Big Jake’s Place – Part II

I caught up with my good friend William to discuss his weekend at Carnaval on the Mile.  I wanted to know how they did and what feedback he received.  I decided to turn our conversation into a small interview. The first piece I wrote was short and simple and didn’t give you much detail.   Here, then, is what he had to say.   Sit back and enjoy!

1.  What inspired you to open Big Jake’s Place?  Well… My wife works at the Coral Gables Police department as an off-duty event coordinator and she suggested that we get a booth at the yearly Carnaval on the Mile.  I thought about it and not knowing what I was getting myself into, I took a risk.  It was the best decision I made but most importantly I did it for my family.

The first event was in 2010 right?  YES!

2. Why did you choose the name Big Jake’s?  What about your other son, Anthony?  Well.. Anthony is an adult and at that time Jake was just a baby and a big boy.  It just felt right.  There is no jealously. My business is for all my kids.

3.  How long have you been cooking?  The reason why I ask is because you are part owner of a successful landscaping business and now you’re cooking.  Where do you find the time?  I have been cooking since I was 19 years old.  I love the kitchen.  Sometimes finding the time is difficult, but I have a great support team that are always ready to help.

4.  You mentioned a support team?  Yes!  My parents are my support team and without them, Big Jake’s would not be possible. Also, at all my events, I have my brother Ronnie, sisters Xiomara and Marisol and my oldest son Anthony by my side helping.

5.  Have you thought about opening a small location? You know I love those ribs!  Yes, I have thought about it.  I’m just waiting for the right opportunity and the right amount of cash.

6.  Do you cater to all events?  We mostly do birthday parties and corporate events.

7.  Do you have a company motto?  Yes –  “We cook it all, so you don’t have too.”

Let’s talk about Carnaval on the Mile 2012.  I was there on Saturday and it was pretty busy.

8.  How were you feeling?  I was excited and anxious.

9.  How much preparation does it take to do a two-day event?  It takes about five days before the event to get everything ready.

10.  Wow, five days?  Yes, from buying all the supplies to pre-cooking.  It takes a lot of work.

11.  What was your primary goal during the event?  Well… To sell out of everything and thank god I did. 

12.  So William, what is your specialty?  RIBS!!

13.  Ok, so how long did it take you to make the perfect rib?  Many years of trial and error until I got it just right. 

I have to tell you William, your ribs are the best I’ve had.  The best ribs ever to be honest.  I don’t know what you do to them but they are so tender and juicy they fall right off the bone.  Don’t get me started on the BBQ sauce.  Plain and simple — Delicious.

William: Thank you. Thank you.

OK lets continue…

14.  How did you determine the menu for this years Carnaval on the Mile?  It depends on the time I have prior to event.  This year, my time was limited so the menu was limited.

15.  Limited?  You had ribs, pulled pork, churrasco, rice, plantains, hot dogs and chipsYes, I normally offer burgers and chicken too.

Limited or not, everything was excellent.  I tried the pulled pork for the first time and OH my God.. It was delicious.  My taste buds were in heaven. 

16.  During this event, what feedback did you get?  There was one guy who told me that my ribs were the best he’s had since his dad was alive. He felt like he was eating his dad’s ribs. It brought me joy to hear that and I even teared up.  I had another guy tell me  “Ribs so good, they make you wanna slap your momma.”   That was hilarious.  I got nothing but good reviews.

That’s great news!!

17How would you describe yourself?  Very passionate about everything I do.  A very happy-go-lucky person. 

18.  Anything else you would like to add?  There is nothing more important than family!

William, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.  It was a great interview.


Please contact William Segovia at 305.773-0854 for more information.

Look for them on-line

Facebook:  Jake’s Place

“Quit your day job and cook for a living” 😉

Peace and Love xoxo


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