Sorry, Did I sound sarcastic?

I’m having a normal random conversation with a friend and I reply to his comment and I get “You don’t need to be sarcastic.” What!? Was I really sarcastic? #thinking  I really wasn’t trying to be, I thought it was romantic.  But, since he brought it up… What I should have said was “Clean your face of all the shit you have on it.” Did that small gesture buy you more happy time?  Yup, it probably did, or it set you back a few thousand dollars.  Oh wait, the balls in whose court?  Now that’s true genuine L-O-V-E.. How sweet. Now, I’m being sarcastic (o). ROFLMAO 😉 😉 😉   My friend, it takes one to know one.  Please, keep talking. I always yawn when I am interested.

…You did what?! …with who?! .. for How many cookies?! ::puke::

Are you thinking what I’m thinking that I think that you’re thinking I’m thinking because if you think that I think what I think I’m thinking then we’ve got a problem?  HA!!

Gotta love the humor is sarcasm.  I believe sarcastic remarks are needed once in a while — of course depending on who’s on the other end of the conversation.  Try saying it with a smile, believe me, some people can’t tell. 😉

So, in what cases do you use sarcasm? Does it come naturally?

My friend, thank you for inspiring today’s babble!  You truly are one of a kind! Kisses

Until later … Peace & Love xox






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