The day after…

It’s the day after Valentine’s day, how is everyone feeling?  Do you still have those same butterflies in your belly when you woke up next to your spouse?  I wonder!??  I hope that everyone had a beautiful day and shared it with the ones they truly love. 

This morning as I’m drinking my coffee, reading emails, and scrolling my news feed on Facebook, I come across several (many) pictures and status updates about how fantastic v-day was and how happy they are to have these special people in their life.  I could not help but laugh because I know some of these people pretty well and that’s not the case at all.  Why pretend to be so in love when you’re not?  I just can’t wrap my head around it.

If you are one of those men or women who treat your spouse like a Queen or King only for one day just because it’s V-day, you are failing them 364 days a year.  YOU ARE PATHETIC AND A LOSER.

I don’t care who I offend, it’s my opinion.  When you love, you love everyday, and everyday they are your Queen and King.

It’s as simple as that…

Peace & Love xox


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