Meddling parents…

I was at the in-laws the other day and we started talking about the new (girl)friend and I could not believe my ears when I heard them say that they would never meddle in their son’s love life again!? Wait, What!?  Again?  Makes me wonder, wife #1 or wife #2?  Hypocrisy at it’s best.  Are they feeling guilty now? #thinking

Do they not realize that their son is old enough (late 30’s) and needs no one telling him who he can date or marry for that matter. It got me thinking… Who gives them the right to meddle in affairs which are no concern to them?  Do they think just because they are the parents, he will obey? I know they want what’s best for him but sometimes you need to stay out of it.  Just give him some good advice and be on your merry way.  They are clearly not capable of such a thing. #frustrating

I’m just the outsider making an observation. Every family is different.

As usual I leave with a headache.  I can’t stand people who are narrow-minded.  You can’t argue with _____!  (fill in the blank) 😉

Do your parents still meddle in your life?  How do you handle it? I am not referring to teenagers.  I am talking about adults.

How many times do they call you?  Have you ever ignored their call?  Be honest.

Joey’s mom calls him at least 50 times a day. I swear it. It get’s annoying at times but we joke about it. HA!  When she hangs up, I tell him, did you tell her you wiped your ass too. — We both get a good laugh! 😉

Sometimes we look at each other and wonder WTF are they saying but until the day we become parents we can’t judge and that’s the truth.  Never say never!

Joey and I are both grateful and thankful that our parents are alive and well and we get to enjoy their old age quirks and craziness.  We love them!

I’m only responsible for what I say not for what you understand. 😉

Until tomorrow… Peace & Love xoxo


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