Day 2: Worry and Excitement all wrapped in one

My day started great — beautiful morning, clear blues skies, wind in my hair and out and about on my way to lunch. {BUT} During lunch the hubs was telling me about an ongoing pain he was experiencing on the left side ear area, when I’m looking at him I notice that the left side of his face is swollen and his lip is drooping. I freaked out and immediately told him that was not normal and that we were leaving right now to the emergency room. Thank God, I was there. We arrived at Bert Fish Emergency and were immediately rushed in because little did I know that those were signs of a stroke. After a CT Head Scan, EKG and blood work he was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. What!?

Bell’s Palsy is a problem involving the nerve that controls the muscles on one side of the face. The cause is unknown, but may be related to inflammation of the nerve.

It was definitely a scary moment and I’m grateful that he will be fine. I now have to make sure he takes his meds and takes care of himself. This was a wake up call for him. He needs to find his happy place and not stress and get mad over things that can’t be controlled. Since the cause is unknown, it can be related to stress.

That was the beginning of my day — now it’s time to relax, unwind and head to the races. Day#2 is NASCAR Camping World Truck Series – 100 laps, 250 Miles. This event was so much fun.

First stop: The Tent for some food, drinking and fun! ūüėČ

Now let’s head to the stadium…

Start¬†your engines…

One of the¬†crashes of the night — SO SCARY!

The race went into overtime, I didn’t even know that was possible.¬† White flag, Green flag, Checkered flag —¬† Exciting, nail biting —¬†AMAZING!

I’m off for¬†day #3.

Until Later… Peace and Love xox


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