Ctrl – Alt – Delete

There are days that I wish I could press crtl – alt – delete, and restart my day.  Ooh maybe ctrl – alt – delete, those people who bug you through out the day… Poof be gone… HA!!   TODAY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS — uufff!  Haven’t you ever felt that way? I’m sure you have.  Don’t deny it. 😉 

Can you imagine if that were possible? Talk about a chaotic world.. YIKES!  Our timelines would be completely out of sync.  The moment you change one thing, everything changes.  Total madness!  #thinkaboutit


Since I can’t restart my days with a press of a button – I will go with the flow of things good or bad. 😉  I have to accept… that sometimes things happen that can’t be explained – but things always happen for a reason, right!?. That’s what I hear…all the time. HA!   Living my life one day at a time and as it comes. #truth

To be honest…

I would be afraid to go back in time and erase any one given moment out of fear, that I would not have the ones that mean the most to me by my side. I’m grateful for meeting those people who came into my life for short period of time. I’ve learned the lessons I’ve needed. Now that you’re gone, everything is crystal clear. — Life is GOOD! 😉 😉

So, if you could change anything about your past, would you?  Ctrl – Alt – Delete {bye-bye}

Peace & Love xoxo


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