All talk, no action?

Why is it that some people tell you that they can make anything happen and when the opportunity arises, a million excuses pour out of them?  Why can’t they just say, I will try my best to make last-minute plans but I can’t promise you anything.   Why talk bullshit and then fizzle out.  It’s the constant babble about how I wish this, and how I wish that, but yet nothing changes.    Like I always say “When there is a will, there a way.”  Unfortunately,  your words don’t match your actions.  It’s very disappointing.   I’m disappointed!! (My friend, you know who you are.)

It’s the constant blah blah blah, and more blah blah blah.   OMG — You are ALL TALK.  {Talk about having one of those light bulb moments.} HA!

My dear friend, you know I love and adore you but you seriously need to learn —  if you talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk.  #truth

So often, I hear my friends tell me stories about the same thing.  Definitely sparks my curiosity… How many people do you know who are all talk and no action?  What are your thoughts?

Until later.. Peace & Love xox





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