Super Bowl XLVI – Highlights

Millions of viewers tuned in for the most anticipated game of the year and what a game it was.  WOW!

Super Bowl XLVI, this is what it’s all about.

February 5th 2010  at Indianapolis, Lucas Oil Stadium

New England Patriots vs New York Giants / Tom Brady vs Eli Manning


Final Score: NY 21 – NE 17


Kick off show: Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.  Nice rendition of America The Beautiful.

National Anthem: Kelly Clarkson.  She was amazing.

Coin Toss: Special coin used.  One side has a picture of a helmet which is HEADS, the other side is the Lucas Oil Stadium, which is Tales.   Giants BALL!

Some of my favorite and not so favorite Commercial highlightsThe game was nail-biting but the Ads fell flat.

  • GE Works – Cancer survivors meet the plant workers – Heartfelt – LOVE!
  • Fusion Pro Glide razor – Masters of Style Adrian Brody, Gael Garcia and Andre.  Seriously?
  • H&M – David Beckham – Not the first time we see him in underwear.
  • Go – these were dumb.
  • E-Trade – Talking babies are always cute but nothing new.
  • Verizon, Samsung – I didn’t care for any of these.

Food and drink highlights:

  • Platinum Budlight – Tripled filtered, Top shelf Taste.  Perhaps?
  • Budlight – Here we go…
  • Budweiser – Bar is open.  1896 –  Delivering great times.
  • Pepsi – King Court, Elton John in golden boots. – HA!  This was horrible.
  • Pepsi Max – winner of a year supply is a Coke Zero employee..HA!
  • Coca-cola – Polar bears are a classic! OPEN HAPPINESS.
  • Doritos –  My favorite is grandma who sling shots baby to brother who is taunting him with chips.
  • M&M –  “Just my Shell” I’m sexy and I know it.. HA!
  • Oikos yogurt – this one was funny, never ever tease your girl, if not POW – instant head-bud. haha

Automobile highlights:  What happen to BMW?

  • Hyundai several models – Hyundai has come a long way.  Nice designs…
  • Chevy Silverado – End of the world . Ford was probably not to happy..LOL
  • Chevy Camaro – Happy Grad, this one was funny and it was a contest entry winner.  Cool.
  • Lexus GS – Change can’t be contained.
  • Acura NSX –  Seinfeld…  The commercial lacked but the car is beautiful.
  • Fiat – Looking at car thinking it was an Italian girl..
  • Audi – Vampire party – HA!
  • Volkswagen – Dog Strikes back, love the Star Wars reference… LOVE!
  • Honda CRV – Matthew’s Day Off – HA!
  • KIA Optima – A Dream Car. For real life.  I wouldn’t say KIA is a dream car but maybe they were referring to the model Adriana Lima.
  • Cadillac ATS – The new standard of the world.
  • Chrysler Commercial – It’s Halftime in America with Clint Eastwood – LOVE!

Movie trailer Highlights

  • Act of Valor
  • The Dictator – Maker of Borat – YUCK!
  • Battleship – The Battle of Earth, begins at Sea.
  • John Carter
  • Dr. Seuss The Lorax
  • Star Wars episode 1 3-D
  • G.I. Joe – Oh my The Rock! 😉
  • Marvel Avengers – who doesn’t like super heroes?

Half-time show: Madonna, LMFAO, Nikki Minaj and Cee Lo

Madonna is Madonna – whenever she performs she comes out big.  Great show!

Gladiator inspired – I wonder where she got this idea?

Lighting, stage and special effects were amazing. 😉

Mis-step, she almost fell over.  OMG – HA!  Did you see it?

No wardrobe malfunction but doing a cart-wheel and showing her goodies was not O.K. right? LOL

LMFAO – Party Rock, Sexy and I know it.  These guys are hilarious, love them.

Gladiator inspired cheerleaders?  L U V Madonna.  Nikki Minaj — Not a fan of her new song.  Blah.

Marching band comes in with Cee Lo – Fade to black.  Life is a Mystery.  Now this is more like it.  Welcome back Madonna. 😉

End: WORLD PEACE  – Madonna delivers a great show!!


My favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday was definitely Puppy Bowl VIII.   Who doesn’t love pups? So cute!! Oh and the Kitty half time show was just adorable.  Love, love, LOVE! 😉 😉


Until later.. Peace & Love xox


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