Girl Talk

Another entertaining 3 hours at the Nail Spa.  I swear those women are nuts.  My girl Nancy, seems to have a permanent adrenaline IV hooked up to her at all times.. she is always bouncing of the walls. I don’t know what she’s on but I know it’s not allergies…. 😉 

Get a group of women together and the girl talk begins….  I’m having an affair, secret meetings, did you see her ass?, what was he thinking?, he sucks in bed, my boobs look damn sexy, my sister is a bitch, rude bitch, cut me off, what do you think of my shoes?, My lover is amazing —  well you get the point.  No one holds back — whether it’s true or not, it’s definitely entertaining.  Another glass of wine, please!! 😉 😉

My crazy off the wall friend Nancy (she is doing my pedi) comes out and says that she needs to get something off her chest.  ::inner voice:: Oh good lord, what is she going to say now?  C – R – A – Z – Y

As she is struggling to take off the glitter polish from my toes she starts to ask if I know about those cheap perfumes from Sex and the City.  I shake my head, yeah so?

Nancy: “Well, I get home a few days ago and I see a box on my dresser.  I’m furious, how dare my husband by me some cheap $10.00 perfume.  It’s been bugging me and I think I’m going to tell him something.”  

::giggle::  Seriously?

Me: Well, it is the thought that counts maybe he thought you would like it.

Nancy: “WHAT!?  HELL NO, he knows that I don’t wear no cheap ass perfumes.  He buys himself $200 dollars sneakers all the time and I spend $60-$100 on any cologne for him.” 

The rant continued on and on…

Me: ::giggling::  O.K. girl, just relax — do you have any similar perfumes on your dresser that he assumed you would like it?  

Nancy: “YES, I have some of those same bottles that I received as gifts from some cheap people but that doesn’t mean he should have bought that crap.”

::inner voice::  DUH!

Me: Well there you go… he only assumed you liked it since he saw the other bottles.   Needless to say, she called and bitched at him that she didn’t like the perfume and to return it.  I was cracking up.  Poor guy got shit for trying…

Don’t even get me started on her other rants… Damn I have a headache but it got me thinking about my hubs and the gifts he has given me.

My hubs have bought me some perfumes that he thought — I will repeat, HE THOUGHT, that I would like and he was wrong.  I told him that I didn’t like it and that I was going to use it to spray the house {LOL}.. but he gets extra points for even trying, that’s the way I see it.  😉

When I want something, I tell my hubs exactly what it is, I’ll leave a sticky note, send him a picture, whatever it takes…  Ha! Don’t judge!  Despite the 18 yrs of being together, he still gets some things wrong.

OMG – jeje,  I just remembered he once bought me a pair of sandals 2 sizes to big.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  How could you not know my shoe size?  Then he tells me that he only bought them because the name of the sandal was Melissa — awww, you’re sweet but what the heck do I do with these jellies now..LOL  He is too much I tell you.   It’s those small surprises that I love the most even if I go YIKES.

3 hours later – mani, pedi, massage :check check check:  😉

My nail color: An Affair on the square or something like that… SEXY RED for V-day!

Continue the girl talk ladies…

Peace & Love xox


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