friend Samantha from the pub. Do you remember me?  How’s it going?  Hope to hear from you soon. Kisses — After she pressed send, she started thinking, Oh no, maybe I shouldn’t have put kisses what is he going to think.  Oh well, too late nowThe next day, while checking her messages, she sees Charlies name.  A feeling of excitement came over her and she could not stop smiling.

This is what the message said…

What’s up!  305.555.5555

She laughed and said, “That’s it?” she stared at the message for a few minutes not knowing if she should call or text him but since John was home she sent him a text telling him that she would try to call him later and to save her number.  The next morning her phone rings and to her surprise it was Charlie.  From that moment on, they spoke everyday.  As the day’s went by the conversations got longer, more interesting and more risqué.

Who is Charlie? Charlie is an entrepreneur and consultant of sorts and a ladies man.  He is charismatic, charming, and has a great sense of humor.  Has a great smile.  The day he met Samantha, he thought she was sexy and attractive.  He wasn’t looking for love just a little fun. Little did he know, that Samantha would change his life and what started out as lust turned into love.

The good news is that Charlie was single. He called her everyday and whenever Samantha had some free time they would meet up.  Although she was in love with John, she was always thinking about Charlie.  She was confused.  The days quickly turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months and the months, turned into years.  Samantha and Charlie fell madly in love.

You’re probably wondering, where is John?  After several years of being with Charlie, she noticed that she was becoming more and more distant from John.  She loved them both but there was something about Charlie that she could not resist. Her heart was now in a different place.  She chose to leave John to be with Charlie.

Do you want more?

Peace & Love xox


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